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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Energy Exercises

Energy Exercises

The Monday Morning Energy Ritual For Success In Business, Love & Life

The Monday Morning Energy Ritual For Success In Business, Love & Life

Here is a simple, fast and extremely energizing and inspiring "energy ritual" to get you ready for action!

You can use E EFT, EMO Energy In Motion, Energy Dancing, Energy Magic or any modern energy method of your choice.


Posted Feb 2, 2017 More Information ->

Heart Healing - Healing The Heart

Heart Healing - Healing The Heart

The "heart of energy" is the center of our energy body and the true ruler of how we experience life, what we think, and what we do. All major human emotions are "cries from the heart" - joy, love, ecstasy just as well as sorrow, pain, anger and fear. For 12,000 years or more, human beings have unsuccessfully tried to run their worlds via the mind and it has not worked to bring about a true emergence of Even Flow - a harmony of all in mind, body and spirit.

Here is a very simple yet very profound technique for "Healing The Heart" - Heart Healing, a powerful tool for all who seek healing or are actively involved in human actualisation.

Posted Jul 27, 2016 70,771 Reads More Information ->

EMO Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

EMO Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

It's conference time again - and many of our friends can't make it to the Europa to take part in the wonderful experience that is the EMO conference. Other energy conferences try to be very scientific - with EMO, we just want to have fun and a good time, playing with the many ways in which you can feel like a million dollars when your energy system wakes up and comes to life.

We thought about what we can do so people aren't sitting at home all sad and disappointed, so here is a gift for everyone - a lovely Crystal Energy workshop with all the exercises from ET09 to do by yourself, with friends or as a paying workshop - Enjoy!

Posted Jul 30, 2014 7,797 Reads More Information ->

EMO Case Story: Throwing Energy (Balls!)

EMO Case Story: Throwing Energy (Balls!)

Margareet Vink, an GoE Trainer from the Netherlands, writes: I discovered the throwing of energy during an EMO training I did. There was somebody working on a shield and I was not quite convinced that the energy was flowing freely.

Read on for the full case story...

Posted Mar 5, 2013 5,523 Reads More Information ->

EMO For World Energy Awareness Event 888

EMO For World Energy Awareness Event 888

It's the World Energy Awareness Event!

And here is a classic and wonderful EMO Energy Special for Energy888.

This is an easy energy exercise which is also very energizing, so have a go.

* You can do this at any time, not just for Energy888!

Posted Jul 27, 2012 16,268 Reads More Information ->

EMO Snow Globe

EMO Snow Globe

A short introduction to the EMO Snow Globe which is a simple and intuitive way to hand over a lot of different information/energy to the higher opeating systems all at once.

A very handy meta pattern with many uses which belongs to the Thought Flow set from advanced EMO.

Posted Sep 17, 2011 5,794 Reads More Information ->

Balancing Your Body with Earth Energy

Balancing Your Body with Earth Energy

Two of my favorite things are Earth Energy and EMO.  Put them together and you have instant magic ready to transmute anything that ails you.

Patricia DancingElk was a popular presenter at the 2011 EMO Conference. Read on for her full article on Earth Healing and EMO, which teaches a very useful Earth Medicine Exercise...

Posted May 20, 2011 3,945 Reads More Information ->

Touch Yourself For Stress Relief

Touch Yourself For Stress Relief

Touching yourself and self grooming is a powerful stress relief mechanism that is natural and can be profoundly soothing.

Find out how you can relieve stress by touching yourself.

Posted Feb 18, 2011 12,327 Reads More Information ->

White Clouds For Stress Relief and Relaxation

White Clouds For Stress Relief and Relaxation

Have you ever lain in the grass or on the beach, your hands behind your head, gave a big sigh of relief and just watched the clouds go by?

We would all find so much more stress relief and relaxation if we did that just once a day, every day, just for a time ...

Here are some lovely white clouds for you to de-stress, breathe deeply and let your stress and worries lift away, into the blue sky, to drift away on the winds ...

* Now also The White Clouds video - more white clouds for you to relax and enjoy!

Posted Jul 31, 2010 74,580 Reads More Information ->

Emossage: The Practical Application of EMO to Massage

Emossage: The Practical Application of EMO to Massage

In this case study, EMO Trainer Dr Terry Lynch shows us the effective use of EMO with Massage for relieving a headache.

Dr Lynch writes: "Do you find yourself reaching for pills at the first sign of a headache? Could there be another approach?"

Read on for Dr Lynch's full article...

Posted May 26, 2010 4,572 Reads More Information ->

Health Stress Relaxation Video Life Will Find A Way

Health Stress Relaxation Video Life Will Find A Way

Health stress - If you are ill or worried about your health, the stress is doubled by the worry, and it is especially important to de-stress often, and to pay attention to steering the mind away from worrying.

The body needs all the help it can get to restore itself, and the best thing we can do from our end is to reduce health stress by staying calm and to keep the mind as peaceful as possible.

Posted May 20, 2010 7,130 Reads More Information ->

Quick Anti-Stress Tip To Lift Your Mood - Ten Finger Method

Quick Anti-Stress Tip To Lift Your Mood - Ten Finger Method

This quick anti stress tip to lift your mood, change your mood and release stress is a very useful multi-level exercise that also teaches the basics of directing attention with purpose - very handy to steer the mind away from stressful thoughts or memories that bring you down, and towards positive, powerful, uplifting and de-stressing thoughts, ideas and memories instead.

Posted May 2, 2010 6,880 Reads More Information ->

Overcoming Fear Of Computers With EMO

Overcoming Fear Of Computers With EMO

At the EMO conference, I led a short workshop on overcoming blocks, fears, anxiety and reversals relating to computers - using computers, the terror of "programming" itself, the fear of doing something wrong with computers, being confused and intimidated by computers, or just a resistance and dislike of computers, which plays out in computers behaving badly in return - of course!

There were many interesting insights into the nature of how we get ourselves quite literally tied into knots in dealing what is essentially quite a simple piece of every day machinery, one that is even supposed to be designed to be very userfriendly.

Here are three case examples plus some simple EMO exercises you can do to improve the flow of love and understanding between you and your computer, for the good of all!

Posted Apr 26, 2010 4,060 Reads More Information ->

Best Anti-Stress Tip Ever

Best Anti-Stress Tip Ever Silvia Hartmann writes: Wow that's a headline and a half!

But really, yes I do think I have the best anti-stress tip ever. And I got it from a vision!
Posted Mar 11, 2010 10,813 Reads More Information ->

Astrology Anti-Stress Meditation - The Wise Woman & The Stars

Astrology Anti-Stress Meditation - The Wise Woman & The Stars What could be more de-stressing and relaxing than looking up at the stars on a soft summer's night and letting all your doubts, fears and uncertainties just simply disappear into the velvet darkness ... Here is a lovely short anti-stress astrology meditation by AstroEnergy astrologer Helle Gylling from Canada - The Wise Woman & The Stars.
Posted Feb 7, 2010 7,575 Reads More Information ->

Making Room for the New

Making Room for the New

Cheryl Hopkins writes: "We all want a ‘better’ life; improved relationships, a better paying job, more rewarding work, a sense of freedom... more daily joy. For me, life is about joy... spreading it and experiencing it daily and in particular, helping people develop careers they feel passionate about and a workplace (I specialise in the financial sector) that thrives on respect, trust… personal effectiveness, because it’s our individual effectiveness… our own personal mastery, that determines our success and thus joy in life.

So, this article is about setting yourself up for an incredible time in the week, month… year ahead, in whatever aspect of your life you choose; of course, to make room for the new you need to clear out the weeds that hold you back, and that’s where EMO comes in."

Cheryl is an Advanced ETP who specialises in creating root level changeTM in the workplace for individuals, organisations and society as a whole

Posted Jan 20, 2010 3,848 Reads More Information ->

Color Energy - The EMO Color Energy Exercise

Color Energy - The EMO Color Energy Exercise

In this easy color therapy with EMO exercise, you can have a go at letting the energy of a color go in, through and out your systems to get an Even Flow with the colors, and  experience an energized end state with each one.

The energy of colors is a great introduction to the principles of energy nutrition, and also a very good way to practice basic EMO energy techniques, such as feeling energy forms in your body, paying attention to the channels these different energy forms travel on their way in, through, and out of your body; the corresponding emotions of energy forms; detecting and working with energy shields; self healing energy disturbances and much more besides.

Posted Oct 31, 2009 18,329 Reads More Information ->

Changing Your Emotional Relationship With Money

Changing Your Emotional Relationship With Money

After attending an EMO support group, Cheryl Hopkins decided to change her relationship with Money using EMO.

Find out how Cheryl changed her relationship with money, and how you too can improve your relationship with money with easy EMO exercises.

Posted Oct 22, 2009 6,902 Reads More Information ->

Shields To Healing

Shields To Healing

Many people feel unloved, uncared for, lonely even though there are many who are wishing them well and in fact are trying to send them energies of support and healing. This happens when a person has shields that prevent supportive, uplifting and healing energies from other people to enter their energy system. Here is a short case in point and an exercise to remove shields to healing by Silvia Hartmann.

Posted Sep 4, 2009 5,485 Reads More Information ->

EMO 2009 The Round Table FREE Audio MP3

EMO Conference Round Table FREE Audio MP3

Listen in to the EMO 2009 Round Table: Silvia Hartmann Introduces The Round Table | Sandra Hillawi Guides a Love Connection Exercise | Peace, Palestinians and Zionism Example | Detlev Tesch Guides a Public Speaking Conflict Exercise | Kim Bradley Shares an Eating Compulsion Client Example | The Round Table Discusses "Sweetness in Life" | Ed Grimshaw Shares the SETS Model | Sandra Hillawi Explains EMO Relationship Counselling | Conference Participants Share Their Impressions 

Posted May 13, 2009 More Information ->
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