EMO September 2008 Newsletter

EMO September 2008 Newsletter Wow! It seems like only yesterday I was writing about everything exciting that happened in August, now it's time for the September edition! This months biggest news was the announcement of Art Solutions with Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn! In This Issue: **News: Art Solutions With Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn! **Article: EMO Helping Dyslexia by Sandra Hillawi **Case History: A Client Wanting To Resolve An Old Frustrating **Behaviour Pattern By Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley. **News: Sandra Hillawi- Out and About in Portsmouth! **Case History and Testimonial: Powerless, Bewildered and VERY Frustrated! By Susan Grey **Volunteer: Mind Body and Spirit Festival Manchester. **News: Grab a Bargain on EMO Products in The Great DragonRising Autumn Sale!

** News: Art Solutions With Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn!

Art Solutions - With Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn
Europa, Gatwick, UK 8-9 November 2008

Silvia Hartmann writes:

Dear EMO Friends,

you are probably familiar with the basics of Art Solutions, which is an EMO Level 3 technique set that revolves around symbol making, and reality creation.

What you might not know is that Nicola and I have been doing Art Solutions non-stop since we first discovered the principles in 2004 - we've been doing it, living it, breathing it, and frankly, it has TRANSFORMED the way we think about life - and ourselves.

I can safely say that Nicola will agree with me that Art Solutions has totally changed our self concepts, set us free as truly creative people and brought us more delight, discovery, joy and pride in achievement than anything we've ever done before.

You can NOT imagine what I felt like when I wrote my first album of songs and found that I could compose - something that I thought was totally out of reach for me, not just in the talent for that BUT ALSO IN THE EXECUTION, the practical side of it. For Nicola, the music was different - she had always deeply wanted to compose, but the usual f***** up way in which young people are "taught" had left her with deep scars and so many reversals on the topic, that she too thought this was now totally out of reach for her.

And yet, here we are - not just does she love her piano again, she has found a whole new relationship with it, with her music, and hears music playing when she looks up at the stars which she can then transcribe and turn into real compositions!

As I said, you can NOT imagine what that did for us....

To read Silvia's full article please click here:


Also, Nicola Quinn and Silvia Hartmann will be hosting an Art Solutions Teleclass on the 8th October at 8pm (BST +0). To register please send a blank email to:

**Article: EMO Helping Dyslexia by Sandra Hillawi

Working with EMO over the years I have had the opportunity to work with a number of people who said they were dyslexic. When explored with an EMO approach, namely locating blocked emotional energy and releasing it, quite amazing improvements and results have been obtained, literally in minutes.

Dyslexia Case-

Susan had difficulties absorbing information and said she felt pain at the back of her head and sometimes pressure in her lower back when she tried to read. She said she started having difficulties around age 11. I said did anything else happen round that time? She said she had a fall, rolled down a hill, banged her head and that was a bit frightening at the time. I asked where she felt pain in her body when she recalled this fall? She said the back of her head, same place as the pressure she felt when trying to read. So we released the energy of the trauma from the fall at age 11, then proceeded to locate and release the energies she felt in her head and her back when trying to read. At the end she was amazed at how she was so relaxed reading and she could take the information in and understand it. A new lease of life had just begun, being able to read and learn.

For the full article with other case studies on Dyslexia please click on the link below:


**Case History: A Client Wanting To Resolve An Old Frustrating Behaviour Pattern By Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley.

Kim and Louise Write:

This client contacted us after hearing about EMO from a friend who experienced EMO with us at a recent charity event. She contacted us wanting to book a 1-1 session to help with a repeated behaviour pattern which had been a problem for her, in that she could being near someone who made noise whilst eating. She explained the behaviour ran in her family in that both her father and her grandfather had had the same problem . The client is now 30 weeks pregnant and wants to be clear of it before her baby arrives.

Here's what the client had to say after the sessions...
“I really want to thank you for our session yesterday. Considering we had not met before, I thought it was great the way in which we went straight into the treatment and uncovered some important things, quickly. Although you say it's a two-way thing, I do attribute the quality and success of your treatment mostly to your expertise, intuition and professionalism!
On the tube home, I sat next to two people who were eating ! I was aware of the noise but only like I would be aware of somebody talking or somebody sneezing, not in an obsessive way. I noticed it and carried on with what I was doing. John came home and had his dinner (which, as usual, he was really looking forward to and was really hungry). I was on the Internet at the time, in another room, but made a point of moving into the lounge and sat next to him while he ate and listened to the news of his day. I don't know if it is the treatment, but he seemed to be making less/no noise and I could barely hear anything! Anyway, I sat through his dinner with him with no problems and we were having a really good laugh and were in good spirits. This morning, I did the same with breakfast. I made sure I sat next to him while he ate his breakfast and, the same thing happened. Less/no noise. I thought about how much he was enjoying his food and how nice it was. Then, he was off to the toilet to "cough up" his phlegm and, again, I just heard it, but didn't flinch or get angry. Again, I thought how tiresome it must be for HIM to have to do that all the time.”

Name changed to protect identities

Emotional Freedom Training.

To read the full article please click here:


To learn more about Emotional Freedom Training with Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley click:


**News: Sandra Hillawi- Out and About in Portsmouth!

Author and EMO Trainer, Sandra Hillawi has been very busy in the Portsmouth area this month.

It started on Saturday 13th September, when Sandra made her much anticipated appearance at Waterstones, signing copies of her book and doing EMO demonstrations. Sandra and the team were very happy with how the day went so thanks to everyone who came along!

Next up for Sandra is a feature appearing in Portsmouth's The News.  The double page spread will be available next Tuesday, the 30th September. So don't forget to pick up your copy!

To learn more about Sandra Hillawi click here:


**Case Study: Powerless, Bewildered and Very Frustrated! From EMO Trainer Susan Grey.

I have been using EMO more and more in my healing practice; sometimes I do a combination of EMO with EFT. I will often have people start by telling me where they are carrying their physical discomfort/disease, and have them identify what feeling or thought is being held there. I will have them find the shield to both that feeling/thought and to not having that feeling/thought. If we do the EMO work first first releasing the shield to having that feeling or thought, often the shield to not having it disappears. It is easier to have them run the energy of not having it after they run the energy of having it. If they are afraid of bringing that energy in, I will remind them that what we resist, persists. They are finding the pain or discomfort in their bodies dissolving as we do this work. When nothing is happening, I will do the EFT setup and that will usually allow the energies to flow with EFT.

Today I was working with someone who was concerned about constant unforeseen problems occurring which were in the way of money flowing to him. We did EMO for a number of issues, and it came back to a fear of the unknown, so we did the EFT setup, and EMO for fear of the unknown, and no fear of the unknown. And, he immediately felt that all the problems in the way of money coming in were resolved. For, of course, having fear of the unknown would bring unforeseen problems. He realized that his moving from the cerebral to his body, which was totally new to him, allowed him to feel very energized, and even his body had more color to him, because he was circulating energy.

While we were doing the EMO work this morning, there was a phone call my client did not answer. They called back, and he just called me back. The money which had been held up for 12 weeks through a slew of unforeseen events had just been released to him! This happened while we were doing his EMO work.

Susan Grey, Distance Healer of People, Pets and Places!


“I contacted Susan for help with a specific problem I was experiencing regarding receiving payment for a contract. My wife had been working with Susan for a few months. I had noticed changes in her, our pets, and our general household from these meetings, but I remained cynical. In fact, I only contacted Susan when I had come to the end of my rope; feeling powerless, bewildered, and VERY frustrated. I felt there was something blocking the flow of money and no matter all the t's being crossed and the i's dotted and me "trying" to be patient...the curse would not lift. I had no idea what to expect and boy was I blown away.

We spoke on the phone for about 45 min, during which Susan worked with me using EMO and some EFT...all of which I had previously thought to be rather hokey sounding, but was blown away with the real physical sensations coursing through my body. We not only worked through issues surrounding abundance, but unlocked and released core childhood fears I did not even know I had. The world is now a much brighter place and I am so grateful for the gifts she shared with me. Oh, and the money was deposited into my account that very day...about 50% more than I had been expecting!!! The payments for the contract were not only brought current, but even paid ahead!!! wow...truly amazing".
Tim .Gallaugher, North Carolina

For more information and to contact Susan, please click on the link below:


Or visit Susan's home site:


**Volunteer: Mind, Body and Spirit Festival Manchester.

We are still looking for experienced EMO practitioners to come and help out at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in Manchester. Ideally, we need volunteers for Friday 18th and Sunday 19th.
This would mainly entail talking to the general public and giving demonstrations.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact Rachel on:


**News: Grab a Bargain on EMO Products in The Great DragonRising Autumn Sale!

DragonRising Publishing are having a sale. 20% off everything in store as long as you make an account and log in! Wow! Hurry, offer ends Monday 29th September!

Here's just a few ideas as to what you could buy!

** EMO Distance Learning Course Including Certification!!

**Life Without Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn


This Brilliant Book By EMO Co-Creator Nicola Quinn is Finally Available in paperback!

** The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi


** Recorded Trainings, Including The Fabulous BeautyT

That's all we can squeeze in this month! Hope you have enjoyed September's Newsletter and don't stop sending in news and articles for us to put on the website and for next months newsletter!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!


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