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EMO In My Life

EMO In My Life

Two children were watching a story on television about monkeys. They were aged 5 and a ½ and 3 and ½ years old. Something awful was going to happen to the favourite monkey and the little boy ran from the room and could not bear to watch it. Fortunately his Dad was aware and had the story of what happened. So he sat the little boy down and they read the story together. When it came to the scary or upsetting bits Dad was able to show the little boy how the story ended and it was much better.

This made me think about children and scary things they see and hear and how we could use Emotrance with them in the context of their everyday lives...

How wonderful it would be for both adults and children if we all learn to use Emotrance on a minute by minute basis.

For example I am watching something on TV. like ‘Deal or No Deal’ and I see someone really losing out on a great prize. They came on there hoping to be able to buy themselves or someone else something they needed and they go away with £5.

Of course it’s a gamble but it can leave us feeling disappointed and can recall similar occasions in our lives. We may even start to say that “It’s not fair!” or “It’s a con.” or some such thing. Or we look at a war event and are appalled by what we see. By emotrancing our feelings we can then look more easily and even send healing to those situations. Sometimes it is easy to do Emotrance with others and neglect to do it in our own day to day lives.

As I have already written elsewhere Emotrance has brought a whole new dimension to my spiritual and prayer life. It is an easy way to come into a peaceful relaxed state where one can commune with one’s Source, forgive others, plan one’s day or release the stress of the day or send healing to loved ones living or in other dimensions.

My recent experience of the Relationship Consultant’s Course was another revelation of the amazing variety of ways Emotrance can totally transform our emotions and even our lives.

I had a very liberating experience with my desire to teach energy therapies to parents and children. I became aware of the reasons I procrastinate so much. It revealed so many feelings that were hidden one behind the other.

I became aware of them when I looked at where I was holding my desire to work with children and their families. Once I allowed the energy in it was like a balloon inside my body. My partner asked if I could make a hole in it and Wow! Once I did there was what I can describe only as a mini explosion inside me. All my fears seemed to be dispelled and I am full of enthusiasm now for the project. So I will let you know how it is going.

And this is not all, how does a religious sister increase her passion for her beloved? Would you like to know? Of course you would.

Well it is not exactly the same as with a partner one can see, feel and touch in the physical sense. But I do have a good imagination and it was no problem to be in touch with my image of my inner partner. His hair, his eyes, his height, his radiance all became even more alive and for me the result is that I feel even more passionate about who He is for me. And I am not talking here about a sexual partner.

It is a heart affair for me but I can tell you it is very exciting. Like all relationships it can have its dry and dull moments but Emotrance is one of the ways I find very helpful at these times.

Silvia often says that Emotrance was born out of Project Sanctuary and I would say Emotrance is one of the most helpful and wonderful children that has come to birth.

It can even help with releasing some of the blocks around learning how to use the Genius Symbols.

Thank you to each of you wonderful people who began the Story of Emotrance, who sustain it in so many ways and who spread it in marvellous and creative ways and moreover who inspire the rest of us with what you do.


November 18th 2008

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