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The Energist - The Journal of The Guild of Energists

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Inside the Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives edition of The Energist;

  • Time for Modern Energy Tapping! - Silvia Hartmann
  • We ARE The Guild of Energists! - Alex Kent
  • Energists Assemble! - Stephen Kent
  • Take your life to the next level!
  • Modern Energy at The Holistic Academy - Gülüm Erdinç
  • Raising Your Love Vibration to a +10 - Wendy Fry
  • Energy Dating & Modern Energy Tapping - Alex Kent
  • Love, Light & Liora - Lauren Rosenberg
  • Energy for the Enforcers - İpek Şekerdil
  • Energy Flow & Christianity - Margarita Foley
  • Heart's Desire and Happiness - Maria LiPuma
  • Pika-Perfect! - Silvia Hartmann

What is The Energist?

The Energist Magazine in IrelandThe Energist is the GoE's full-colour informative journal style magazine. 

The Energist features exclusive articles from GoE president Silvia Hartmann, case stories from GoE members, the latest GoE news and announcements, upcoming courses and events and much, much more!

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