EMO for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

EMO for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This article consists of two case studies sent in by GoE Advanced Practitioner Joyce Waring, which look into using EMO for ADHD, an area that Joyce specialises in. ADHD is being diagnosed in more and more children each year, so it is so important to understand it and use alternative therapies to treat it.

Please read on for both case studies...

Kieran Aged 8 - EMO for ADHD

Kieran was 8 years old and had been diagnoses as “an Angry child with ADHD” and was waiting for an appointment with a psychologist. His Mother knew all the pitfalls and that he would be put on Ritalin and was totally against it but could no longer cope. When the family were asked out the proviso was that Kieran was not allowed to come and Mum was getting extremely stressed, so she asked if there was anything that I could do. As always, we have to say that we cannot guarantee anything but at the very worst I could do him no harm.

I went to see Kieran at home. It was a sunny day and his Mum and sister were playing outside in the sunshine. Kieran and I were in the lounge and I just started talking to him softly and then asked him the questions.

“When you get angry, where do you feel it in your body?” He immediately touched his head and started banging on his temples “it’s here, it’s throbbing” and his face went all distorted with the pain. I asked “how big is it?” He opened his arms really wide and said “enormous”. “What colour is it?” – “RED” I told him to talk to it and say “you are only a blockage of energy, soften and flow, soften and flow”. He repeated the phrase several times and then I asked how big it was now to which he brought his arms in to about the size of a beach ball. We repeated the sequence to football, tennis ball, gone. The colour never changed from red and when it had gone he swept his arms down the front of his body and said “gone”.

We repeated this with some memories and got good results and Kieran was behaving really well, so he showed me a toy that he had had for his recent birthday. It shot ball bearings which I was supposed to catch, but of course I can’t catch, and one hit the TV. Excellent! Real life situation. I went outside and told his Mum, told her to come in and tell him off as she would normally do, which she did. All the time he was being told off he was looking at me and smiling. “Don’t smile” I mouthed. (although I knew that he was smiling because he now knew how to deal with it, there is nothing more annoying that someone smiling while you are trying to tell them off). Mum then left the room and we started the current treatment “Where do you feel it in your body?” Exactly same response – “How big is it” - “MILES” “What colour is it?” Still red. We repeated the phrase several times and then he suddenly went calm and swept his hands down the front of his body and said “GONE”

Kieran was so pleased with what he had learned that he wanted me to meet his friends, I had already been with him for almost an hour by this time, and I still had his attention.

Reports from Mum were “He is now just an ordinary little boy, he still pushes his boundaries and has lots of energy but when told to do something, he does it with no arguments”. He now comes home from school with reports from the teacher how well behaved he is, and that he is one of the cleverest/nicest students in the school.


Jaden Aged 5  – Emotrance for ADHD

Jaden is 5 years old and lived with his grandparents since he was 18 months old due to parental neglect. In the words of his Gran “he has the attention span of a goldfish and is always on the go”. This child never sits still – but what do you expect from a 5 year old.

Sharon (his Gran) was concerned that he may have ADHD and mentioned this to the teachers at Jaden’s school. The teachers were not willing to confirm her suspicions because it would have to go through the school nurse and in turn the child would be “labelled” and that was not desirable. Sharon agreed, but was still concerned about his behaviour.

Sharon brought Jaden to see me – we played a little game of “switching on” which is part of a brain gym and gets the left and right sides of the brain working together. From here I could show him the importance of drinking water for strong muscles and how to ask his body for yes/no answers. He was enjoying “playing the game” and the results that he was getting. I then checked the central brain meridian to see if it was running in the right direction (if the central brain meridian is running in the wrong direction then all the other meridians are also and this can cause tiredness and “fuzzy” headedness and a difficulty in being able to concentrate. I found that this meridian was, in fact, running in the wrong direction and easily “fixed” it.

I personally thought that Jaden had concentrated really well for today and was convinced that the correction I had done may be sufficient and that at only 5 years old was, maybe, too young for Emotrance.

His Gran was asking about the other little boy (Kieran aged 8 with ADHD) and although no personal details were divulged, I just said “I asked him where he felt it in his body”. Although I thought that Jaden was playing, he suddenly responded by holding his head extremely tightly/tensely in his hands and then started banging on his temples. Sharon confirmed that he did this frequently and was amazed at his reaction. I asked Jaden how big it felt and he opened his arms as wide as he could. I then asked what colour it was and he told me pink. TREATMENT STARTED – I told him to talk to the feeling/shape/colour and say “You are only a blockage of energy, soften and flow, soften and flow”. He repeated this phrase several times. I then asked him where it was now, still in his head but not as tight/tense. How big is it now? To this question he widened his arms even wider than the first time (I thought “more tense”) and then he brought his hands about 6 inches apart from each other. He looked at me and smiled. We repeated the phrases (with a little help from me to disturb the blockage) and asked the questions again. How big is it now? Again his arms went really wide and then he put his hands together. “It’s gone!” Where as it gone? “Out of that window”.

Jaden then sat down and continued playing with the toys as if nothing had happened.

On the following Sunday afternoon his Granddad took Jaden to see his family. He noticed that he was getting quite agitated and when he got him back into the car Granddad and Gran and asked what he should tell Jaden to say. The phrases were passed on by Sharon and Jaden repeated them only once – closed his eyes and went to sleep in the back of the car.

The following day, Monday, Sharon met her friend who is another Grandma that takes her grandson to school. She commented straight away how calm Jaden was and how well behaved.

When I saw Sharon on Wednesday, she told me that the teacher had moved Jaden up a group in class

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