The Energy Of Money Presentation

The Energy Of Money Presentation

Kim and Louise Write: We were guest speakers at a recent Success University meeting. We wanted to introduce the wonderful EMO technique within a topic that was relevant to the members.

The Energy of Money seemed the right choice.

We raised questions like, why do some people work very hard but for less money whilst others seem to work less but receive more? Why is it that some people seem to attract money and others do not?

We included subjects like peoples beliefs about money and how you have been programmed since childhood to receive a set amount.

We shared with the group just how your beliefs and emotions affect your flow of money and how you can tackle and transform them for good. Beliefs are energetic realities that literally shield you from receiving The Energy of Money.

We introduced the factors that may affect the flow of energy such as stress, fear and beliefs. We looked at what stops us taking the plunge and moving forward, family, jobs, and time. We asked the group to think of something in their lives to do with their finances that if they could change or think differently about, it could make a difference to their lives. It was a great scene, a big group of people all showing with their hands where they were feeling the blocked energy.

We invited one person to come on stage. We demonstrated the basic EMO protocol - soften and flow and encouraged the rest of the audience to do the same. The girl who volunteered observed the flow of energy and shared with the group where it was flowing and where it exited. All this without knowing her problem!

We talked about how we prevent ourselves from receiving energy nutrition by shielding ourselves from experiences that we could learn from. We then showed them a mind movie and explained how you can take watching and learning to a new level by using EMO and bringing in the energy of the movie and soften and flow any reversal when watching it.

We played “Name that tune”! We chose a selection of songs that we have all listened to over the decades and reviewed the influences they may have no matter how subtle. If you haven’t done already listen to the words to songs such as

Money, Money, Money – Abba

Who wants to be a Millionaire - High society

Money’s too tight to mention -Simply Red

9-5 - Dolly Parton


Following on from the presentation we are offering a wealth creation workshop which will introduce a whole new group of people to the fabulous world of EMO and help them tackle beliefs and overcome their fears.

Wealth Creation Workshop - 17 January 09 -£80

For more information please visit


Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley- EMO Trainers

Emotional Freedom Training –

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