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Energy Psychology in the media - here are reproductions of articles in the press where Meridian Energy Therapies and especially, EFT have proven their worth yet again and surprised and amazed reporters and sufferers alike with it's truly astonishing and undeniable effects. Here are the full press articles for this section, covering topics from fears and phobias to addictions and weightloss and include a major article from Caduceus magazine.

Please note that some of these pages may take longer to load than usual as they are scanned pictures of the original articles.

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Energy Psychology - A New Paradigm For Change

4-Page Major Article from Caduceus Magazine. The text is available in a printer friendly format in the Downloads section.

Peter Taps Your Phobias Away!

Newspaper article about EFT treatments for fears and phobias.

EFT at the Healthy Living Show

Report by GoE Trainer Ananga Sivyer about introducing EFT to the general public at a health show.

EFT In Professional Addictions Treatments

Article from "Addictions Today"

EFT For Weightloss

Article from Elle Magazine that stresses how EFT helps with the emotions behind weight problems.

Hypnotherapist Cures Own Fear Of Heights

Local newspaper article about curing fears & phobias successfully with EFT

EFT & Weightloss

Main feature article from Shape Magazine magazine about using EFT.

Touched By An Angel?

Lovely article from The Canadian Globe & Mail National Newspaper on the benefits of Therapeutic Touch in healing. Includes instructions on how to feel your energy body!

Dr Atkinson Recommends EFT

NOW Magazine's alternative health expert recommends EFT for treating worries about personal appearances.

An Introduction To Tapas Acupressure Technique

First printed in The Journal of the National Phobics Society, Winter 2002. Here is the article as it appeared in pdf format: TAT Article Here is the article in text format to read on the web: TAT Article to read on the web.

Working with the Body's Energy to Remove Self-Sabotaging Beliefs

Here is a major article by GoE Practitioner Sarah Bird published in Positive Health Magazine issue January 2003, explaining about energy psychology and demonstrating with different live cases. This article also includes an introduction to TAT and TAT diagrams

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