Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann

Give yourself an early Christmas present ...

A treasure chest of sparkling, bright and new techniques, ideas, abilities for making magic in the real world

Magic that works. Magic that is light, and dances. Delightful, mystical and soaring - and you will be amazed just how easy it is!

Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn & Friends

Join us on Sunday 28 November 2004 at the Manor Barn, Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex, UK.

Would you like to be able to:

  • Make magic spells and potions that really work?

  • Create superb, immensely personal and powerful rituals for your own purposes?

  • Know and USE the magical properties of herbs, crystals, colours, essences, words?

  • Discover food magic? Freedom Spells?

  • Find Power Symbols for your own health, wealth and evolution?

  • Improve and expand intuition, clairvoyance, OBE and remote viewing?

  • Find out about Project Energy and how to use this for your business success?

  • Get hold of the invaluable Freedom Spells?

  • Have full body FUN whilst playing with a basket full of brand new super toys for human evolution?

Well - if the answer is, "Yes!" and you are a certified EMO practitioner, you are heartily invited to come along and get yourself some real, true and truly delightful magic - to take home and use for the rest of your life!

Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann & Friends - ONE time only, ONE day only, only here:

Sunday 28th November 2004, 9.30am - 5pm, at the beautiful Manor Barn, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK

Your ticket to magic: ยฃ99.00

That sounds GREAT! Yes, I'd love to come!

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Not only do you get:

A full day's magic - fabulous experiences, games to play, journeys to take, brand new and wonderful techniques to taste and try in our usual atmosphere of excitement, exploration and with the support of many delightful fellow explorers and innovators;

but also, the ticket price includes:

Magical refreshments - and we'll show you how to make them, too!

... and ...

a special attendance certificate, entirely unique to this event and ONLY available to those who attended it!

... and ...

the complete training on Audio CD as a courtesy and "Thank You!" for making this event as unique and exciting as it will have been! (That's a value of ยฃ120 all by itself!)

... but also:

You will be the first to receive a FREE, SIGNED and entirely complementary copy of "EMO III - Energy Magic" as your ultimate "Handouts Manual" - before anyone else gets a chance to even review it!

Hey, that's AMAZING! Yes please, sign me up now!

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What a bargain!

But how, do I hear you ask, can this POSSIBLY be so incredibly low priced?!

Surely, this is worth FAR MORE!

And yes, you're absolutely right.

It is.

It's a one-time only opportunity to BE THERE when these completely unique and brand new techniques are being presented for the very first (and most likely, the ONLY!) time. There will never be another training or event like this, and that's a fact.

But the fact is also that these learnings are simply INVALUABLE.

There's no way we could charge as to what they are worth, or will be worth to the people who use them for the next ten years alone to:

  • Improve their financial success;
  • Attract new clients, lovers, friends, opportunities;
  • Create their own products, books, trainings, patterns and inventions based on these principles;
  • Help other people overcome their own challenges in a bright and positive way;
  • Use them in every day life to improve quality, health, direction and effectiveness.

I'm not even going to start on the pure fun, increase in self esteem, well being and pure excitement and added INSPIRATION these things produce, or what it might be worth to be literally able to use any object, or any situation in a really MAGICAL way.

These things are just not measurable.

So this might as well cost ยฃ99.00 - it's a magical number!

Yes please! Sign me up!

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Please note: There are only a limited number of tickets available, some of which have already been reserved for ET Trainers and VIPs.

As you know, we cannot and will not exceed this limit, so if you really want to be there, BOOK RIGHT NOW.

If you are getting a whole lot of, "Oh! I would so love to be there BUT ..." then please treat yourself immediately and make a GOOD decision, either way.

We'll be there on November 28th - will you?

Yes! I can't wait!

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Nicola Quinn has kindly agreed to conduct a one day Fast Track EMO Practitioner Training on the preceding day, Saturday 27 November, at the same venue, for those who wish to attend Energy Magic but are not ET Practitioners.

Please click here for more details and to register

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