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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 88 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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EMO Fast Track Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn

EMO Fast Track Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn Join me for an intensive one day EMO
Practitioner Training in sunny Bexhill on Sea,
East Sussex!

EMO is a beautifully simple process which once learnt can be applied to every aspect of your life. Learning this amazing technique will allow you to release emotional baggage as nature intended, in a free flowing and quite natural way. Experience working with human energy exchanges, energy nutrition, shields, your darkest secrets and oldest burdens and so much more.

Learning this amazing technique will allow you to release emotional baggage as nature intended, in a free flowing and quite natural way. Experience working with human energy exchanges, energy nutrition, shields, your darkest secrets and oldest burdens and so much more.


  • A profoundly userfriendly Self Help System to manage emotions from moment to moment which teaches our bodies on the physical level to respond differently to stress, fear and sadness.
  • A revolutionary healing teacher which allows an unprecedented flowering of skill, understanding and effectiveness in healing.
  • The entrance doorway to an entirely new domain of change, of growth and recovery which includes healing the past, the present and the future.

EMO will give YOU ALL THIS โ€“ and then, much, much MORE:

  • Understanding, using AND EXPERIENCING the powerful energies of the โ€œEVEN FLOWโ€.
  • How to NEVER get hurt by a "careless whisper", EVER again.
  • How to transform ANXIETY into ACTION โ€“ INSTANTLY!
  • Feel the fear โ€“ AND FEED ON IT!
  • How to get stronger under pressure โ€“ the GREATER the pressure, the more youโ€™re LAUGHING!
  • Why most people are "starving to DEATH" behind their SELF MADE defenses.
  • How you can finally โ€“ finally! - get to GLOW WITH TRUE HAPPINESS when someone compliments you!
  • The freedom of being TRULY FEARLESS โ€“ and what that means for your abilities to manifest your true desires (thisโ€™ll take your breath away!)
  • Transforming negative โ€œself talkโ€ into simply feeling powerfully balanced โ€“ in ONE SECOND.
  • How YOU can "switch state" in an instant.
  • Turn Jealousy and Envy into sources of pure delight!
  • "Sucking" nourishment and energy from every situation, every environment!
  • The "balanced diet" of the energy system - what it is, and how you can finally get it.
  • Supercharge your abilities to channel and convert one form of energy into another.
  • Powerful centering like a martial arts master - in ten minutes, not ten years!
  • How to soften and release "old energy"
  • Learn to handle a vastly wider spectrum of energies than 99% of all healers, yogis, witches and martial arts experts - literally in minutes!
  • Unprecedented co-operation by your unconscious mind - the UC just LOVES EMO!
  • How YOU can EASILY learn to programme yourself to restore your Even Flow from moment to moment.
  • Automatic โ€œInstant Rescueโ€ responses in the field โ€“ when YOU need it most!
  • How YOU program a fluid response system that won't let you down in a moment of crisis.
  • Releasing deep cellular memories that cause CANCER and IMMUNE SYSTEM failures.
  • Going way, way beyond words to restore, heal and re-charge.
  • Why EMO improves your focus, your attention and your physical health;
  • Bringing entire regions of YOUR energy system back to their natural vibrant, dancing life.
  • How "avoidance" and โ€œprocrastinationโ€ can become a thing of the past;
  • How you can cure "ENERGY ALLERGIESโ€ quickly AND effectively.
  • How you can gain true freedom in and from human interactions.
  • Why love can cause a vicious loop that makes you sick.
  • The importance of steady, ever renewing streams of ENERGY NOURISHMENT.
  • How YOU can release a hundred INTERLOCKED fears in a single instance - all at once!
  • Learn to understand, experience and apply a system that YOU can apply to environments, to your own thoughts and in RELATIONSHIPS - anywhere, any time.
  • How to stop starving yourself amidst the splendours and riches of the "Oceans of Energy".
  • How to make personal, physical contact with the abundance of this World.
  • The final answer and solution to all forms of "emotional blackmail".
  • How to boost your energy levels to SPARKLING point - anytime, anywhere!
  • Release, relax and experience a true sense of DEEPEST RELEASE.
  • Find out FIRST HAND HOW it is that EMO is so user-friendly, so easily replicated and so automatic in the Real World, outside any workshop, therapy or meditation environment.
  • Learn how to use the EMO technique to free, heal and release OTHERS.
  • Why and how EMO simply transforms and supercharges YOUR natural healing abilities.
  • How YOU can become a "fountainhead" of VIBRANT, HEALING AND RE-NEWING energy for your environments and for your loved ones.
  • Why EMO is so natural, and so easy to learn and do.
  • How YOU can become literally invincible to negativity, criticism and hatred โ€“ and what that means to YOUR WORK, YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND YOUR MISSION!
  • Learn to undo stuck emotional mind/body systems that have troubled you for years.
  • How you soften old scars and begin an entirely ecological, gentle and delightful healing process.
  • FIND ALL THE ENERGY you need for a truly pro-active life that is FUN - whatever the weather!
  • The "Energising Point" and how to reach it - every time!
  • ENERGY NUTRITION โ€“ and how this knowledge revolutionises treatments for addictions, weight loss and RELATIONSHIPS.
  • How to use EMO in general treatment flow as a healer and therapist
  • Finding YOUR "Energy Escape Routes" and greatly enhancing your body/mind flexibility in turn;
  • Developing EMO into unconscious excellence - so it JUST HAPPENS without you even having to think about it (and you have your hands free to get on with your life!)
  • How YOU can FINALLY allow YOURSELF to become really excited, really joyful and really ALIVE!
  • How to use EMO to TRANCEFORM YOUR experiences of YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.!
  • Turn on YOUR "Healing Hands" to FULL POWER โ€“ when and where YOU DECIDE!

โ€œI stood in Victoria Station, right in the rush hour traffic of all those thousands of people coming towards me like an unstoppable wave โ€“ previously a terrifying experience I would have avoided at all cost. BUT the POWER and PERFECT CENTEREDNESS I experienced, the ALIVENESS, the feeling of total PEACE WITHIN and being COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE literally took my breath away โ€“ Iโ€™ve never felt anything like this, never thought I ever even could feel like that.โ€ EMO Healing Practitioner Sarah Collins

The opportunity to train as an EMO Practitioner in a single day is a rare occurrence!

I have agreed to take the training to give those people who are not already ET Practitioners, and would like to attend Silvia Hartmann's Beauty T training on the following day, a chance to attend but it is also open to those who would simply like to become an EMO practitioner.

For more information about the Beauty T training please CLICK HERE

For more information about EMO please visit http://emotrance.com

To attend the Fast Track EMO Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn
30 May 2004, Bexhill on Sea, UK for ยฃ175 GBP

To attend the Fast Track Practitioner and Beauty T with Silvia Hartmann
30/31 May 2004, Bexhill on Sea, UK for ยฃ450 GBP

For Further Payment Options Please Click Here

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