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EMO Multiple Proxy

EMO Multiple Proxy

EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk writes: As a class project during the September 11th Practitioner seminar in Richardson, Texas, we did a group proxy on two separate family situations. I have received feedback from both subjects that I wanted to share.

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Some time ago Beth Dodd and I discovered the usefulness of multiple proxy work.  This is where you have several people proxying one person at the same time on the different layers of one issue.  It's fabulous work and very effective.  Using multiple people make the softening and flowing of energy much easier.  During the September 10-11th EMO seminar we had two subjects of this multiple proxy work.  To protect the privacy of the participants I am going to use fictitious names.  Here are the case histories:

1. Sherry asked for help with her mother.  I have known Sherry for almost 20 years now and so I know a little of the dynamics of why she asked for the group to help her.  Sherry is in her late 50's and some years ago began to have visions or remembrances of a baby sister and a journey to take her to a convent for adoption.  She wasn't quite sure if she had dreamed this baby sister up or if she really existed because although she did have a younger sister, this one that she dreamed about was much younger and she didn't grow up with that baby sister and the family never talked about her.  When she asked her mother and family about the memories they said that she was making it up because it never happened.  This really disturbed her because the dreams were very descriptive and she had them over and over.  Over time her mother became accusatory, angry and vindictive toward Sherry and began to spread rumors about her to the family in an attempt to cut her off from family relationships.  At first Sherry was baffled at why her mother would act this way and why she would want to ruin her family relationships.  Sherry's sister that she grew up with began to act the same way and soon would not talk to her at all.  Certain other family members would limit their conversations to "pleasant" things and refuse to talk about the past family history.  She began to get reports of her mother sending letters to the family accusing Sherry of making up stories to hurt her.  Finally, her mother cut all ties with her.  Sherry hasn't spoken to her mother in over 12 years now.   What this has done to Sherry on an emotional level has been absolutely devastating.  She found herself becoming more and more reclusive.  Her body began to break down from different unexplained ailments.  At one point she asked me if I thought her mother had put a curse on her.  After some work it was determined that no curse had been put on her.  When she committed to come for the seminar we made arrangements for me to do some regression work on her to get to the root of it.  Saturday night we did some regression work and she was able to get a few more details about the incident.  Her plans were to verify those details next week.

On the second day of training and during the proxy exercise work Beth and I decided to try another group proxy exercise.  We started out with “If I were Maddie where would I feel that in my body”… then I assigned different people the aspects of the problem.  I can’t recall all of them, but here were a few just to give you an idea of how it goes:

a) When I think about Sherry

b) It’s my body

c) It’s my baby and I’ll do with it what I want

d) Sherry is going to tell my secret

e) The family is going to tell my secret

f) Someone is going to find out

g) I am so ashamed

h) I will take this to the grave with me

i) It’s no one’s business

At the same time there were people working with Sherry to EMO her issues with her mother and the events surrounding that memory.  After the workshop Sherry was scheduled to attend a conference for work.  This caused her anxiety because she had become so used to being secluded and not participating in social events.  Today, Sherry wrote the following report:

I have been able to enter this conference room w/o anxiety of being in a room full of people I don't know. Has made this experience much more enjoyable and allowing me to interact more. Able to talk or think about my mom w/o pain. Very releasing. We may never know how it has affected my mom but I can share how much lighter and freer I feel.  As for the conference, Pagette and I went to the mall on the river walk then shopped some and had a nice dinner. Tonight it is the water taxi tour on the river walk.  I had lunch with other staff from work today whereas I used to just go to my room.


2. The second case history is from Kay.  Kay has always had a strained relationship with her mother.  She related that her mother has always sabotaged her in some way.  Kay is married and has small children.  She and her mother are caretakers for her grandmother who is 85 and that they all live in the same house. The house seems to always be filled with anxiety and stress because of the strained relationship between Kay and her mother (Susan).  Kay shared that Susan doesn’t work, doesn’t clean, doesn’t do much besides sleep and isn’t participatory with the children or her own mother (the grandmother).  One particular sharing about Kay’s birthday was that Susan offered to make her a cake for her birthday recently.  Kay loves strawberries so her mother made her a strawberry cake with pecans.   Kay has hated pecans since childhood.   Kay felt as though her mother put pecans in the cake just to be vindictive.

We started out with “If I were Susan where would I feel that in my body”… then I assigned different people the aspects of the problem.  I can’t recall all of them, but here were a few just to give you an idea of how it goes:

a) When I think about Kay

b) I am tiredc) Just leave me alone

d) I don’t want to work

e) Everyone should take care of me

f) Life is hard

Today, Kay wrote the following report:  "I thought I would give you an update on the proxy work we did on my mom!  She's WONDERFUL!!! She got up that VERY next morning and went to an interview. She's saying please and thank you and being very genuine about it... she actually laughed!!!!”

I hope that you can use these case histories in some way to expand your current techniques with EMO.  Thank you to all of the participants in this week’s EMO seminar.  It’s you all that makes this work!

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