EMO Newsletter November 2008

EMO Newsletter November 2008 Welcome to the November edition of the EMO Newsletter. In this issue we look at the first ever EMO training help in French and we are pleased to announce that EMO has appeared in a University course! Its all rather exciting so read on to find out more! In this issue: **News: EMO At University- A Student In Need! **Article: EMO In Children by Margarita Foley **News: First Workshops Held In French, In Quebec by Gisรจle Bourgoin **News: Texas Welcomes new Practitioners and Trainers! **Case Study: A Testimonial From Someone Who Has Recently Experienced EMO By Susan Grey **Article: From Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley

**News: EMO At University- A Student In Need!

Gemma Ryder is a student at the University Of Westminster and during her course she was taught some EMO as part of her Naturopathy module. This module was taught by Sarah Kulpers and Gemma was so impressed that she has chosen EMO as a topic of discussion for an assessed oral presentation due to be carried out in January 2009.

Gemma is looking at talking about children and teenagers with depression and how EMO can help. So, if you are a practitioner who specialises in working with children or teenagers, or who have experience in this field then please get in contact with either myself, by emailing Josh@DragonRising.com or email Gemma directly at g.ryder@my.westminster.ac.uk

It's great to see EMO in universities and lets hope more pick up on the idea soon!

**Article: EMO In Children by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley Writes:   Two children were watching a story on television about monkeys. They were aged 5 and a ½ and 3 and ½ years old. Something awful was going to happen to the favourite monkey and the little boy ran from the room and could not bear to watch it.

Fortunately his Dad was aware and had the story of what happened. So he sat the little boy down and they read the story together. When it came to the scary or upsetting bits Dad was able to show the little boy how the story ended and it was much better. This made me think about children and scary things they see and hear and how we could use Emotrance with them in the context of their everyday lives...

To read Margarita's full article then please click on the link below:


**News: First Workshop Help In French, In Quebec by Gisèle Bourgoin

Gisèle Bourgoin Writes:  I would like to share with you my joy of having led my first Emotrance workshops, held in Québec, Canada, in French. It was the very first trainings I gave after my own training with Sandra Hillawi in New York, last spring. The trainer's training with Sandra was extraordinary and I knew from that moment that I would become an Emotrance practitioner and trainer. I worked at first with my clients in individual sessions (I am a psychologist) before organizing my first workshops.

I am so happy that the first Self help workshop held on September 26 went very well. It was a fabulous day with 10 marvellous persons. I have many things I would like to share with you. Just an example, a young lady of 30 years old came to the workshop with her mother who insisted for her coming, she was very sceptical about the technique but accepted to do the exercises. Working with another participant, she decided to work on a problem of anxiety that was always manifesting as a ball in her stomach and that she could sense most of the time (this was the exercise with the concept of money always generating anxiety for her). After the exercise, she was laughing and looking to find her “ball in her stomach”. The rest of the day, she kept asking: “Where is my ball? What have you done with it? I had it with me for so many years, it can’t be gone so easily, and so rapidly, where is it?” She is a girl with a great sense of humour, she made everybody laugh, but she was very happy at the end of the day and was eager to try this with her daughter of 3 years old and her tantrums....

For  Gisèle's full article just click on the link:


News: Texas Welcomes New Practitioners And Trainers!

Sandra Hillawi has just returned from a fabulous trip meeting some wonderful people in Texas, who have now qualified as the latest EMO Practitioners. They came from far and wide …Chicago, Washington state, Oklahoma and Texas to The Shooting Star Ranch, Red Oak, which was a beautiful setting for this 3 day event, concluding in the Trainers Training.

Mary Anne Cumbie : “Sandra was delightful and inspirational in many ways, especially her teaching style….always gentle in guiding us back to the centre of the EMO theory. I shall continue to use EMO to release blocks and shields that I have used to keep things at a distance in my life. I now have the tools to face and deal with things I was avoiding.”

Click on the link below to hear what the new practitioners thougt of EMO and read all of  their feedback:


Also, have a look at the new website:


**Case Study: A Testimonial From Someone Who Has Recently Experienced EMO By Susan Grey

Susan Grey Writes:  I do my healing work at a distance, so our session was on the telephone. She was contacting me for depression, having recently disconvered she was HPV positive with Level 1 dysplasia, precancerous cells in the cervix. During our session, we did EMO work for all of the thoughts and feelings that were associated with any and all physical discomfort she felt in her body. Much of those feelings and thoughts she could discern herself, and where she could not, I used the book "Messages From the Body, Their Psychological Meaning" by Michael Lincoln, PhD. intuitively to hone in on what the issues could be, and she verified those.

Testimonial: "Susan, You're a Gifted Genius! That was an incredible healing! EMO is a very logical technique. Because I was sex-ploited by my father at an early age...and HATED it, what I was resisting continued to persist throughout my life which explains why I kept attracting the same type of man. That was a huge revelation to me!!

I LOVE the Emo Trance technique. I just bought the Messages From The Body book from Amazon and will continue to visit the EmoTrance.com website. Thank you so much.... I feel like a huge black cloud has been lifted and I will begin to look at the situation in a totally new light.”

The client has just updated Susan with this:

"Susan, I had such a liberating, uplifting weekend! My depression went from a 10 down to a 0! I love that you taught me the Emo technique to unblock energy whenever I feel a change of emotions.

Thank you!"

To contact Susan Grey Please Click On The Link Below:


**Article: From Kim Bradley and Louise Bliss

As Complementary Therapists and EMO practitioners and trainers we understand the benefits of using EMO as an accessory (albeit a very important accessory) to our other suite of therapies. Kind of like wearing stockings without suspenders – you can wear hold ups but they never quite do the job properly! EMO is the tool that makes the difference!

To illustrate the point, here is an interesting story about how Kim used EMO with a client that came for massage

An Upsetting Letter……..

A client had an appointment with me for massage and by coincidence had come home from work that day to find a very critical and unpleasant letter from a family member. She arrived feeling very angry and upset and had bought the letter with her for me to read. When in the heat of an emotional disturbance it is the perfect time to use EMO.....

To Read The Full Article Click On The Link Below:
For the Emotional Freedom Training Website Click On The Link Below:


So thats it for the penultamate edition of the EMO Newsletter 2008.

Please keep sending in your articles, case studies and news from the world of EMO, and until next time, keep up the good work!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this month newsletter.

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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