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Entwining EMO With Other Therapies

Entwining EMO With Other Therapies

Kim Bradley And Louise Bliss Write: As Complementary Therapists and EMO practitioners and trainers we understand the benefits of using EMO as an accessory (albeit a very important accessory) to our other suite of therapies. Kind of like wearing stockings without suspenders – you can wear hold ups but they never quite do the job properly! EMO is the tool that makes the difference!

We regularly host demonstration events to bring EMO to the public’s attention but more recently have decided to host an event for therapists only. We have called it:

Entwining EMO with other therapies

The event is for 2 and half hours and during that time we aim to show therapists the following:

Discover how EMO can fit in to your suite of therapies.

· You will learn about Emotional Energy and how it affects you

· How EMO can assist you to help your clients with their problems

· We will explain how you can use EMO to connect with your clients without the need for shields and protection

· You will see a demonstration of EMO and there will be an opportunity to experience it on yourself

During the evening we will demonstrate on one person in front of the group, show them how it works with a client on a couch and share some stories of how we have applied it in a therapy situation. It’s a wonderful way to promote EMO to the community of therapists out there who could not only use it on their clients but also on themselves. If you are a practitioner but not a trainer you could set yourself up a niche market space whereby you show other therapists how to connect to their clients without the need for layers of protection and fear of picking up negativity from their client. It amazes us how many therapist we come across who claim to be left drained from their clients.

To illustrate the point, here is an interesting story about how Kim used EMO with a client that came for massage

An Upsetting Letter……..

A client had an appointment with me for massage and by coincidence had come home from work that day to find a very critical and unpleasant letter from a family member. She arrived feeling very angry and upset and had bought the letter with her for me to read. When in the heat of an emotional disturbance it is the perfect time to use EMO. I settled the client comfortably on the couch and before massaging her I asked her where in her body was she feeling angry about the letter. She immediately felt a pressure over her back around the heart area. Emotions are energy and energy responds to intention so we worked together to soften and flow this excess energy out of her system. It moved up to her shoulders, throat and eventually out of the body. We worked on a few more aspects like feeling upset and I recounted some of the more hurtful comments in the letter to see how she felt about them. Each time there was an energy hit, we softened it and allowed it to flow out.

It took about 15 minutes to complete the release and then we moved on to massage. Interestingly the clients back and shoulders were less tight than I normally find them. I asked the client afterwards how she felt about the letter, and she said she really thought it quite laughable and didn’t care about it at all. I checked in with her on her next appointment and was pleased to discover she did not respond to the letter, but simply threw it away - not giving it another thought until I’d just reminded her about it. Just think of how that could have panned out in her life had I not applied some EMO before her massage. She may have had some relief from having her aching muscles worked on but would have re-read the letter at home and all my massage efforts would have been wasted as she would have got angry and upset all over again. Also what of the ramifications on her family members had she responded to the letter in a different way? It makes you think just how much change you are rippling out to the world every time you help someone get past an emotional upset.

We are hosing our next Entwining EMO with other therapies event on Monday 24th November, 7pm – 9.30pm at Alexandria Healing Centre, Alexandria Road, West Ealing. Please see our website for details. We’d love to see some EMOrs there. Only 5 spaces remain however so please let us know as soon as possible. Or do contact us if you’d like some further tips on setting up a demo night of your own.

Kim Bradley and Louise Bliss

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