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Can EMO Help Overcome Insomnia?

Can EMO Help Overcome Insomnia?

In this article, trainee EMO Practitioner Wolff Coulombe looks into the use of EMO in conjunction with Hypnosis for treating insomnia. The article also covers the problem of multiple blockages and how to overcome this.

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Wolff Coulombe writes: Whilst studying for my EMO certification, my wife happened to mention to me that she had not been sleeping well recently. Some nights she would have trouble falling asleep, others she would wake up early, at 3 or 4:00 A.M., then her mind would race, she would get stressed and not be able to go back to sleep. I suggested to her that I do a ET session on her - she said great. She relaxed with a couple of deep breaths and closed her eyes. I asked her to show me with her hands where she felt the insomnia issue in her body. Her hands indicated her stomach area. I suggested to her to focus her intention on the area she felt the discomfort. I suggested to her to think about where the natural channels of the energy want to go. She indicated that they wanted to leave via her knees. I suggested she focus her intention upon the energy leaving via her knees. After a few minutes she indicated she could no longer feel the energy leaving.

I then thought - let me hypnotize her [I am a certified hypnotist] and see if there are any other blockages. As an experienced hypnotist I know how that the conscious mind can often be unaware of information that the subconscious [energy] mind is aware of.

I did a progressive relaxation and a deepener and asked her to show me with her hands where the blockage was. She showed me her stomach area and her head. I asked her which one is more important to deal with first and she indicated her head. I did the protocol and she indicated the energy was leaving via her right ear. We then treated the blockage in her stomach. That energy left via her knees. She then indicated she had blockage in her upper chest area. I treated for that and the energy left via her knees. I then asked her if there were any other blockages anywhere else that needed treatment for any problems and, with ideomotor responses, she indicated no. I then brought her out of her trance. We completed the work at about 7:30 pm. Immediately after the treatment she began yawning quite a bit. I mentioned to her that was one way the body indicates it is dealing with the energy changes. She kept yawning and at about 8:15 pm went to bed, which is about an hour earlier than she normally does. The following morning I asked her how she slept - she said very good.

With ET it is much easier to treat multiple blockages in a single session that with EFT.

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