EMO - Is It Safe For Christians?

EMO - Is It Safe For Christians?

In this intriguing article Sister Margarita Foley asks:

"Why are Christians afraid of EMO, EFT & other Energy Therapies?"


God speaks to us in many different ways. Let us open our hearts to listen to how God speaks.

A Story:

There was a mighty flood and a man climbed up a tree for safety. He prayed to God to help him. A helicopter came overhead and dropped a rescuer down. But the man refused the offer of rescue, saying, “God will help me.” The helicopter flew away.

The waters continued to rise and the man continued to beg God to help him. Then a boat came by and again the man refused to let go. So the boat moved away. The man continued to ask for God’s help.

Finally the waters rose so high the man was swept away and drowned. When he met God he asked, “Why didn’t you answer my prayer for help?”

God answered, “I sent a helicopter AND a boat!”

Why are we afraid of Emotrance, Emotional Freedom Technique or other energy therapies?

Some people feel that anything that wasn’t written in the Bible is something to be feared. But is the Word of God confined to the writings of the Bible? Surely the word of God is alive and active even in our times. Or did God stop creating after 7 days? !!!

No friends, there is nothing to be frightened of. Emotrance is not about trance. It’s about transformation. For example Catholics believe in the power of Christ or the Energy of Christ in the words spoken over bread and wine.

Emotrance is short for emotional transformation. Emotional Freedom Technique another energy technique is, as the name implies a way of releasing the energy of emotions that are held in our body. Emotions such as fear, anger, rage, and so forth are indications of some disturbance in our spirit or energy systems.

Emotions are the way our spirit indicates to us what is going on there. When we have a pain in our physical body we know it indicates some un-ease in our physical body. When we feel a painful emotion it indicates a wound in our spirit or energy body. Any pain left too long without attention eventually causes illness in the body.

We are responsible for the health of our body. As Christians who regard our bodies as temples of the spirit we should be the first to recognize a gift which can only bring greater health to the body and the spirit.

But what if Emotrance or any of the Energy therapies are connected to some weird or evil spirit?

To my knowledge none of these techniques is connected in any way to a religion or a cultic practice. They are simply discoveries of the wonder of the human spirit. They are techniques which are bringing life and healing to thousands of people across the globe.

How do these techniques work?

Emotrance is the easiest technique to describe since it is completely natural to the body. When we are upset, sad or angry because of words spoken to us or events that take place we say, for example. “I feel as if someone kicked me in the stomach”. But there is no shoe to be seen anywhere near the person’s stomach. No, it is just a metaphor for the feeling.

One cannot release a metaphor.

What we can release is energy, the energy of what we feel. This can be anger, fear, resentment, rage or any other emotion. Once the energy is allowed to flow like water out of the body we feel so relieved and able to know and see what has happened in a new and very different way.

In EFT similarly we make a statement about what we are feeling and we tap different points on the body to release the feelings. The change brought about is often instantaneous. But we are complex people so sometimes we need to release more than one layer of emotions. But this is nothing to be frightened of.

In fact it can be an amazing experience of freedom, peace, love and joy.

If you are still afraid of these new energy techniques perhaps you may like to speak to me or to another person who practices these techniques and we would be very happy to show you how they work so you can see for yourself there is nothing to fear, only much for which to be grateful.

Sister Margarita Foley
EMO Trainer
May 5th 2009
Margarita's Practitioner Page

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