EMO Recommended for Bereavement

EMO Recommended for Bereavement

The EMO office has been getting calls all yesterday and today from bereaved people who read The UK's Sunday Mirror national newspaper. EMO was succesfully used to alleviate the pain from a lady who lost her partner 5 months ago. If you have found your way to this site and would also like help with your personal bereavement then read on for further information.

EMO is an extremely powerful technique to work with the monumental emotional upset caused by bereavement.

If you are suffering from bereavement and would like to speak with an EMO practitioner then our world-wide practitioner listing can be found here:


Remember, you don’t have to be living next to an ET practitioner for them to be able to help. Often a phone call is all that is needed.

If you want to learn more about EMO then the Introduction Guide to EMO is full of information for you and is available for free download or as a cheap paperback:


To become a practitioner we are running a one-day practitioner training with Sandra Hillawi as a pre-conference workshop at EMO 2008:


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