EMO In Egypt

EMO In Egypt

Congratulations and welcome to Neveen El-Gamal and Dina Nouayem, the first EMO practitioners in Egypt, trained by Sandra Hillawi, in Zamalek, Cairo this month on her recent visit. This was the very first ET training to take place not only in Egypt but in all of the Middle East.

Following an impromtu talk and demonstration at the Cairo Centre for Health & Wellbeing, owned by Leslie Zehr, 2 people were very keen to learn more and to train up to practitioner level. With Sandra's personal attention, both experienced great depth of learning and transformation.


The new happy practitioners were delighted with their experience and the new possibilities opening up for them in their lives personally and professionally through living energy and EMO.

Their feedback :

Neveen El-Gamal and Dina Nouayem, the first EMO practitioners in Egypt‘Sandra is now my GREAT teacher ! The workshop has been of tremendous benefit for me, both on the theoretical level in terms of understanding more about how the world of energy functions and in my daily life since then.’ Neveen El-Gamal

‘I am so grateful for Sandra’s effort and time and the chance to attend such a workshop. EMO although so simple, it is VERY deep.’ Dina Nouayem

There will be the official EMO launch event in Cairo later in the year.

Both EMO Practitioner and Trainer's Training will be offered.

Local and international guests are welcome. Please contact Sandra Hillawi for details.


Sandra Hillawi in Egypt, February 2008

Sandra Hillawi in Egypt, February 2008

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