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GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is healing for the energy body, using energy.

From Subtle Energy To Hands Of Power - The Path To Modern Energy Healing

From  Subtle Energy To Hands Of Power - The Path To Modern Energy Healing

Silvia Hartmann, President of The GoE, shares her path from old fashioned "spiritual healing" to the new Modern Energy Healing we have today. 

Posted Apr 11, 2017 More Information ->

MODERN Energy Healing - Energy Healing For The Energy Body

MODERN Energy Healing - Energy Healing For The Energy Body

There is a tremendous amount of confusion on the topic of "energy healing."

Many believe that energy healing is entirely delusional and that those who practise it are at best incapable of rational, logical thought, and at worst, nothing more than snake oil salesmen who promise healing to the desperate which never materialises.

This sad state of affairs has come about because traditional or classic "energy healing" was always focused on the physical body - to try and heal the physical body of physical maladies.

Posted Mar 23, 2017 More Information ->



EMO Energy In Motion: The EMO Primer. EMO in a nutshell, the 2016 version, plus the essential Laws of Energy.

Posted Jul 30, 2016 25,778 Reads More Information ->

Heart Healing - Healing The Heart

Heart Healing - Healing The Heart

The "heart of energy" is the center of our energy body and the true ruler of how we experience life, what we think, and what we do. All major human emotions are "cries from the heart" - joy, love, ecstasy just as well as sorrow, pain, anger and fear. For 12,000 years or more, human beings have unsuccessfully tried to run their worlds via the mind and it has not worked to bring about a true emergence of Even Flow - a harmony of all in mind, body and spirit.

Here is a very simple yet very profound technique for "Healing The Heart" - Heart Healing, a powerful tool for all who seek healing or are actively involved in human actualisation.

Posted Jul 27, 2016 71,797 Reads More Information ->

Art4Energists: My Art Exercise

Art4Energists: My Art Exercise

Here is a beautiful, moving introduction to Art for Energists from the 2015 Energy Conference by Silvia Hartmann. Evoke the power of the magical artist within and free yourself from old injuries, blockages and reversals so that your art and creativity can blossom. 

Posted Jun 8, 2016 1,681 Reads More Information ->

Healing Animals With Radiant Love - EMO BeauTy T For Animals

Healing Animals With Radiant Love - EMO BeauTy T For Animals

BeauTy is a very powerful energy healing experience, for those who raise that energy and deliver it and those who receive it just the same.

Healing with radiant love and admiration, what we call BeauTy T for short, is one of the most amazing and powerful energy healing experiences you'll ever have.

Here is how to do it with YOUR animals.

Posted Mar 1, 2016 16,877 Reads More Information ->

Aromatherapy For Your Soul - Make Your Soul Happy!

Aromatherapy For Your Soul - Make Your Soul Happy!

Many people get hung up on the "chemical properties" of aromatherapy essential oils. Although it is true that essential oils contain incredible amounts of complex bio-chemicals that have endless undiscovered qualities, the real value of aromatherapy lies in its effect on the energy body and human emotions, particularly on the energy super system known as "the soul".

Have you heard the saying "When momma's happy, the house is happy?" Well, if your soul is happy ...

Posted Mar 22, 2015 7,535 Reads More Information ->

Healing For Enlightenment

Healing For Enlightenment

The prophets from all religions over the ages have stated that if human beings were to become enlightened, there would be much less misery in the world and humans would be living together in a very different way, experiencing far more joy and having richer, more fulfilled lives.

But how can we attain enlightenment? What if human beings were built for enlightenment in the first place, and it was only a question of healing?

Posted Jul 21, 2014 10,605 Reads More Information ->

Healing With the Energy of Water

Healing With the Energy of Water

Healing water, water and healing - people have been drawn to the healing powers of water for as long as there have been human beings on this Earth.

Water is life - practically as well as metaphorically, spiritually and scientifically.

Here is what we can do to bring the healing power of water into our lives.

Posted Apr 21, 2014 24,736 Reads More Information ->

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Many people are drawn to crystal healing, especially for self healing, but are unsure how to go about it. There are so many different kinds of crystals and so much has been written about the metaphysical and healing properties of certain types of crystals and minerals, it is very confusing. Plus there's the fear of the cost of having to purchase expensive and rare crystals to accomplish healing.

Here's the good news - there is another way to engage the wonderful healing energies of crystals and get the support from the crystal kingdom ...

Posted Apr 3, 2011 8,759 Reads More Information ->

Resistance To Healing? Resistance To Feeling!

Resistance To Healing? Resistance To Feeling!

There is this idea amongst healing professionals across the board of holistic and allopathic modalities, body workers, psychologists, therapists and holy healers alike that certain people are "resistant to healing" - that somehow, they don't want to heal, don't want to get better.

I have come to the conclusion that this is an incorrect assessment. People do want to heal. They are not resistant to healing, but only resistant to feeling - feeling pain, to be precise.

Posted Apr 30, 2010 11,798 Reads More Information ->

Healing Music: What Makes Music Healing

Healing Music: What Makes Music Healing

There is a lot of music about, and people make personal connections with music and it affects them in different ways; what one person experiences as healing might be quite different from another.

But there are certain global principles that set healing music apart from entertainment music in general. Here are the four most important features of true healing music.

Posted Mar 29, 2010 8,146 Reads More Information ->

In Sickness & In Health

In Sickness & In Health

Sickness and ill health can be a special problem for a magical person. Many believe that sickness is a kind of punishment for not having done things right; many have deep misgivings about 21st century style "cybernetic" health care based on physical and chemical interventions alone.

In this essay, Silvia Hartmann discusses the topic of "In Sickness & In Health" as it relates to a magical person.

Posted Mar 6, 2010 6,971 Reads More Information ->

Pet Bereavement Help - Healing The Pain Of Pet Loss

Pet Bereavement, Pet Loss or Animal Bereavement, the pain a loving owner feels after their beloved companion pet has died, is unfortunately little understood. People who suffer from pet bereavement are often at the receiving end of, "Don't make such a fuss, it wasn't even a person who died!" attitude from friends and family, and even counsellors and psychologists look down on them because it is "only pet bereavement".

  • In this article, Silvia Hartmann explains what pet bereavement is, why it is important to help people heal the pain of animal bereavements, and recommends practitioners who can help with pet loss.
Posted Jan 7, 2010 33,601 Reads More Information ->

Angels - Healing Angels: The Rainbow Angels

Angels - Healing Angels: The Rainbow Angels

Angels Healing Angels The Rainbow Angels

Meet the healing angels and find out which one of the rainbow angels wants to come to you today ...

Posted Dec 13, 2009 13,092 Reads More Information ->

A Vision Of Healing: How To Experience Visionary Healing

A Vision Of Healing: How To Experience Visionary Healing

 A "Vision" Of Healing? | Where Does A Healing Vision Come From? | Why Is A Vision Healing? | How Can I Have A Healing Vision?  | Visonary Healing Is Personal Healing 

These and more questions about healing visions and visionary healing can be found in this introduction to healing with visions by Silvia Hartmann.

Posted Nov 18, 2009 9,989 Reads More Information ->

Mind Healing

Mind Healing

The vast majority of people who think they are mad or crazy and in need of "mind healing" actually have nothing wrong with their minds at all.

Disturbed and disturbing thoughts, images, voices and ideas are a natural result, a side effect, of a deeper disturbance - and that is the key to real mind healing.

Posted May 3, 2009 9,404 Reads More Information ->

Distance Healing

Distance Healing

In this introduction to distant or distance healing, you can find out how distance healing works, and how to do distance healing yourself.

This article includes information on the advantages of distance healing, how to read energy systems at the distance, and how to practice distant healing to get really good at it.

Posted Apr 12, 2009 9,396 Reads More Information ->

Aromatherapy Like Crystal Healing

Aromatherapy Like Crystal Healing

Learn how to use aromatherapy essential oils like you would use a crystal in crystal healing.

Here is a step by step guide to basic energy healing for old injuries in the energy system that is easy to do and feels simply wonderful from Silvia Hartmann, Author of Aromatherapy For Your Soul and designer of EMO Energy Healing.

Posted Apr 9, 2009 10,367 Reads More Information ->

Healing Art: The Healing Angel

Healing Art: The Healing Angel

Gold and green, sunlight and nature are the energies evoked in this work of healing art, Healing Angel, by StarFields. Perfect for a moment's refreshment, or a deep meditation for healing, letting the Healing Angel's wings of sunlight bring restoration, soothing, hope and most of all, renewal into every part of our beings. When we rest, the Healing Angel may protect us from above and bring the light of nature and of spirit in harmony.

Posted Dec 5, 2008 11,651 Reads More Information ->
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