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EFT Case Story: Energy Healing for Psychosomatic Pain

EFT Case Story: Energy Healing for Psychosomatic Pain

Tanya Lyons, an EFT Master Practitioner student currently studying the distance learning coruse, writes:ย My client came with an issue of having a frozen shoulder. She has regular steroid injections for the pain. She had good days and bad days with the pain and she has just learned to live with it!

I explained the theory behind EFT with the notion that there could be an emotional component to the experienced pain and by treating physical pain with EFT, we are healing the energy body level of the problem and we are "taking out" the psychosomatic pain component.

I didn't confess to be able to cure the problem but to simply see what happened. My client looked rather intrigued and curious at what may happen.

I did a round of de-stress, good energy flow and EFTeam I then asked my client to describe how her frozen shoulder feels whilst tuning into it She dishearteningly said that sometimes it just feels dead, it seizes up like an engine that doesn't have enough fluid to make it work smoothly. Pain intensity was a 6 . We tapped on "this frozen dead engine, not enough fluid".

She then said it was stuck at a standstill, it can't move โ€“ pain intensity on moving it went up to a 7 and colour seemed to drain from her face as the pain become worse. It then changed to a concrete arm and heavy. I asked about a colour and it was grey. Pain intensity was now a 5. She then said it had changed to feeling lighter, pink colour, the engine was moving again she said rather surprised!

As she moved her shoulder she seemed visibly mystified that she had more movement in it and much less pain. The colour of her face seemed as if it had a little bit more pink to it as if blood was circulating properly. Pain went down to a 3.

She said it felt like something had melted away, She recalled the tin man from the wizard of oz and said that she had been oiled, it was moving freely again, she started laughing and said maybe I need to carry an oil can around with me !!! She also proceeded to tell me how she does need to buy some oil for her car as the light has been on for a couple of days but she keeps ignoring it.

I asked about her pain and she said, 'its working fine now', I feel relief just like I do when I've had my injection, I'm pain free for a while but eventually it comes back. I asked her to stay open minded at what would happen and I asked if there was anything she would like to do with a shoulder that worked perfectly well, she laughed and said I know it may sound a bit crazy but I've always really admired the people that can do 'shot put'. I asked if she was thinking of taking it up as a hobby. She laughed and said no but I would just like the freedom to be able to do it. I explained that I didn't have a shot put at hand but we could certainly visualise that taking place. She seemed really keen to do this and almost excited.

I talked her though a short visualisation and she managed to throw the shot put a long distance away and she was beaming and told me that she felt she had fulfilled something within her, that she actually didn't need to go and physically carry out the act but in her mind anything was possible. Her whole demeanour had changed and she was much more vibrant and full of energy at the end!

Tanya Lyons, September 2012

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