Energized EFT - Beyond Zero Joy

Energized EFT - Beyond Zero Joy Silvia Hartmann, Author of The Advanced Patterns Of EFT and Sandra Hillawi, International EFT & MET Trainer, discuss a new concept and additional techniques - Energized EFT, a method to improve the success of EFT treatments beyond the "Zero Joy" point, to test EFT treatments, and to avoid problems such as the Apex effect.

The techniques we are going to be discussing are for EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioners, and this came along as a result of a question which was asked on one of the newsgroups. The question was about experiencing a feeling of loss when one had tapped an emotion away. I have certainly heard this statement and objection expressed by EFT clients many times before. There are also people who won't tap on certain issues for fear of losing something. That is quite a significant problem. People have the strong sense that if that emotion would go flat, something important would be lost, and it is often impossible to talk them out of it.

There are a number of other problems which are also directly related to this, and the first of this is the Apex effect, whereby people forget that they had the treatment in the first place, and this has always constitutes a problem for EFT practitioners, because it impacts their referral ratings.

I believe that we have found the reason, as well as the solution to these problems, and it is that EFT treatments stop too soon and finish too early.

There is another step beyond the "Zero Joy Point", an "energized end state", and this is what will be discussed in the following interview, both in theory as well as what that means practically for the application of the EFT technique. Examples will be given, and case stories explained to illustrate the principles of "Energized EFT".

This fascinating technique is available as a free MP3 download on DragonRising.com's downloads page (free registration required):

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