EMO on Next Door's Cat - A Case Study

EMO on Next Door's Cat - A Case Study

After the 2010 EMO Conference talk on EMO & Animals by Hannah Bradley, EMO Relationship Consultant & Trainer Lynda Jakiro felt inspired to have a go at the increasingly popular practice of using EMO on animals, in this case, a cat!

Read on for Lynda's full case study...

Having been inspired by Hannah Bradley’s presentation on ‘EMO and Animals’ at the 2010 EMO Conference I thought I would attempt to ‘help’ next door’s cat.

He hates having his tummy tickled, but he rolls on his back and stretches his legs out in a very tempting way and when you move your hand towards his tummy his legs jackknife and his claws sink into your hands, drawing blood!

I softened and flowed any feelings I had about that, although it amuses me more than anything.

I then said, ‘I am the cat’, and I felt this lead weight feeling in my solar plexus.

I softened and flowed until it was clear.

He was lying by the back step in the sun so I said, ‘I love you, puss’ several times and he looked into my eyes.

I tickled his chin and then got to touch his chest.  I was a bit nervous of going any further so I dowsed to see if he’d let me stroke his tummy.  I got ‘Yes’.

‘Love you puss, love you…’  I tickled his chin and he rolled over, exposing his tummy, and for the first time ever, he let me tickle it with no attack by claws or teeth.  His back legs pedalled a bit that’s all, but I felt that was not good enough.  I still didn’t trust him not to retaliate in a few moments.

I EMOd how I felt until I was clear, then I checked in on him again.

There was a hard lump in his heart chakra.  So I softened and flowed that until clear.

I tried again, but this time he gave a pretend bite and a warning wave of the tail.  ‘Love you puss’ had no calming effect this time, so it was almost back to square one.

I checked how he felt again and this time there was a pink fluffy ball of energy in his solar plexus, so I softened and flowed again.

He rolled over and I lightly stroked his tummy.  He gave a very gentle bite and got up and walked away, but no jackknifing claws, scratches or blood!  Maybe I’d made some progress!   I’ll try again another day.

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