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EMO In Ireland With Sally Canning

EMO In Ireland With Sally Canning

Helen Ryle writes: 37 practitioners of various healing modalities attended the 2-day weekend workshop to gain Certification in the energy psychology EMO, the first time this modality has been presented in Ireland. Read a full report plus pictures from the event, held at St Raphaela's Convent, in Dublin and further comments from Tom Wynn, the Creator of the Energy Cone Technique.


EMO In Ireland

With Sally Canning

by Helen Ryle

Thanks to the organisational abilities of Tom Wynn, where around 10 people had been expected to attend, 37 practitioners of various healing modalities attended the 2-day weekend workshop to gain Certification in the energy psychology EMO, the first time this modality has been presented in Ireland.

Held in the beautiful and peaceful setting of St. Raphaela's Convent in Dublin, Sister Rachel from the Convent also attended the training.

*EMO was developed in the UK by Silvia Hartman.

Sally Canning from Nottingham in England was a very enjoyable presenter of the EMO technique. An experienced and accomplished trainer, Sally had travelled from the UK where she runs her highly successful clinic, Inner Solutions, to present the course in Dublin.

She made the sometimes unusual concepts of EMO, much more easily understood. Sally's focus was on the course participants experiencing the movement of energy in our bodies as often as possible, by undertaking plenty of exercise in pairs or groups of three.

The first day of the course focussed on how to use EMO for ourselves, and introduced us to the concept that any emotion or feeling is simply an energy which can be felt in the body. The EMO process asks us to pay attention to bodily sensations resulting from feelings, memories or even words or looks, then softening that energy and intending for it to move through and out of our bodies in whatever way and whatever direction feels most appropriate.

Sally reminded us constantly that what we were feeling was "just an energy", neither good or bad, positive or negative, simply energy which can be loosened and softened, then moved to flow out of our bodies.

We could use our hands to aid the flow or energy or not, whichever felt more appropriate.

A particularly powerful exercise was saying to ourselves "I am Perfect" and then softening and flowing the resultant energy in our body. Breathing into the area where the energy was felt was also advised when using EMO, and Sally explained the concept of layers of energy or aspects.

From a personal viewpoint, I found the movement of this type of energy through my body to be quite an unusual feeling. I felt physical sensations I hadn't experienced before, in places I had never experienced any sensations at all! After softening, flowing and releasing various emotions throughout the day I felt somewhat tired but also energised and calm.

We were advised to use the EMO process on compliments and praise as well as negative feelings and words.

This was because moving the energy through and out of us would in turn allow more energy to flow in, through and out, the objective being a constant Even Flow of energy through the body, without any blockages.

During our lunch break we were treated to a visit from a young fox, whose family live in the woods surrounding St. Raphaela’s Convent. The little fox was completely fearless, rolling over and playing like a puppy on the lawn outside our windows.

fox_cub fox_cub_closeup

Some more photos of our young fox friend.

The second day of training focussed on using EMO with clients and we learned some extra techniques to use such as working with energy shields and using innocent energy, and ways to aid the movement of stubborn, hard energy. Sally made sure the training was very experiential, encouraging us to participate in EMO sessions with each other very frequently.

We did sessions focussing on both negative and positive words, and even sessions back to back to mimic doing EMO with a client on the telephone. During the exercises Sally moved constantly from group to group, offering encouragement and assistance as needed.

emotrance exercises enjoying more EMO exercises

We ended the weekend by moving amongst each other, giving and receiving an energetic token, perhaps a hug or a kind word, a blessing or simply holding hands – whatever felt appropriate for each person. I found this a very uplifting exercise, especially when re-connecting energetically to those with whom I had worked during the weekend.

Sally presented each of the EMO trainees with their Practitioner Certificates and a manual, and everyone gathered for a group photo as a remembrance of a thoroughly worthwhile weekend training which was both informative and entertaining.

Our special thanks went to Sister Rachel for her kindness and hospitality, and also to Tom Wynn and his sister, Carol, who had undertaken to organise the advertising for the training and help with all the paperwork and administration of the course.

Tom, who is 75 years young, has developed a new energy therapy which he calls energy cone technique and he recently presented a workshop in the UK with Sally. Tom will soon be presenting his technique in Ireland - please let him know if you would like to be informed about this event.

EMO is a gentle but very profound technique which is a welcome addition to the toolbox of any complementary therapist - energy psychologists, reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, kinesiologists, reflexologists can all incorporate the technique into their work. It can be used as a standalone technique or alongside any modality which seeks to find and release the emotional content to a client's presenting symptom or problem. EMO is certainly a simple and profound way of achieving this, and one which is certain to become more popular as it becomes more widely known.

EMO Practitioners Dublin Ireland Summer 2006

The above report written by Helen Ryle, 4th August 2006.

EMO In Ireland - Report from Tom Wynn

Tom Wynn, Creator of Cone TherapyDear readers, workshop drained, and financially challenged, it was an incredible workshop. As I said in my original Email "those who come will bless the impulse that caused them to be there" - and my goodness how right I was. There were 37 of us present, including Sr. Rachel, and the energy generated would have solved Ireland's energy needs for a decade if it could have been bottled.

Sally guided us through practical exercises one after another, almost without pause, with a beautiful skilled firmness that allowed us to think that we chose to do the work when in actual fact we were being gently wafted along through the disciplines, facilitating the release/releasing all kinds of "stuff". Wonderful.

Sally is a charismatic lady of limitless charm, genuine concern and the gravitas of the truly skilled. There was an instant demand for her return which she is considering. Who knows ??

EMO is not only a stand alone but "the" great bolt-on therapy. It is magic at self clearance. Sally may be back in Ireland later this year. She may also be going to the US, in 2007 along with myself and my Energy Cone Technique, God/Source willing.

Thank you all for your attention, but live in love light and above all abundance.

Tom Wynn

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Helen Ryle
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