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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 95 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Energy Dancing - The NEW Breakthrough In Energy, Mind & Movement

Energy Dancing - The NEW Breakthrough In Energy, Mind & Movement

Energy Dancing is the latest technique set from the EMO family - a self help program designed to significantly improve the flow of energy through the body. This results in feeling brighter, re-energized, de-stressed and to be able to think and act more positively. Energy Dancing is simple, easy and uses natural, holistic body movements which makes it suitable for all ages, and for all levels of fitness. Dr Hartmann, Creator of Energy Dancing and EMO explains:


Energy Dancing - The NEW Breakthrough In Energy, Mind & Movement

"In a nutshell, Energy Dancing is EMO with music. The Energy Dancing program teaches how to use rhythm, music and naturally emerging body movements to improve the flow of energy through the energy body. This is achieved by specifically targeting major blockages, shields, disturbances or reversals, and using the body movements, conscious attention as well as the energy flow from the rest of the body to heal and clear these types of blockages.

"When energy starts to flow again through these previously blocked channels and pathways, there is an immediate increase in overall sensations and feeling of well being. People literally come to life before your eyes. They smile, their skin glows and shows increased blood flow, and most of all, their movements become spontaneous and flexible - it is such a wonderful thing to be in the presence of.

"The Energy Dancing program is designed to teach this process as a LIFE SKILL, meaning that once a person has taken part in the program, they begin to understand what they need to do and what they need to pay attention to in order to keep the flow going.

"Energy Dancing and the skills set that goes with that sets up a feedback system so that a person can become aware that they are locking up, or that they are getting stressed, or that the energy system is really in need of some help. That's the first skill, to notice when your body and your energy body need attention. The second skill is then to be able to let very specific body movements arise which will unlock the system and allow energy to start flowing freely once more. This can often be as simple and easy as a few specific movements of the hands, shoulders or hips - and hey presto, an instant energy boost is the result as energy flows once more through the systems of the body.

"The lead in for Energy Dancing, as it is for all EMO processes, are the feelings of the body. Whether these are emotional feelings such as being worn down, depressed, low, or vibrating with anxiety, or whether these are sensations of tightness in the head, neck and shoulders, heaviness in the legs, or burning in the feet and such, to pay attention to these places and to improve the energy flow into and through these systems brings immediate results and is very beneficial in so many different ways.

"What I find most exciting about Energy Dancing is that it is so easy - even with people who have never done any energy work before, immediate results are achieved. With people who know a bit about energy work, you get this huge outburst of joy and happiness because it makes such a lot of sense, and is so pleasant to do.

"It is a very natural, very holistic way of treating disturbances. Every part of us gets to take part in the healing mission. The conscious mind gets to pay attention and encourage the processes; the body gets to contribute; the energy mind springs into action to help heal disturbances and unblock pathways; and so for once, all of us is in the same place, having fun, having a healing experience, and learning something about energy as well!

"Energy Dancing is definitely the way forward to bring energy work to life - to make it personal, make it so that you can really feel it, feel the benefits of working with your energy body in this way. This program is a wonderful invitation to start moving in a whole new way - in a way that doesn't hurt, that doesn't exhaust us, that doesn't cause even more misery, like so many of the old fashioned health and fitness drills, but instead, that invites us to come forward, all of us, with the intention to heal, to get more out of life, to be healthy, and most of all, to be happy."

Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EMO & Energy Dancing

Energy Dancing - A BRAND NEW and EXCITING Program to improve energy flow in the body

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