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Energy & Animals

Energetic relationships with animals, animal energy, energy healing for animals.

Healing For A Passing Cat - Energy Healing For Animals

Healing For A Passing Cat - Energy Healing For Animals

Recent Energy Healing for Animals graduate Mary Hirose gives us an insight into a remarkable experience where she helped to give closure and support to an owner of a dying cat.

Read on for the case story...

Posted Sep 6, 2016 More Information ->

Holy Hummingbird! - Energy Healing For Animals

Holy Hummingbird! - Energy Healing For Animals

In this beautiful case story from Energy Healing For Animals graduate Cheryl Hubbard, she explains how she helped a trapped hummingbird escape a tricky situation.

Read on for the full story...

Posted Jul 14, 2016 More Information ->

Healing Animals With Radiant Love - EMO BeauTy T For Animals

Healing Animals With Radiant Love - EMO BeauTy T For Animals

BeauTy is a very powerful energy healing experience, for those who raise that energy and deliver it and those who receive it just the same.

Healing with radiant love and admiration, what we call BeauTy T for short, is one of the most amazing and powerful energy healing experiences you'll ever have.

Here is how to do it with YOUR animals.

Posted Mar 1, 2016 16,856 Reads More Information ->

Healing Our Animal Friends - Energist Article

Healing Our Animal Friends - Energist Article

GoE Energist Trainer Barbara Saph explains how her life-long journey of working with animals lead her to tutoring The GoE's successful Energy Healing For Animals distance learning course. This article was first featured in the Spring 2015 (Vol.2 No.2) edition of The Energist magazine.

Read on for the full article...

Posted May 13, 2015 2,076 Reads More Information ->

Animal EFT Case Story: EFT and a Dove in Deep Shock

Animal EFT Case Story: EFT and a Dove in Deep Shock

If you love animals as well as EFT, then this Case Story is for you. Here Marie Holliday writes of a case where she used EFT to help a bird in deep shock!

Marie writes: I would like to share this simple story and hopefully encourage everyone who uses EFT to try it with animals, birds and wildlife especially the times we can feel helpless and that’s where EFT can step in. A few weeks before Christmas we had been watching the progress of two nesting doves who hadn’t taken flight yet and were preparing for their first flight from our fig tree (which was then with thick leafy cover). They managed their first flight successfully even with our three dogs with keen eyes on them!

Read on for more...

Posted Apr 21, 2014 7,193 Reads More Information ->

New Energy Healing for Animals Course Coming March 2015!

New Energy Healing for Animals Course Coming March 2015!

The GoE is excited to announce that our chairperson Silvia Hartmann will be relaunching on Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 a totally updated brand-new issue of one of our most popular distance learning courses, AMT Energy Healing for Animals.

This will be the professional qualifications first major upgrade in over a decade and will bring the course material into line with other popular GoE energy courses like the EFT Master Practitioner and EMO Master Practitioner. We're also excited to announce that GoE Trainer Trainer Barbara Saph has been lined up as the new tutor for the course.

Save between 33% and 50% for pre-ordering this course before the relaunch date.

Read on for more information…

Posted Feb 9, 2010 More Information ->

Pet Bereavement Help - Healing The Pain Of Pet Loss

Pet Bereavement, Pet Loss or Animal Bereavement, the pain a loving owner feels after their beloved companion pet has died, is unfortunately little understood. People who suffer from pet bereavement are often at the receiving end of, "Don't make such a fuss, it wasn't even a person who died!" attitude from friends and family, and even counsellors and psychologists look down on them because it is "only pet bereavement".

  • In this article, Silvia Hartmann explains what pet bereavement is, why it is important to help people heal the pain of animal bereavements, and recommends practitioners who can help with pet loss.
Posted Jan 7, 2010 33,582 Reads More Information ->

Prayer Healing For Animals - The 7 Principles

Prayer Healing For Animals - The 7 Principles

Healing with prayer is an extremely powerful form of energy healing. Here, we do not use our healing hands but our heart, soul and by directed attention we can create profound changes.

Here are The Seven Principles Of Prayer Healing For Animals...

Posted Apr 22, 2009 28,410 Reads More Information ->

Best Friend Best Teacher

How A German Shepherd Dog led the way for personal enlightenment and energy consciousness.
Posted Mar 10, 2004 8,839 Reads More Information ->

Healing Animals With Intention

When holding out one's hands over an injured animal to channel universal healing energy, there is still a part of the process that is very physical indeed. You can feel your hands tingling, sensations in your body, and you can see the animal in front of you responding with little twitches, yawns or how it relaxes out as the healing progresses.

Posted Feb 10, 2002 5,901 Reads More Information ->
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