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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Energy Art

Energy Art: Creating works of art in any art modality with energy in mind.

Introducing SuperMind Master - New GoE Course by Silvia Hartmann

Introducing SuperMind Master - New GoE Course by Silvia Hartmann

Information about the launch of SuperMind Master Course developed and written by Silvia Hartmann for The GoE. Students on this course start on 1st October 2016, with pre-orders now available. 

The new SuperMind Master course takes Energy Mind studies a step further - instead of simply exploring the wonders of the energy mind and leaving it at that, we are going to improve energy and information flow between the conscious mind and the energy mind to the point where "The SuperMind" comes into being.

This is the natural, original "thinking system" of the human mind, and when it kicks into action, wonderful things start to happen.

Posted Sep 9, 2016 More Information ->

Art4Energists: My Art Exercise

Art4Energists: My Art Exercise

Here is a beautiful, moving introduction to Art for Energists from the 2015 Energy Conference by Silvia Hartmann. Evoke the power of the magical artist within and free yourself from old injuries, blockages and reversals so that your art and creativity can blossom. 

Posted Jun 8, 2016 1,681 Reads More Information ->

Coming Alive - Three Examples of Energy Art

Coming Alive - Three Examples of Energy Art

"We all experience energy and emotion in different ways, and when I draw, paint, write, or take photographs I am trying to capture an event in such a way that brings you more than what the eye sees." 

Magical photography, digital art and an inspirational energy poem by Kirsten Ivatts.

Posted Mar 8, 2016 1,313 Reads More Information ->

Celebrate Energy Art With Silvia's Art Solutions Colouring Book!

Celebrate Energy Art With Silvia's Art Solutions Colouring Book!

To celebrate her birthday in 2015, GoE Chair and author of Energy EFT Silvia Hartmann, created a wonderful new book, the Art Solutions Colouring Book for adults. Inside the book you will find 23 vibrant, original energy paintings created by Silvia, that will give you countless hours of pure stress relief and pleasure whilst you colour them in. 

Read on to find out more about Silvia's Art Solutions Colouring Book...

Posted Aug 27, 2015 1,674 Reads More Information ->

Art For Energists - Energy Art & Energy Artists

Art For Energists - Energy Art & Energy Artists

In December 2014, The Art4Energists group was formed and denoted the start of the "Arts" division of The Guild of Energists.

Below are the founding energy artists (or energists for short!) and the energy art manifesto.

Posted Aug 8, 2014 More Information ->

Healing Art - Powerful Self Healing With Energy Art

Healing Art - Powerful Self Healing With Energy Art

There is something wonderfully appropriate about making works of art to heal - an individual, an environment, a family, a company or yourself for personal healing.

Silvia Hartmann explains, "The trouble with spiritual & environmental energy healing is that you can't see it. As you can't see it, it is too easy to think it isn't even there. I love the way these large, colourful energy channelling devices say, Look! Here I am! I am energy and I am absolutely REAL!"

Posted Nov 5, 2006 5,763 Reads More Information ->

Inner Child Story: Sereyahs Song

Inner Child Story: Sereyahs Song

Sereyah's Song is an Inner Child Healing Story, A Healing Story For The Child Within - A story for abused children to find their true self worth by Silvia Hartmann.

This is one of 15 stories in the collection of healing fairy tales for the Inner Child The Golden Horse.

Posted Jun 21, 2006 4,647 Reads More Information ->
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