EMO Newsletter October 2008

EMO Newsletter October 2008 Welcome! October has been a busy month for us here at EMO, with The Mind, Body, Spirit Festival being the highlight so far. At the Festival we gave out a massive 1,309 EMO Yearbooks in 2 days... and then ran out! This months newsletter is slightly different to the norm, mainly because I haven't requested your articles! But do not fear, we still have some great articles for you to read! Enjoy! In this edition: **News: EMO at the Manchester Mind, Body, Spirit Festival by Silvia Hartmann **News: Kim Bradley recalls her experience of the Mind Body Spirit Festival! **Article: EMO Art Solutions- Finding Your Movement **News: A Milestone For EmoTrance.com!

**News: EMO at the Manchester Mind, Body, Spirit Festival by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Writes:


What an EXPERIENCE - where do I start?!

So many things happened, so many people encountered, so much said, so much done, so much felt and so much experienced - this was truly, a unique learning experience that money really couldn't buy.

Here's what springs to mind first of all - the lighting up of people's eyes when I told them that there was a BRAND NEW energy modality, made by modern 21st Century people FOR modern 21st century people, and especially, made by women FOR women. Women are, after all, the ones who HAVE all those emotions - we're always crying and screaming and shouting and wailing and whining, we are the emotion EXPERTS so isn't about time that OUR emotions were taken seriously and properly investigated FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY?

Now don't get me wrong - celibate vegetarian Chinese monks from 6,000 years ago were fine people, without a doubt, but whatever THEIR energy systems were like, ours aren't like that any more.

We need something NEW - and EMO is exactly that, something NEW for this day and age, and something that was designed in the first place for ALL PEOPLE, women and children included for the very first time, once more in the entire history of humanity.

Sounds good?

Damn right it does!

EVERY SINGLE PERSON I told the above, and some were literally just curious and off the streets, without the first clue about anything to do with esoterics, energy bodies and mind/body/spirit healing, and others were healers with 50 years experience, EVERY SINGLE PERSON went, "Wow! What a GOOD IDEA! That sounds EXACTLY like what's needed in this day and age!"

I was literally blown away by the positive response of the people to EMO.

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**News: Kim Bradley Recalls Her Experience of The Mind, Body, Spirit Festival!

My 16 year old daughter Hannah and I volunteered our services to helping out at the Festival this year. We had a fantastic time and the stand was very busy all day.

The Dragon Rising Team, which consisted of Sylvia, Alex and Steve, very generously gave away Free EMO 2008 books to anyone who came up to the stand. This fantastic stroke of genius made it easy for us to attract people and gave a huge buzz to the stand that should launch EMO into a new league. We must have given over 50 mini treatments I would think on Saturday alone and it certainly gave me ample opportunity to practice my “elevator pitch”!

One person said "How come you can afford to give away free books and free sessions when all the other stands want £20 off me!" I said "that's because we are wonderful people with a big heart!!"

All the mini sessions were very well received. Some people had some tears to shed, others felt like a heavy load had been lifted. I just hope that the work and the word will spread out.

Hannah and I left on such a high note. What a wonderful way of spending an afternoon with my daughter. If anyone out there is unsure about teaching EMO to teenagers, let me tell you I can’t think of a better way to help them connect to their heart and help people. Teenagers often crave/need recognition - Hannah got that ten-fold when she helped people of all ages, some with disabilities, some with pain they were carrying around for quite some time. One person came back to her to say “thank you, you’ve helped me more than you know”.

Did we feel exhausted after giving so many mini treatments? Did we feel drained by so many people milling around? NO. What another amazing fact about EMO. All that people energy lifted our energy so much I could have partied all night! Out of the mini treatments we did, not one person even told us what they were clearing – there was no need to know. Each person that received treatment left the stand feeling considerable better but did not have to dig up, mull over or spill the beans on any of their life problems. How fantastic is that!

EMO IS amazing, shout it from the roof tops and let’s get it promoted to a much larger audience for ET09.

Kim Bradley

Emotional Freedom Training

To find out more about Kim Bradley, click on the link below to visit her homepage:


**Article: EMO Art Solutions- Finding Your Movement

Not many people know this, but behind all masterful things there lie not mechanics, but the MOVEMENT OF ENERGY.
The movements a calligraphy master makes with his brush are essentially the SAME MOVEMENTS that the martial arts master creates with his body; they are the same movements the sword master creates with his sword, and they are the same movements the magician creates with their magic wand.

The Art Solutions weekend has been created, based on our own personal experiences with THE MOVEMENTS over the past 4 years, so that YOU will first of all, gain a sense of the movements behind the scenes, and secondly, to then pick up our Creator given skill to USE THE MOVEMENTS to give the solutions we have sought our whole life long.

            EMO Art Solutions LIVE Training
Once Only and NEVER Again
Taught & Facilitated by Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn
November 8/9, Europa Gatwick

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Or to find out more about Art Solutions click here:


**News: A Milestone For EmoTrance.com!

Alex Kent writes:
To celebrate EmoTrance.com breaking through the THREE MILLION page views barrier we've had a bit of a redesign!

We've seen a massive acceleration in the statistics in recent months, with the site being over twice as busy now than it was just 12 months ago.

Thanks to everyone who has promoted EMO to help make this wonder-modality go towards becoming mainstream!

To see our exciting new website design just click on the link below and let us know what you think:


So there we have it! October is fast coming to a close and the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival is over for another year. But don't despair! The EMO conference is a mere six months away!

I hope you have enjoyed our special Mind, Body, Spirit Festival Newsletter and until next time, keep up the good work!

Josh Alliston,
Communications Officer

* Of Note: A special mention goes to Helen Dutten, Helen Coke, Kim Bradley, Hanah Bradley, Kay Gire & Nan Rathjen for coming to Manchester and doing live EMO demonstrations and taster sessions and talking to people about their experiences with EMO. Well Done!


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