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EMO May 2008 Newsletter

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this months Newsletter! Enjoy...

EMO and Having Fun With a Sax by Lesley Ackerman

I have an interesting experience to share!
One of the presentation at the conference was Public Speaking from the Heart by Detlev Tesch.  As you are aware one of the exercises that we did was the fear of public speaking and our reaction to those pink cards that had keywords written on them.  My partner for this exercise was Sandra Hillawi, and for Sandra it was working with the lights, cameras etc in a studio for a tv show.
A week later, I went to my band practise (I play the saxophone), and halfway through the conductor came up and ask would I like to be a volunteer from the saxophone section to be videoed playing the sax!.  Now I am not the most experienced player as there were others in the Sax section that were far more capable of playing than I was.  I had only been playing for 4 years, so I consider myself still a learner.
Well, into the next room I went, there was a video camera, a microphone and a camera.  Phew.  What is this I thought.  Hmmm, so I chuckled to myself, and remembered aha, public speaking, lets soften and flow here, so here I was standing in front of all this equipment, whilst everything was being set up, soften and flow, well this is good, lets keep going.  So what was I going to play?  I had no music in front of me to play, nothing to be guided by, so I soften and flowed and when I  was told "You may begin to play!", oh dear, what am I going to do, just keep softening and it will flow!  So it just happened, I dont know what I played, it sounded good and everything went smoothly.  Apart from a few squeeks from the saxophone - I just played away and had FUN doing it.
Wow what an experience that was for me.

I am amazed that I actually stood in front of the different equipment and "perform", I am a nervous wreck really - true!!  ET has done so much for me, I have had so much fun with the sax, I am part of the air cadets marching band! - you never to old to join in apparently! hopefully will be taking part in the Lord Mayor's show this year.
Lesley Ackerman

A Modified Application of "One Body - My Body" for Adjusting a Felt Difference in Arm Length by Kjell Forsberg

I did the first session with a woman who has a bunch of issues to deal with eg binge eating, anxiety ( have had panic attacks), hypochondria and some more. Partly into the session she found that some of the anxiety sensed as trembling in her hands subsided and her neck which started out as "problematic" was less of a trouble. This was all preparatory work for her anticipatory fear of what this new and as she said a bit scarry work would mean for her.  We used EFT and these were her first rounds of it so she could familiarize herself with a sense for what it could be for her.
Then I got a feeling that she would benefit from doing Cook´s Hook-Up. After that she noticed that her right calf and her left underarm were not aligned with the rest of her body. So I did One Body - My Body, with her permission, of course. Afterwards all of her body felt as one unit. However, her left arm felt shorter than her right arm. I got the idea to ask her to hold out her arms at shoulder level, like a cross. Than I just moved my arms outwards on the inside of hers and on the outside ending above her head when bringing my arms back again. Once more across her heart and outwards on the inside and bringing back my arms on the outside of her arms ending on top of her head. All movements were made without body contact approximately 5 to 10 cm above her clothes. Then she felt as if both arms were equal in length again. Happy and a bit amused she sat down again to continue the session.
I just love these inspired moments when easy techniques from ET just comes to mind and things get sorted out in moments. No wording, no tapping. Just do ET!
Kjell Forsberg
AMT Trainer, EMO Trainer

EMO and the Traumatised Fireman by John Bunker

After the conference on Saturday I grabbed a beer from the bar and went to get some fresh air in the garden outside and also to contemplate the first days presentations.

Whist standing their, four people (husband/wife & daughter/son in-law) came from the pool/gym area and stated to converse about the hotel complex which then led on to why I was there from Australia and what the EMOTRANCE manual that I was holding was all about.

So I gave a quick overview of what Emotrance was, the wife responded with "I could do with some of that" and asked what I specifically did with Emotrance. I continued to explain that I specialised in "Fears, Phobias, Traumatic Experience and some thing is wrong with me but I don't know what it is"  and the process changed a persons perception of what they thought happened to just something/event that actually happened without holding onto the emotional energy of it released the person to live life the way it was meant to be lived.

The wife then said, Her husband could sure do with my help but, were leaving for America the next day. The husband continued to tell me he was a firemen specifically search and rescue, one of the first to go in, in an emergency situation, he then told me that he had been traumatised for four (4) years from two (2) incidences he had encountered/ been witness too. He had seen other professionals for his trauma without success and recently had been given a homeopathic remedy the had caused him to have anger outbursts which was a concern to him and his family, as it was out of his normal behaviour patten.

I then calmly asked if he had, had enough yet? he said yes he had. I then pointed to two chairs in the back corner of the bar and said. OK if you have had enough, lets go and sit over their and see what we can do. No guarantees but I will do my very best for you.

We sat and he told me that the first experience was where he had to go into a house fire and found a young mother and her baby burned and deceased. He continued to say that the second incident involved two teenagers who had gone camping and due to light rain took the gas cylinder and burner into the tent. There was a gas leak and the cylinder exploded like a bomb and he had to retrieve the body parts.

I went through the protocol and the way I elicit  Emotrance and he immediately had an energy release through and out of his being. I then had him go back and tested the result. There was no negative emotion, he could not get any traumatic response and could not believe this could be so. I must say that even I was surprised as the whole process took less than ten minutes.

I tested him again and there was NO response to his previous trauma. Later that night I again bumped into him and his wife. He was amazed at how different he felt and she was how you say over there "gobsmacked" at the change in him.

I don't believe in coincidences' any more and believe that I was to meet these people at that time. It has happed to me time and time again and nothing gives more pleasure, gratitude and humility than to be able to give assistance to another human being, for no other reason than you can.

Emotrance seems to do that the more you work with it, it has a way of attraction all of its own.

Since 2002 Emotrance has led me on an incredible journey of endless experiences and an admiration and respect of energy. I am now looking forward to new adventures as I go into 2008 and the future to train other Emotrance practitioners and impart my knowledge and experience gained over the past six years.

All my best regards,

John Bunker

EMO and the Magic Spiral by Silvia Hartmann

Before you start the ET session, draw a spiral each into the palms of your hands to make sure your own healing hands are activated properly. Then when it comes to something being stuck, you can use them much more efficiently and they are already ready to go without having to worry about that then.

Try it, let me know how you get on.

Silvia Hartmann

EMO Through The Language Barrier by Lisa Bundfuss

A wonderful experience that I wanted to share with you all with encouragement.

It's quite a long post so thank you for your patience.

A while back I was asked to help and elderly gentleman in his seventies.

He had numerous medical problems such as diabetes, dangerously low heart rate, kidney and liver degeneration, blood pressure and a high white cell count and also other problems.

I explained that we could look at the emotions around these issues and others that had come up in his life and see if that would help release some of the stress. The only problem being he spoke very little English and I couldn't speak to or understand him. He could just about introduce himself and the odd word.

I thought it might be best to work with a member of his family interpreting.

When he arrived for his first appointment he had to stop for breath every two or three steps and found in distressing just to walk up the driveway, which is about the length of three cars.

He had decided he wanted to do this on his own with me and no one else present........ Quick softening and flowing going on with me then as I thought about all the problems with this!

Still we managed somehow to get through that session and deal with some highly charged emotional issues and blockages in that first session and he walked comfortably back down the driveway to his waiting lift. I had found out that he could read English fairly well so sent him back with Silvia's books and manuals to digest as homework and to follow some of the exercises I had outlined.

When he came back two weeks later he positively walked up the driveway and I was informed that he had been out shopping and upstairs for the first time in a very long time.

We softened and flowed very enthusiastically for about an hour and a half this time and it was wonderful to see his energy change, colour come back into his face, the lines fall away and his enthusiasm for life return. I felt truly blessed to have this experience with this wonderful person. He went back to do some more reading and softening and flowing and a lot of heart healing.

Third appointment and he arrived upright and vibrant so different from the man who had struggled up the driveway a few weeks earlier.

He came with the results of his latest medical tests that had astounded the doctors and left me slightly reeling.

Heart rate had gone up twenty beats and was only two beats off of target, sugar levels were normal, white cell count normal, results for kidney and liver showed normal function, blood pressure normal!

They were in the process of reducing and removing his meds!!! And he was given the all clear to fly (a long hall flight) home.

Through these appointments both our communication skills expanded dramatically and his command of English grew tremendously ..... surely a result of unblocking the channels also.

These results were after just two ET sessions without being able to explain the process or for him to explain all that was going on.

The third session we worked at tying up loose ends and making sure that we had been really thorough leaving him as free flowing as possible with a fabulous understanding of energy how to release blockages and energy nutrition.

This gentleman was also a medical professional in his own country and knew a great deal about his conditions and the transformation that had taken place.

Please if you get an opportunity to help someone outside your comfort zone soften and flow and watch for the wonderful results that ET can give us.

Thank you for reading

Lisa Bundfuss xxx

EMO Trainer

You're Never Too Old to Learn EMO by Sandra Hillawi

You're never too old to learn EMO

Today I had a lovely ET session with a 73 year old gentleman client.

He had a fall 3 months ago and since then had dizzy spells going up stairs and was slightly anxious of losing his step walking, especially on wet or polished surfaces. He also had tension in his wrists and hands which he had used to break his fall and a band of tightness around the top of his head, 'like a cap making the skin tight' he said.

I explained about the trauma and shock to his system from the fall was probably still stored in his system and that we could explore if it was possible to release this. He was willing to try. Having never had any experience ever before of any kind of energy healing, I directed him to put his attention on the heavy band feeling around his head and to think of it softening. I placed my hands hovering over the energy too. It started to soften, the tightness he had for 3 months becoming lighter and lighter. He was amazed. As we were releasing this energy in his head, he said he could also feel tension in his hands. So we put our attention to softening this too. The energy softened and released from the wrists down the hands to the fingers and out. My client was amazed at the new sensations and the changes he was feeling so far.

I lead him to think about the anxiety he may have been feeling worrying about losing his balance in the last few months since the fall. He said that feeling was in his head. Pointing inwards from each temple to somewhere deep inside. He said there was a pressure inside there. We focussed there and I placed my hand over this part of his head to assist the softening and then drew my hand away. He said he felt the strong pull of energy out of his head, like my hands were magnetic drawing out the energy. He was again quite amazed though delighted.

At the end of our short session he stood up without dizziness. We tested him walking up and down the stairs..again, no dizziness and he said he felt his confidence in walking had now returned.

It maybe a simple story, but, at 73 it shows that you are never too old to learn something new and energy healing with EMO really is for everyone.

Sandra Hillawi

EMO Trainer

Awareness by Silvia Hartmann

Today I spoke with a brand new ET prac (they did their training with Sandra at ET08) and asked them what changes they had noticed since they'd taken the training.

Something that I found particularly heartening amongst the list of benefits of doing the real prac training was they said that they felt their awareness had taken a huge leap.

They said they were noticing so much more - about everything, really.

About people's states, about their movements, how they were talking, sitting, standing; about their own states, their own thoughts. They said as an example that they had noticed during a slightly traumatic moment that their own internal dialogue was much futher away than normal, indicating some form of dissassociation having taken place.

"I've never noticed anything like that before ..." the person said and I was really satisfied.

See when your awareness expands and you notice more, you have so much more to work with - much more understanding, you get more information, more experience, and you can start to pick up important sequences of cause-and-effect, and then do something about these sequences to change their outcomes.

EMO has lots of practical benefits as we all know but it really did strike me that an improvement in AWARENESS is probably the master key for each individual person to take charge of their respective realities, long term, and properly, at that.

Very good!

Energy awareness enhancing waves to all,


First Ever Aroma Energy Session ...? by Silvia Hartmann

I spoke to a gentleman on the phone today and mentioned my discovery that the essential oil Pennyroyal is an amazing destroyer/disinfectant of disease thoughtfields.

(What's a disease thoughtfield? An artificial energy form in our systems, like a post suggestion "You have three years to live" or "It takes 2 weeks to get over a cold" or "coffee gives you a migraine" etc which distorts the experience and creates reality.)

He was intrigued but quite unconvinced; as it so happened, he had a bottle of Pennyroyal to hand so I suggested an experiment which he was willing to engage in.

I asked him about some health issue that worried him, perhaps something that had happened to his father and he was kind of worried he had "inherited" this; he said, "Oh yes - baldness!"

Fair enough.

I asked him to tune into that fear of going bald and to take a sniff of the Pennyroyal.

Seconds later, he said, "Oh wow, that is amazing. It's all going away ... it's BLOWING AWAY."

Right. That's exactly my experience with the effects of Pennyroyal. It's a disinfectant for thoughtfields!

Very cool, and quite incontrovertible when you do it yourself - it's a very interesting experience as that place where the ideas and thoughts and fears about the illness were before and now, all there is is the cleanliness of Pennyroyal and a vibrant open space where you can breathe freely.

Is he going to go bald now?

I don't know.

My take on this is that whatever nature will do, it will do; however we people really do make things a whole lot worse with our thougths in the reverse placebo effect. There's nothing we can do about nature, but we CAN do something about our thoughts and what we hold in our energy systems in the way of beliefs - thoughtfields.

If we clear out negative and depressing and fear-inducing thoughtfields, we give our immune system a much better chance to do its thing and affect a positive outcome, or at least a delay in the onset of eventual illness.

Of course, you can do this clearing out of thoughtfields with ET directly, but aroma energy is really good fun and instant in its effects.



Getting The Best From Your Psychic Reading by Silvia Hartmann

The winner of the Magic Spells cloak competition, Sherry MacBeth from the UK, is a natural psychic and when I visited her website, www.shadowfae.co.uk , I got a good feeling and decided to have a reading with her, seeing that the Universe made me pick her out at random from 1,323 people who had entered the competition.

I chose the Fairy reading as I've got something going on with the whole plant kingdom/herbs/natural essences thing at the moment, crossed her palm with PayPal silver and waited for my reading to arrive.

When it came, I opened it and even before I read the first line, I made a spontaneous decision.

See I have many hats, many aspects.

There is the scientist, the skeptic, and the General Semanticist/Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and the general anti-woowoo police squad across the ages, to name but a few.

I could literally see the shields going up, shields upon shields, like those doors in that old TV series, Get Smart, steel doors slamming together, portculli crashing down, camera shutters closing in, walls growing from the ground ...

I could literally see all these aspects sharpening their metaphorical knives, ready to dissect and cut apart each and every sentence for meta model violations and Milton model patterns.

And I could certainly FEEL half my energy system going on instant and global reversal.

I noticed all of that and I said to myself, this is never going to be a good experience from this point. How is ANYTHING going to get in? How is ANYTHING going to help me from this state? How can I even have any kind of actual interaction or experience here?

Of course, you really can't, and you might as well not have a reading if you're in such a state of disconnection and reversal.

Which would be a shame and a wasted opportunity, because I have many other aspects as well; aspects which felt very drawn to Sherry and who were adamant that she had something important to contribute to my various unfoldments.

So I took a deep breath and asked all those aspects who weren't into the idea of a psychic reading to leave the building, go to some conference where they all could be smart together. They left; my energy shifted up; I dissolved the shields, cleared the reversals and began to read the reading.

As I went through it, I noticed that many things were happening in response to what was being asked, or said; like little flashes of light here and there, illuminating my personal landscape IN A NEW WAY.

I saw things about myself that I hadn't seen before; I made connections that I had failed to make before; I felt strong emotions arise which I took gladly and ET'd through; memories and visions flashed up - it was an incredible experience.

I learned many things; two in particular which are extremely important to me right now, helpful beyond measure and which I don't think I could have seen if it wasn't for the stimulation and extra energy input that was happening through the reading.

Halfway through the reading, I could feel and see a plan beginning to formulate in my mind that had not been there before; by the time it was over, the plan had taken on the shape of a clear and powerful thoughtfield, had become an extremely important goal for me.

Through the rest of the night and this morning, the insights I had from the reading continued to flash up and connect up all sorts of things - this was an incredibly valuable experience for me.

But apart from that, and the reason I'm writing this, I came out of it with a whole new understanding how a proper psychic reading is supposed to work, energetically and neurologically.

Those who are massively shielded against the oracle, the soothsayer, the psychic will only hear the words at the top line, and those might not mean very much at all or even "sound ridiculous" - like the proverbial tall dark stranger coming into your life.

When you are NOT shielded however, and you let the whole body energy psychic circuitry conscious unconscious interaction take its course, the tall dark stranger becomes a form of EXPERIENCE that you understand in a different way altogether, that does things to your systems, brings in new energies, unblocks others and generally ACTS on you at the multi-level in a quite exquisite way.

The interaction between the reader and the readee is a fascinating one; and something very complex, very beautiful if conducted correctly on both sides; it makes for a kind of magic and insight that you won't get from visiting a psychologist, or a priest - or self meditation, for that matter.

It's a different class of interaction altogether, and if done correctly, it can do the world of good to the readee as they come away with a changed mind, new insights, and a different take on their old entrenched problems.

Something I must admit I welcome whole-heartedly and embrace with a huge sigh of relief!

I find it really interesting that wherever you look, and whereever you take EMO and apply its principles, all of a sudden dimensions upon dimensions of really USEFUL human experiences and interactions become revealed.

I'm a little psychic myself and I thought I knew what that was and how it works but the laying down of the shields and active engagement in the reading on my part has shown me a whole new WORLD of potential, possibilities and a way in which we can really help each other out that is completely "other than" what we normally expect from a counselling session, an advisor, a talk with a psychologist or a friend.

Very, very interesting, very, very fascinating, and a whole huge line of enquiry with so many possibilities and uses opening up - all for the sake of sending the skeptics home and dropping shields to the process.

I recommend you give that a go, it's an experience quite unlike any other - but do make sure your shields are down, and you are ready to participate. THEN something quite amazing and extra-ordinary may just happen.


Sandra Hillawi on the radio!

Congratulations to Sandra Hillawi who has been on the radio promoting her new book "The Love Clinic":

- Radio Teeside Tuesday 29 April 11.45 am

- ExpressFM Portsmouth local radio Friday 2 May 10.30 am 15 mins on the Darren Gamblin show

- Haslar Hospital Radio Fri 30 May 7.30 pm 30 mins

Sandra Hillawi's Forthcoming EMO Events:

ET Practitioner

If you missed ET Practitioner Training with Sandra at the conference, you have an opportunity at Sedgwick Park House www.segdwickpark.com 14-15 June 2008. Email sandra@passionforhealth.com for details.

Love Clinic Practitioner

Following the successful launch of Sandra's first book The Love Clinic, ET practitioners and trainers are invited to join Sandra for a Love Clinic weekend at Sedgwick Park House. Take the time out for deep healing and transformation and gain new practical and spiritual insights into love and relationships the EMO way for you and your clients. Email sandra@passionforhealth.com for details. 18-19 July 2008.

EMO & Survival Guilt by Susan Grey

I am using EMO a LOT! Primarily, I am doing work with helping people release their shields to all kinds of emotional energy and having a lot of success. Just today I helped someone very quickly release survival guilt which she has carried since she was a small child and has been replicated several times during her life. What freedom!
The Sheild work is nothing short of phenomenol!
Susan Grey

Losing Weight the EMO Way by Kim Bradley

Early last year Louise and I had a brainwave about using a combination of EFT and EMO to help people lose weight. Little did we know what a journey of discovery that would become.  
The journey began after an initial brainstorming session and reams of paper later when we realised we had the basics for 6 sessions to help people with all areas of weight gain.   The sessions would cover; teaching the techniques and past weight history, cravings, habits, emotions, in-grained beliefs and self esteem.   We began writing the programme and soon found we were packing so much information into each class that we would need 7 sessions in order to re-cap for them and so it was decided.  Then came a very strange period of time where Louise and I had the idea but not yet the belief in ourselves to deliver it.  And so, during this time, the programme got re-written, tweaked, tinkered with, improved upon, a spelling mistake here, a lack of full stop there for months and months and months!

At last, Louise and I came to realise that we were caught hook line and sinker into procrastination and some EMO was needed to put a fire in our bellies and clear out the nerves and lack of self belief – and so a date was set, 6th November 2007 – THE TRIAL.

Louise and I met up an hour before our ladies were due to arrive.  We were so nervous we couldn’t even remember our introduction about ourselves!  Our stomachs were in tight knots, our hearts were beating fast, palms were sweaty and a cloud had descended around our heads.   It all certainly felt like a TRIAL at this stage!  We called on captain EMO for some help!  We sat, eyes closed and we unknotted our bellies, we softened our heart, we flowed out our sweat and we lifted the cloud.  At last we were ready.

The sessions began and it quickly became apparent that it would blow our expectations of this course out of the water.   We realised that the main driver behind all the other areas of overeating was self esteem.  We began to focus on self love, self worth, feeding the energy system with appreciation.  The transformation was magical.  We taught them ways to cope with cravings and habits.  We showed them how to eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full.  They discovered how beliefs they have had since childhood has affected the way they eat now.  Louise and I learnt that clearing the past, healing the blame, forgiving the self had become an important part of the process and so we tweaked some more and now the programme is 8 weeks long.

On the course evaluation one of the ladies summed up the experience in these beautiful words:

“My physical goal is to reduce my waist size, but my emotional goal is to be able to love and accept myself.  My spiritual goal is to allow the God within to let me do these things as all is possible.”

Other comments received were;

I very much liked the course content

Very comfortable and intimate atmosphere where I felt I could share

I became more aware of patterns with eating and the reasoning behind them.

A path to self awareness, loving myself is the best outcome which will have a direct impact on my weight.

I have enjoyed discovering aspects previously hidden about myself

We have new weight loss courses running in June and September this year and we are very much looking forward to growing and learning in this field.  Apart from the 8 session programme we have now developed it into a 2 day intensive workshop with full course notes and aftercare service.   It’s amazing what can be achieved with a little determination and EMO to catch you when you think you might fall.

Kim Bradley and Louise Bliss
Email: info@emotionalfreedom-training.co.uk

3rd June 2008 – 8 Session Weight Loss programme begins
2nd September 2008 – 8 Session Weight Loss programme begins
27th and 28th September 2008 – 2 day Intensive Weight Loss Seminar

Report: EMO Trainer Anne Sweet's First Practitioner Training

I ran my first self help training day just before the Emo Trance conference .It was great fun and every body enjoyed it. The trainers manual was so easy to follow every thing' flowed 'it was such a good trainers manual that I did not keep having to refere to it you knew where you were going to next.

I am looking forward to running the practitioner course next month!

PS Thank you for all the hard work that the team did in making such an enjoyable  conference  .

Regards Anne Sweet

Rückblick auf die EMO 2008 Conference by Detlev Tesch (German Language EMO 2008 Report)

Wow, was für eine Veranstaltung!

Zum ersten Mal war die EMO Conference (=Kongreß – aber das Wort fühlt sich für mich hier nicht „richtig“ an) nicht für die breite Öffentlichkeit zugänglich, sondern nur für „Profis“, d. h. ab Practitioner-Niveau. Deswegen konnten auch alle Präsentatoren die ET-Grundlagen voraussetzen und „Gas geben“. Alle, die Präsentatoren, wie auch das Publikum waren auf dem gleichen Niveau, ohne Statusunterschiede, und haben zusammen geforscht, gelernt, experimentiert und sich gegenseitig unterstützt – ganz gleich, ob 18 oder 91 Jahre alt (jüngster und ältester Teilnehmer).

Das entspricht sehr dem Geist von EMO: Gleiche unter Gleichen, ganz so wie auch in einer EMO-Sitzung sich beide im „Klient-Practitioner-Tanz“ gemeinsam dafür einsetzen, den Even Flow der Energie wieder herzustellen. Ein EMO-Practitioner kann nur unterstützen, denn die Heilung der Emotionen und der Energie kann nur von innen geschehen.

Den Anfang der Präsentationen machte Sandra Hillawi mit „Daring To Love The Unlovable“ (etwa: Es wagen, die Nicht-Liebenswerten zu lieben), ein Thema, das in das Konzept „The Love Clinic – The Energy Secrets of Love, Sex, and Relationships“ (Die Energie-Geheimnisse von Liebe Sex und Beziehungen) gehört. (The Love Clinic ist aus EMO heraus entstanden.)

Sie zeigte uns, was wir tun können, um die energetische Dynamik in Beziehungen (nicht nur Paarbeziehungen!) drastisch zu verbessern und anderen zu helfen, Streß-Energien aufzulösen. Und: gleichzeitig damit etwas für uns selbst zu tun.

Als nächste präsentierte Silvia Hartmann „The Art Of Forgiveness – Your Fast Path To Ultimate Personal Freedom“ (Die Kunst der Vergebung – die Überholspur zu ultimativer persönlicher Freiheit).
Vergebung, wenn sie denn geschieht, bewirkt dramatische Veränderungen im Energiesystem. Wenn wir jemandem etwas nicht vergeben, bindet das Energie, die uns für unser Leben nicht zur Verfügung steht. Dahinter liegt typischerweise eine energetische Verletzung. Die überraschende Erkenntnis ist jedoch, daß Vergebung letztlich Selbst-Vergebung ist. Auf einer unbewußten Ebene geben wir uns selbst die Schuld an dem, was geschehen ist. Dies wirklich aufzulösen ist ein echter Befreiungsschlag.

Anschließend sprach Reto Wyss über „Tought Fields: Your Portal to Success“ (Gedankenfelder: Ihr Tor zum Erfolg).

Es wird seit einiger Zeit viel über das Gesetz der Anziehung/Law of Attraction gesprochen. Wie auch immer man darüber denken mag, so ist doch kaum zu bezweifeln, daß unser Denken unser Leben sehr direkt und massiv beeinflußt. Welche Gedanken erzeugen wir beständig in unserer Energie-Matrix? Wieviel Energie geben wir ihnen? Dieses Wissen können wir nutzen, um unsere Gedanken, unsere Energie und dadurch unsere Realität in eine gewünschte Richtung zu lenken.

Susann Forsbergs Thema war „Finding Your Rhythm – Dancing Your Live. The Ancient Art Of Energy Dancing“ (Den eigenen Rhythmus finden – das Leben tanzen. Die alte Kunst des Energie-Tanzes).

In der Anwendung von EMO ist oft aufgefallen, daß der Körper dazu neigt, den Energiefluß mit Bewegungen zu unterstützen. Energy Dancing macht sich das gezielt zunutze. Der Körper darf und soll die Bewegungen machen, die jetzt, in dieser Situation helfen die Energie wieder fließen zu lassen. Das ist ganz individuell und immer anders. In allen Kulturen hat man den Tanz auch zu Zwecken der Heilung und der Veränderung eingesetzt. In der Kombination mit EMO wird das zu einem wirklich starken Instrument.

Was könntest Du tun, wenn Gott an Deiner Seite wäre? Fragte Ordensschwester Margarita Foley in Ihrer Präsentation „EMO & Spirituality – How To Use EMO To Enhance Our Relationship With Spirit“ (EMO & Spiritualität – Wie wir EMO benutzen um unsere Beziehung zum Spirit (etwa Geist, höherer Geist, Allumfassendes, manchmal Substitut für Gott, und vieles mehr) weiterzuentwickeln.

Vielen Menschen haben „Probleme“ mit Religion, Spiritualität, Kirche, mit dem Wort Gott usw. Doch die Verbindung zu unser Quelle (unabhängig davon, welchem Glauben wir angehören) bringt uns enormen Energiezuwachs und Lebensqualität. Wir setzten EMO ein, um hier Blockaden und Hindernisse beiseite zu räumen und uns energetisch frei zu machen – frei für die Verbindung zum Höchsten.

Dem folgte Silvia Hartmanns Ansatz, die Arbeit an den Emotions-Energien mit pflanzlichen Aroma-Essenzen zu unterstützen: „Aromatherapy For Your Soul“ (Aromatherapie für Ihre Seele).

Die ätherische Öle sind hochkonzentrierte Pflanzenessenz. Teilweise werden Millionen Blüten gebraucht, um einige wenige Tropfen herzustellen. Diese Essenzen sind sehr reich an Energie. Diese Energie können wir nutzen, um die Arbeit an Energien, die fest stecken, an Blockaden usw. enorm zu unterstützen. Ähnlich wie die Unterstützung eines anderen Menschen in der Arbeit mit EMO. So haben wir immer einen Helfer zur Hand.

Danach sprach Detlev Tesch über „Public Speaking From The Heart – How To Enchant, Engage & Delight Your Audience Live, On Stage & On TV“ (Reden mit Herz – Wie Sie Ihr Publikum bezaubern, fesseln und erfreuen, live, auf der Bühne und im Fernsehen).

Es heißt, Umfragen zufolge haben Menschen mehr Angst davor, einen Vortrag oder eine Rede zu halten, als vor dem Tod. Das ist aber nicht angeboren sondern entsteht erst im Laufe der Jahre. EMO ist ein wunderbares Instrument, um dieses Problem in allen seinen vielfältigen Facetten zu bewältigen und sich selbst in einen motivierenden, begeisternden Zustand zu bringen. Dann ist es leicht, das Publikum zu begeistern.

Eine kurzfristige Programmänderung brachte für den letzten Beitrag Loretta van der Stam und Silvia Hartmann auf die Bühne, die mit der Kombination von EMO und Familienaufstellungen experimentierten. Wir fanden heraus, daß hier ein reiches Feld für Forschung und Erprobung besteht, das riesigen Nutzen bereithält. Es war erstaunlich zu sehen, wie schnell drastische Erleichterung für ein jahrzehntealtes Problem erreicht wurde.

Während der Conference wurde auch das erste Buch zu EMO, da nicht von Silvia Hartmann geschrieben wurde, der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt: The Love Clinic von Sandra Hillawi. Ein schönes, durchaus historisches Ereignis, das fröhlich gefeiert wurde.

Fröhlichkeit und Freude waren ohnehin sehr prägend für die Conference. Freude (joy) heilt. Immer wieder kleine Momente der Freude über den ganzen Tag hinweg. Und Freude ist das Ergebnis von Heilung. Also: Freude multipliziert Freude, insbesondere, wenn wir sie energetisch unterstützen. Das verändert Leben.

EMO ist sehr lebendig und entwickelt sich beständig weiter. Hier waren Menschen aus Großbritannien, Deutschland, Niederlande, Schweiz, Schweden, Australien, USA und wohl noch anderen Ländern zusammengekommen und haben sich miteinander und an einander gefreut, haben energetische Wunden geheilt und mehr Glück in ihr Leben gebracht.

„Alles flutscht besser mit EMO!“

(Worte eines Seminarteilnehmers)

EMO Conference Report by Silvia Hartmann

We explored spirituality, forgiveness, public speaking, tribal dancing, primal shamanism, the power of green, advanced thoughtfields and how to love the unlovable. We certified the youngest ever EMO practitioner in the world at just age 18 - Steve Kent from EastSussex, United Kingdom, and we also certified the oldest EMO practitioner in the World - Father Oliver, who celebrated his 91st birthday at the conference. We gave each other The Gifts, had a fabulous book launch party, a PS meeting and a hootenanny - but most of all, WE HAD A JOLLY GOOD TIME PLAYING WITH OUR FRIENDS IN THE OCEANS OF ENERGY!

Read the report and view lots of pictures from EMOTRANCE 08 - We wish you'd been there ...!


A Problem With Music - EMO Session with Lisa Bundfuss and Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann writes: "I love to sing and play music, but at the same time, it was all going horribly wrong. In spite of all sorts of attempts at solving these problems, 25 years of self sabotage and not getting anywhere got me to the point of giving up on it and saying, well, perhaps it just wasn't meant to be in this incarnation ..." But a surprisingly simple EMO session with Lisa Bundfuss at the ET08 conference changed all that. Watch the video of the actual session, and then listen and judge for yourself to Silvia singing live a week later.


Discuss these and other EMO happenings at: http://yahoogroups.com/group/EMO2

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