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EMO Pet Proxy

EMO Pet Proxy

In this article Texan EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk looks at the popular technique of EMO by proxy, in this instance with animals.

Patricia writes: "During the last EMO workshop one of the attendees (Gail) shared that it was Sunday and the day that her son would normally come over to watch football with his dad.ย  This particular Sunday the dad had told the son he couldn't come over because he upset the dog (Spirit) too much."

Read on for the full case study...

To explain why the son upset Spirit so much; the son was sitting for the parents one weekend when Spirit got out and was almost hit by a car. The son was so stressed that he went running toward Spirit waving his arms wildly and yelling for him to come back in the house.ย  From that day forward Spirit was so afraid that anytime the son came in the house he would run to the back of the house and bark insistently until the son left.ย ย  The father was afraid that he wouldn't be able to watch the game with the dog barking non-stop so he told the son to stay home.ย  This caused Gail a lot of stress and heart pain.ย  She also mentioned that this same dog (spirit) would no longer go in the grass in the back yard or even on the concrete without a human guard.

Gail is very active in the psychic community here and one of her friends was over one day and commented that there were many spirit animals in her back yard... one of which was a white tiger that had come to guard the place for Gail.ย ย  Another of Gail's psychic friends who specialized in animal communication talked with her dog, Spirit, and found that he was afraid of the white tiger, but also mad because he felt it was his job to guard the back yard and resented the tiger. When the animal communicator asked Spirit about Gail's son, he said that he was afraid of him and would continue barking until he left.ย  Poor Spirit! What a horrible mess.ย  She was very distraught over it and was wondering how she could help.

Now, you all know how much I love proxy... I could easily be labeled a proxy junkie! LOL And, so you know that I had to ask her if she was willing to proxy her dog.ย  She agreed and we had a fantastic time!ย  It was marvelous to get a dog's point of view on things.ย  Spirit was a very stubborn dog and insisted that he could guard the back yard all by himself.ย  After proxying his reaction to the tiger, his reaction to sharing the duty of guarding, his reaction to having new friends, then proxying his reaction to the car incident, the son yelling at him, his fear - well, we were exhausted but felt good about the results.

I wanted to share what Gail just sent me in follow-up:

"Hey Patricia, I wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going with our dog Spirit. He is now getting back on the grass and going potty on the grass instead of the driveway.ย  It's great to see him finally feel comfortable enough to get back on the grass. I guess he's made friends with the White Tiger. Love Gail"

Proxying is not just for your human friends and family.. it can also be fantastic for your beloved furry family, too.ย  Try it!!!

Love and Blessings,

Patricia DancingElk

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Patricia Walls
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Energy EFT Master Practitioner & EMO Master Practitioner in Waxahachie, Texas, United States.

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