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The Energist Magazine - Summer 2015 "Stress To Success!" (Vol.2 No.3)

AMT The Energist Magazine - Summer 2015

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Inside the Summer 2015 "Stress To Success!" edition of The Energist:

  • MODERN Stress Management - Silvia Hartmann
  • AMT Energy Conference 2015 - Presenters, Schedule and Workshop Information
  • Energy EFT On TV! - Susan Kennard
  • The Power To Change The World - Ilka Wandel
  • Unlocking The Potential Within - Jorge Vence
  • Swimming Success At +9! - Fiona Dilston
  • Tapping With The Angels - Susan Browne
  • Ireland's Top Tappers - Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning
  • The latest AMT news and announcements
  • And much, much more!

What is The Energist?

The Energist is the AMT's full-colour journal-style magazine that is distributed every three months to our 1000+ members worldwide. Approximately half of the AMT's members are located within the United Kingdom, with the other half based in locations all around the world in locations including: Australia, Canada, Germany, Egypt and USA.

Published every three months (January, April, July and October), The Energist features exclusive articles and case studies from AMT members, the latest AMT news and announcements, upcoming trainings and events and much, much more!

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