EMO Practitioner Training March 2003 with Peter Delves

EMO Practitioner Training March 2003 with Peter Delves

Fourteen curious people recently gathered in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire for the Practitioner Training in EMO™. This was my first experience of teaching EMO™, and I was not sure how they would respond to this newest Meridian Energy Therapy. However even those with limited energy work experience soon picked up the technique (of course – it’s so simple and natural!).

Peter Delves EMO Training Group

This really was an “experience-based” two days where everyone worked extensively with the movement of energy, releasing old blockages and retuning their energy systems to more effective processing of energies. The greatest learnings and insights came from participants’ own observations and experiences.

To help people become a bit more flexible in the use of language when supporting others, the course members were split into two groups. One group had 5 minutes to brainstorm words that could potentially help hard energy to start moving. This group came up with:

Melting, dissolving, relaxing, ebbing and flowing, crumbling, smooth, like treacle, lather, bubbles, transforming, “be with it”, warmth & love, fading, gluey, unsticking, guardian angel to help, evaporating, steam, expelling, wind & elements, clouds, mists, soothing, calming, opening.

The other group created words or short phrases for innocent energy to help clear residue and revitalize the energy system. These were:

Fountain, rain, stream, sea, gentle trickle, waves lapping, rippling, snow flakes falling, energy shower, sun’s rays, glisten, dance, spray, mist, flush, cleanse, rejuvenate, refresh invigorate, swish & swirl, bubble, relaxing, swimming soaking, vapourising, bathe, melt, soothing, dissolving.

A sample of comments at the end of the course were:

“I have gained the confidence to cope with whatever life has to throw at me!”- Corinne Alexandre.

“I feel I have gained a skill to bridge the gap between EFT and the spiritual work that I do”.- Pamela Walker

“I came with an open mind and was extremely impressed with the course, Very beneficial and a powerful aid.”- Linda Spencer.

“It’s given me a greater understanding of energy flow and how to manage it, and when to apply it for myself and clients”- Julia Johnson

On behalf of the whole group - thanks Silvia!



To find out more about Peter's work and his forthcoming trainings you can visit his site at http://www.delves.co.uk

One of Peter's most recent MET Practitioner graduates is Trixie Gadd who is set to sail around the world in 2004 as part of the BT Global Challenge race. She is looking for sponsorship to help support her dream and Peter offered to teach her EFT to help deal with seasickness and other challenges she might meet on the way. You can read Trixie's full account of how she found challenges on dry land while learning EFT and ultimately described EFT as "miraculous". http://www.redbreast.co.uk/challenge/EFT.htm

We wish Trixie well on her adventure and look forward to hearing of her progress. Check out www.delves.co.uk/latest_news.htm where undoubtedly Peter will keep us in touch with her latest news.

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