Free Download - The Energy & Forgiveness Exercises

Free Download - The Energy & Forgiveness Exercises

We are very pleased to introduce the Energy & Forgiveness Exercises free download, kindly created by Marilyn Devonish. The download was created for attendees of Marilyn's presentation at the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference, but works just as well for anyone who wants to recharge and discover some fantastic techniques.

Read on for a supporting article by Marilyn and for details on what the download includes...

It may just be me, but people seem to be increasingly talking about energy.  Feeling it, harnessing it, and very importantly, creating more of it.  My workshop for the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference was entitled Forgive, Heal & Re-Energise.  In this introductory article I will share with you a few of my thoughts around the subject of energy, and also provide some insight into how I went from needing 12-15 hours sleep per night, to now being able to be absolutely fine and refreshed even after just 2-3 hours sleep.

Prior to attending my first personal development Practitioner training back in 2000 I was suffering from a chronic lack of energy.  I could sleep for 12-15 hours a day and still feel exhausted and tired.  The first change came when I realised that I was partly responsible for my own energy.  In the past I would say things like “I can’t go out next week, I’ll be too tired.”  It sounded perfectly reasonable and logical, however as the mind and body do affect each other I suddenly woke up to the fact that telling myself I would be tired was actually adding to the problem.

One of the first things I would suggest is examining your thoughts and beliefs around energy.  Does your self talk or mental programming add to or detract from your energy?  Do you focus on being tired or ‘running out’ of energy?  In order to change your thinking ask yourself: ‘What do I want to experience instead?’  ‘Is what I want to experience the thing that I am focussing on?

The Empty Battery Syndrome

I realised that I viewed my energy like a battery, as something that would drain away or run out.  It was as though I would start the day with a certain amount of energy, sometimes near nothing or half empty, and then, progressively throughout the day it would decrease.  I also viewed certain people, environments, or situations as being draining.  Just for a while, play with the concept that Perception Is Projection, and that you get what you focus on.  Imagine instead that your energy circulates and replenishes itself rather than drains away.  Just this one small shift in my perception was enough to start the ball rolling on creating dramatic changes in both my physical and emotional well-being.

I created a Free MP3 recording of some of the meditations, exercises and processes that I shared during my talk in November.  This recording is now being made available to all GoE members thanks to Alex, Josh and the team.

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The MP3 contains:

  • An Energy Replenishment Exercise to help circulate and flow energy through the body.
  • Hawaiian Huna Breathing Meditation to create an increased and more powerful flow and aid relaxation.
  • The Active Meditation that you can use at any time throughout the day to get yourself more calm centred and focused.
  • Guided Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Process for cutting and releasing old energetic ties and situations.

For further information on any of the information contained here please contact Marilyn.  You can also visit my website: for further free downloads and resources.

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