EMO, Reflexology and a Dentist!

EMO, Reflexology and a Dentist!

Louise Bliss Writes: Kim and I wanted to share with you this month some examples of how a new EMO Practitioner is using the fantastic technique and how two of them felt immediately after their training.

Inger Lise Howarth is a newly qualified EMO practitioner and has provided us with two fantastic examples in her own words of how she has used EMO for both herself and then one on how she has applied it within her therapy practice. Helen Ryan has provided us with a testimonial on her own experience of attending the Practitioner Training and fellow EMO buddy also gave her feedback following on from her experience on her Self Help and Personal Development day.

A visit to the dentist

EMO and Dental work.

At the weekend 24th/25th January I went on an EMO Seminar with Kim and Louise. It was a great experience, and I wanted to learn the technique to help clients, family and friends. However, the first one that got the benefit from this fabulous tool was myself.

I was going through quite extensive dental work (surgery) which I have not minded in the past. However, on Wednesday 28th January, three days after the seminar, I had to go back to the dentist again for further work. The previous appointment had been quite uncomfortable, and half way through the work on Wednesday I started to feel a bit panicky - as the memory from the previous treatment came back.

I tried to ignore this feeling building up in my solar plexus, but it would not go away. I thought to myself, do I ask the dentist to stop, which would have been very inconvenient at the time. I knew I could not do my usual tapping technique as this would be in the way of him working. I did my deep breathing the best I could but the unpleasant feeling was not going away.

Then, suddenly I thought of EMO. I said to my self - it is only energy I feel in my solar plexus. I started to soften and flow this energy, and soon it moved down to my bottom, then down my legs and out my toes. In a very few minutes I felt relaxed and pretty happy in the dentist chair and no one knew about the journey" I had just been through.

I was so relieved that EMO worked when I really needed it.


Combining EMO with Reflexology

How EMO helped one of my clients.

A few days after I had attended the EMO seminar with Louise and Kim, I was able to help a client with emotional problems.

My client asked me to give her a reflexology treatment. I fairly soon realized that her solar plexus reflex points under her feet were very tender, and she almost jumped when I started to massage the points. I asked her how she felt, if there was any specific problems or stresses bothering her these days. She told me the story about a family member that caused her a lot of anxiety and stress. I asked her where she felt that emotion/pain in her body. She showed me with her hands and she pointed to her solar plexus and abdominal area. I asked if she wanted me to try to relieve her of that pain, and she was more than willing to try.

As I was doing the reflexology on her, we were softening her pain at the same time. However, the energy was quite stubborn so we had to use both warm water and energy hands for it to start flowing. When the energy eventually started to move it went quite quickly. The energy (her pain) travelled up her trunk, out in each arm and exited her body through her fingers.

I asked her to take a few deep breath and tell me how she now felt about the family member. She said she felt so much lighter, and the thought of that particular person did not seem to give her any grief.

I also checked her reflex points under her feet, and the pain had gone from those as well!

EMO and Reflexology - a successful combination!


Review of recent Self Help and Practitioner Training

I attended the EMO Self Help Workshop and Practitioner Training this weekend.  I wanted to thank Kim and Louise for a wonderful 2 days! The group and individuals took so much from it and will, hopefully, continue to do so each day from now on! 

My practice brings me into contact with clients from many business sectors and I use my Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help them identify potential solutions to their sources of stress. 

I was, therefore, a little apprehensive when I participated in the first practical exercise, as I was concerned that I would approach it from an analytical view and not tune into my energy.  How wrong I was!

Although I was aware that this was my thought process, I put that to one side and focused on what was happening at that moment and it really worked!  I could feel my energy and noticed where it travelled through my body! Kim worked with me to help me to ‘unblock’ an old issue enabling me to view it without the emotional previously connected to it!      

I would certainly recommend Louise and Kim’s workshops to anyone who wants to remove any old energy and live life fully in the ‘now’. 

I shall be incorporating my new skills and learning into my workshops and clinics and hope to help many of my clients to use EMO. 

Thank you once again Kim and Louise for being you and helping me! 

I shall certainly see you again soon! 

Take care….. 

Helen xx 

Helen Ryan    

Dear Kim and Louise

The first thing I've done when I reached home was reading the manual and writing to you.

I may not know how to speak beautifully (still conscious of my english), but energy is not what I could describe anyway. :)

I knew there was something out there I could not find words for. Now I know it is an Energy. Or lack of Even Flow of it.

I was searching a world for a simple problem solving- I haven't found it in Philosophy or Psychology or even Ethics. I had enough of analysing who said what or who done something else. I recognize EMO as a right tool I was searching for. I benefited on the first evening, but today's session was like life changing point. I already feel much calmer.

I promise to work on techniques I've learnt today.

I dare to think of this training as a godsend for me.

I look forward to Practitioner's Training next month.

And thank you so much again.


We hope you all agree these are all heart warming stories and are testament to just how powerful this simple yet totally life changing tool can be.

With love and best wishes

Louise and Kim xx

Emotional Freedom Training


Don't forget, Louise and Kim are presenting at this years EMO Conference

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