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EMO newsletter December 2008

EMO newsletter December 2008 The last EMO newsletter of 2008... But don't worry, it will be back in January! This month we have a lot to tell you about, from Money talks at Success University to some seasons greetings from a number of our practitioners. In this issue: **Article: Blessings All Around from Silvia Hartmann **News: The Energy Of Money by Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley **Article: EMO Shines A Light On The Meaning Of Christmas by Margarita Foley **Article: Thank You And Merry Christmas by Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley

**Article: Blessings All Around from Silvia Hartmann

Would you like to be one of those who are truly, absolutely and practically "blessed"?
Amazingly, this is not as difficult as was previously imagined. Beautiful EMO gives us the ability to bless, and to become blessed in turn - it is easy and then we have.

With there just having been another time of "Happy holidays", "Merry Christmas" and "Wishing you a Good New Year", I wanted to make a mention of the concept of blessings and receiving blessings from others.

This is a very central concept to EMO and something we do from the first few exercises on a self help day, right away; raising the energy and delivering it to an other, and in return, being that other who receives such energy when it is being offered by the first.

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**News: The Energy Of Money by Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley

Kim and Louise Write: We were guest speakers at a recent Success University meeting. We wanted to introduce the wonderful EMO technique within a topic that was relevant to the members. The Energy of Money seemed the right choice. We raised questions like, why do some people work very hard but for less money whilst others seem to work less but receive more? Why is it that some people seem to attract money and others do not?
We included subjects like peoples beliefs about money and how you have been programmed since childhood to receive a set amount.

We shared with the group just how your beliefs and emotions affect your flow of money and how you can tackle and transform them for good. Beliefs are energetic realities that literally shield you from receiving The Energy of Money.

To read the full article please click on the link below:


**Article: EMO Shines A Light On The Meaning Of Christmas by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley Writes: “Christmas” and you are either filled with joy or you shudder at the thought of all you have to do, cards to be sent, presents to buy, house to be decorated, pre-Christmas celebrations. Oh, dear me and the true deep enjoyment of Christmas is hidden under it all. So this year let’s take an EMO journey back in time and bring rich presents back with us for our year ahead. This will help us put the credit crunch and all that in perspective...

To read Margarita's full article please click here:


**Article: Thank You And Merry Christmas by  Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley

Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley write: We just wanted to close this year with a big thank you to everyone who has supported us in our first year. The support has been fantastic. We have had a brilliant year and have meet so many wonderful people on our EMO journey.

This year has seen us complete a number of training events from Self Help to Advanced Practitioner workshops. Congratulations to everyone who has attended one of the workshops. We have hosted many free demonstration evenings in order to spread the word to as many people about this wonderful healing technique. As you know we feel very passionate about EMO and how it can help everyone. We have had the opportunity to write articles for several trade magazines and have had the privilege of presenting and demonstrating EMO at several
events this year.

Thank you to everyone who made these opportunities possible.

To read the full article please click on the link below:


So that's it for EMO in 2008.

All I can say is a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted articles, news, case studies and more this year. This has been an exciting year for EMO, we have had TV appearances, a stand at the Mind Body Spirit festival, dozens of radio stations interviewed our practitioners and it has even been taught in universities! What wonders await next year? Who knows?!

See you in the new year!

Josh Alliston,


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