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EMO News October 04

The German trainer's training (in German! LOL) has been fully booked for some time and still more people are coming in now, being appalled to find they can't get a place. It isn't on to run for another month and the organisers, who do a lot of various courses, told me how astonished they were that people had booked immediately and early, seeing that ET is so new to Germany and also in view of a general trend of people attending less workshops.

I was asked to take more people, thought about it some and then decided not to. I'd rather conduct a good, solid training - and all those guys on the waiting list can be passed along to the new German trainers after the fact.

EMO Feedback


I got the following a few days ago:

"I'm a holistic medical physician and MET practitioner (I'm just completing the advanced training).

"I wanted you to know that of all the therapies I've trained in and approaches that I have used (and there's been a lot) none have excited me and touched me so deeply than Emotrance.

"It is quite simply the most beautiful, graceful and simple self-care approach I have come across.

"I have used it with a number of my clients and have witnessed how, within minutes, it allows unconditional love to pour into them from a source that minutes previously was causing them great pain.

"Everytime I work with it I am truely humbled (that's not something I would say lightly :)"


I was particularly touched by the use of the word, "graceful".

But I do think it is a good word to use. EMO really is graceful in its use and effects, and I am delighted that more people are finding their way to it.

Completing The Set

As the last news item, the third and final of the three parts of EMO, "Energy Magic", is about to be put into place.

This will complete the set of base patterns of EMO - Oceans of Energy, Living Energy and Energy Magic - and then folk, including myself, can go on to either use these basic patterns or develop them further from there.

The usual one time only first presentation of Energy Magic is our annual end of the year event in the UK.

It will be interesting to see what the next year will bring, especially with the publication of The Enchanted World in German and
English hard copy.

Good wishes to all from a beautifully stormy night by the sea,


Silvia Hartmann

Energy Magic - ET3
One Time Presentation
28 November, UK (ET Pracs & Above)
For Details see:


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