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Energy Chart, SUE Scale & Pyramid Model

Energy Chart, SUE Scale & Pyramid Model

The basic premise that emotions are feedback devices on the conditions in the energy body, and that in order to understand emotions, it is of the essence to factor in both positive as well as negative emotions, unlocks a completely new understanding of human behaviour and state.

The Energy Chart (Hartmann 2011) is an objective instrument to describe the effects of energy body state changes in a system measuring from -10 to +10.

The SUE Scale (Hartmann 2009) is used to measure the subjective experience of any person, but the Energy Chart (energy body stress chart) gives an objective assessment of the functioning of firstly the energy body, but then the knock on effect on the entirety of the mind body system as states change, behaviours change, values, attitudes and beliefs change, physiological state changes, thought changes.

The Pyramid Model (Hartmann 2015) and The Expanded Pyramid Model (Hartmann 2016) are conceptual devices to make it easy to teach and understand the Energy Chart.

* As all preivous psychological and physiological studies across the board have been conducted with subjects that were not delineated according to their stress levels, this changes *everything.*

The Energy Chart - The SUE Scale - The Pyramid Model - The Expanded Pyramid Model


The Energy Chart

Hartmann, 2011

Energy Stress ScoreType of Energy FlowEffects On A Person
- 10 Final stress - Energy system collapsed completely So much stress damage that the system shuts down and does not restore itself (catatonia).
- 9 Super high stress - Energy system collapse Temporary shut down of the stressed system by a fit, panic attack followed by fainting.
-8 Extremely high stress - Energy system on the brink of collapse Extremely severe disturbances, self mutilation, autism, blind rage, "going berserk," "madness"
-7 Very high stress - Dangerously low energy flow Extreme temper tantrums, self abuse, schizophrenic metaphors, uncontrollable memory flashes, "crazy ideas," inability to control the body
-6 High stress - Dangerously low energy flow High stress causes high disturbances, temper tantrums, high end addictions, illogical thinking, immediate gratification, unstable, highly egocentric, accident prone, bad decisions
-5 Full stress - Way too low energy flow Irritability, inability to concentrate, not in control of thoughts & memories, communication failure, inability to enter rapport, social, mental and physical malfunctioning, making serious mistakes and errors of judgement
-4 General stress Lapses in ability to control thoughts, emotions and behaviour, lack of long term planning ability, overexcited, stubborn, closed mind, impaired communication skills, making mistakes, clumsiness
-3 Medium stress Talking, thinking and moving too fast, trying to do too much, putting in more effort than the situation requires, lack of empathy
-2 Low Stress Slight impairment in emotional control, not entirely "clear" on future goals and current situations, slight impairment in social skills
-1 Very low stress Occasional infrequent flashes of uninvited thoughts
0 ZERO No stress Calm, tranquil, peaceful, no action required, resting, relaxing, sleepy, drifting
+1 Very low energy flow Neutral, semi-aware, occasional flashes of positive thoughts & emotions
+2 Low energy flow Vague sense of potential, hope, feeling like "waking up from a sleep"
+3 Medium energy flow Feeling ok, smiling, beginning to move, enjoying the present
+4 Improving energy flow Breathing deeply, increased body awareness, more movement, feeling good, starting to think about the future, able and willing to communicate freely
+5 General energy flow Feeling wide awake, happy, ready for action, wanting to take action, wanting to interact and communicate
+6 Faster energy flow Feeling exciting physical sensations, more expansive thinking, feeling personally powerful, feeling excited, enjoying communication, high social awareness
+7 Very fast energy flow Re-thinking and re-organising concepts, expanded awareness, feeling powerful positive emotions, feeling alive, feeling love
+8 High energy flow Picking up personal power, feeling delighted, making new decisions, very fast and very logical thinking, high social abilities: networking, rapport and communication
+9 Very high energy flow Delighted, tingling all over, very excited, joyful, actively loving
+10 Optimal energy flow Enlightenment experience, unconditional love, universal connection to the web of life.
  • The higher your energy flow, the better you feel, the luckier you are and the more love you attract - naturally.
  • Every NORMAL person can be anywhere on this scale, depending on how stressed they are at the time.
  • Instead of just "being one person" we can each be at 21 different people, it all depends on our stress levels.
  • WHATEVER you want to do in life needs you to at least be on the positive side of the energy body stress table in order to succeed.
  • All the "goodies" people seek, from confidence to self belief, from mental and physical strength and endurance to clarity of thought and control over your emotions happen naturally on the positive side of the Stress Scale.
  • All you have to do to start to FEEL BETTER is to improve the flow of energy through your energy body.
  • And THAT is as simple as making sure you "feed your energy body" with positive energy forms.



The SUE Scale

Subjective Units of Experience, Hartmann 2009


SUE Scale from -10 to +10


Created for use in Modern Energy and to replace the SUD Scale (Volpert 1969) which is missing the positive wing from 0 to +10, the SUE Scale lets a person assess their energy levels and helps them move towards higher positive energy states.

The SUE Scale is also used in practitioner based services to measure before, during and after energy based interventions.

The SUE Scale is the subjective version of the Energy Chart.

In time, users of the SUE Scale re-calibrate their experiences to match the Energy Chart.



The Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model, Hartmann 2015

The Pyramid Model, featuring "The Mens," little energy people to demonstrate the various energy states, was created particularly for use in Modern (Energy Based) Stress Management.

It replaces the outdated Hebbian Stress Curve, which as the SUD Scale above, also lacks the positive wing from 0 to +10 and mistakenly puts best performance at -5.


The Simple Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model 2015


The Expanded Pyramid Model

The Expanded Pyramid Model (Hartmann 2016) shows that energy levels change in leaps rather than being simply incremental.

The Expanded Pyramid Model Hartmann 2016




The Energy Chart is the foundational tool for measuring and understanding the effects of energy body stress, as well as opening the potential of the high energy states.

Working without understanding the effects of positive emotions has made many things difficult, if not entirely impossible. These include all forms of emotion management/change; stress management; teaching and learning; social interactions and much beside.

With the Energy Chart, not only do we find that human behaviour makes perfect sense but also an explosion of potential positive and beneficial applications to lead humanity out of stress, and towards a whole new definition of success.

SUE Scale from -10 to +10 with Mens and no words


  • The Energy Body Chart

An Objective Device for measuring energy body states and their effects

Created by Silvia Hartmann 2011 for The GoE. Based on The Harmony Program, Hartmann 1993.

(c) Silvia Hartmann/The GoE 2011. All rights reserved in all media.

  • The SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience)

(c) Silvia Hartmann/The GoE 2009. All rights reserved in all media.

  • The Pyramid Model & The Expanded Pyramid Model

(c) Silvia Hartmann/The GoE 2015/2016. All rights reserved in all media.

For usage permissions, please contact The Guild of Energists The GoE


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