ET08 - The BEST Conference YET!

ET08 - The BEST Conference YET!

We explored spirituality, forgiveness, public speaking, tribal dancing, primal shamanism, the power of green, advanced thoughtfields and how to love the unlovable. We certified the youngest ever EMO practitioner in the world at just age 18 - Steve Kent from EastSussex, United Kingdom, and we also certified the oldest EMO practitioner in the World - Father Oliver, who celebrated his 91st birthday at the conference. We gave each other The Gifts, had a fabulous book launch party, a PS meeting and a hootenanny - but most of all, WE HAD A JOLLY GOOD TIME PLAYING WITH OUR FRIENDS IN THE OCEANS OF ENERGY! Read the report and view lots of pictures from EMOTRANCE 08 - We wish you'd been there ...!

ET08 - The BEST Conference YET!

The FIRST new style ET conference took place at the Europa Hotel in Gatwick, UK, last weekend and the overwhelming vote has been - "That's so much better!"

The difference? In previous years, the conference was open to all-comers, leading to having to keep the programme down to the lowest common denominator and even having to try and convince some people that there is such a thing as energy ... Oh dear ...

This year, on the other hand, only EMO practitioners and above attended to find out NEW ways of working with Energy in the unique EMO way - and fun was had by all!

EMO is a really unusual modality in some aspects. The "client-practitioner dance" of TWO EQUALS who are both engaged to bring back the Even Flow is at the very heart of the philosophy behind EMO; and there are many serious reasons for this. It is a simple fact of life that ONLY a real engaged and fully aware human being can be of help to another; and that all healing and personal development must arise from WITHIN. This idea of people being equal and acting as champions for each other is very much made live and real at the EMO conference.

There is no difference in status between the practitioners and the speakers; the most experienced trainers and the creators and co-developers. Everyone works together, explores together, and tries to help each other out.

During the trainer's day, where we defined the role of the EMO workshop leader as that of "the one who stands for them all" and interacts energetically with their audience not in the old fashioned, dominance orientated "top down" capacity, but instead as an equal who is allowed to facilitate ON BEHALF of the group, the sheer power of this simple approach of working together as adult human beings became very apparent indeed.

All the weight, burden, loneliness and heavy responsibility of the old style leader simply disappears and is replaced by a mutual lifting and energy exchange with the group, where attention given and received creates a whole experience that makes the experience deeper, richer, more exciting but most of all, PERSONALLY EMPOWERING to everyone who attends and takes part.

This is exactly the same process that functions at the practitioner level, where all the heavy burdens of "having to be the healer" dissolve into the client practitioner dance and create an experience for both the practitioner and the client that are richer, deeper, more fulfilling and simply just far more amazing than can be reached in any other way.

What happens when you work in this way, be it as a presenter, a practitioner, or a trainer, is that the barriers between you and the other people begin to dissolve, and there is more CONNECTION taking place. It sounds all very new agey, but the truth is that when energy starts to flow through these connections, one simply feels much closer to one's fellow human beings, and you can see this outwardly as people start to smile and radiate in return.

Please don't get me wrong - this isn't some kind of hippie love fest and we are a long way away from being wonderfully enlightened folk that floats about in eternal bliss all day long; but just by all of us doing our best to aid this energy flow, to be HONEST and true, and putting our intention together, no matter what our differences might be, to align towards the desire for the Even Flow, it makes a HUGE difference to everything you do.

It makes a huge difference to how you feel about yourself; how much you have to give to others; it makes a huge difference to the atmosphere, and it makes a huge difference to allowing oneself to open up for healings and resolutions in this environment.

In my opening speech and all through the conference, I said again and again that the answer to all misery, sickness, and lack of energy is simply JOY.

People think that you need to heal first and then you get to experience joy, if you're lucky, later on.

But the truth is that JOY IS THE HEALER.

And I'm not talking about huge once-in-a-lifetime mega-super-hyper-event joys here.

I am talking about little joy injections all through the day.

Moments where we wake up and really see the beauty of the sky. Where we feel an energy rush because of something we saw or heard or did. When we really become aware of just what a taste explosion a simple piece of apple or tomato can be to your system if you just pay attention and follow the energy flow. When something happens and instead of our normal freakouts, we hold it together and respond in a whole new way.

These things are PRICELESS.

Little joys, lots of them, one after the other, they wake us up and they start healing parts of us, re-energizing long lost channels, they rejuvenate us, give us the power we need to actually start healing properly, and most of all, they give us HOPE.

Any little joy is like a road sign to MORE JOY - we are re-learning our Creator given capacity to en-JOY our lives.

When you are together with a bunch of people who have understood this, have experienced the power of this for themselves, and have begun to flex their joy-wings a little, things become quite amazingly different to what all of us were once used to in the way of relating with others.

There were such flashes of joy all over this conference, all over the time we spent together - little sparks, little stars that made the days, evenings and nights really special - and it said to us, yes, that's right, you're going in the right direction here, this is working, this is cumulative, I can feel the energy, I can feel the power of this and I KNOW that this can only get even better from hereon in.

Our smiles and our energy spread to the staff who couldn't take their eyes off us and said over and over they'd never met such amazing people or had such an extraordinary group staying with them; and that was lovely too, to see just how ATTRACTIVE true, positive joy really is to other people, even if they have never heard of EMO and have no idea what's going on!

A waitress bought herself a copy of "The Love Clinic" at the launch party when she was supposed to be serving refreshments; a firefighter on a stop over on his way to his holidays with his family sat down with one of trainers, John Bunker from Australia, and trusted this complete stranger enough to let him help him with a serious post traumatic stress problem he had after finding the victims of a violent explosion. 15 minutes later, and this man could breathe deeply again for the first time in two years.

This energy is real, it is delightful, and it lifts everyone it touches.

EMO is a wonderful thing. It is so simple and yet it has such profound repercussions on everyone it touches. Yet it doesn't take away our individuality - in the contrary, it makes us far MORE individual as we cease to be afraid of being different and we step into who we really are when all is said and done, and that's not just good enough, it is PERFECT and the perfect contribution we can give to others.

In the end, EMO is a huge experiment in doing things in a new way; and those of us who have been there from the start, we well know what it has done for us.

We are all still new to living in this way, relating in this way and there's a long, long way to go before we've worked out how to do things right or are in a position where "the final word" on anything may be written.

But that is in and of itself a part of the beauty and the excitement of EMO - the wonderful learning curve, which has new delights and suprises at every turn in the road, and it just gets better and better.

A fantastic conference, and a real signpost for all the truly amazing things that still await us, so much more to come!

Delightful blessings from all of us who were there and may they ripple all around the world!



Silvia Hartmann


At The Pre-Conference Practitioner Training

Congratulations To Our Youngest Practitioner at 18!

EMO is for EVERYONE - Our oldest practitioner at 91, Father Oliver from London, and our youngest at just 18, Steve Kent from East Sussex thoroughly enjoying their new found energy skills!

At The Conference - EMO 2008

The Conference Opening Speech by Silvia Hartmann

Presenters Sister Margarita Foley & Susann Forsberg

Reach for the stars ... :-) with Baya Salmon Hawk & Reto Wyss

Loretta Van Der Stamm demonstrates the energizing effects of EMO

Smiles All Around!


At The Love Clinic Launch Party!

Congratulations To Sandra On Her Brilliant New Book: "The Love Clinic"


Sandra Hillawi & Silvia Hartmann at EMO 2008


At The ET Hootenanny ...

Sharing the latest news, making new friends and catching up with old friends is one of the best bonuses at the conference.


Caught In The Energy Of Dance ...

You're never too young .... or too old for Energy Dancing!

Featuring our youngest new practitioner Steve Kent, 18, and our oldest, Father Oliver, who was 90 on the night.

"When you are energy dancing, you really don't have to worry anymore - you can use the dance itself to release any reversals, worries about what other people think, what you're wearing, even what the music might be like - you're just having unadulterated FUN with the power of the dance. Remember that old adage about "Dancing as though no-one is watching"? Well with EMO, we can - and enjoy everyone else as well!" Silvia Hartmann

Happy 91st Birthday, Father Oliver!



From All At ET08 With Love!


Some of our new EMO Trainers - Welcome!

EMO Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners, Trainers & Developers From 17 Different Countries, Aged 18 -91

Thank You For Your WONDERFUL Energy

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