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Etheric Pulse Therapy - An Ancient Healing Modality

One of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever utilized (E.P.T.) is developing in my work now, through direct energy transfer of a Sacred nature. After meeting with a cranialist osteopath who had certain artifacts come on his path after twenty years of travel and study, ...

I held a Sacred Pipe (in Lakota Spirituality, this would be called "Chanupa Wakan". However, we do not know the origin of the Pipe but know it was very old. We name it Sacred because of the experience we had with it, and not to indicate that it is from a certain tribal origin). Something happened when I held this Pipe -- something unexpected and profound happened in that few moments, which has changed my life and awareness forever.

My close friend and beloved co-healer, Loretta Rogers, and I, traveled a distance to take some cranial training. The training was valuable. However, it was what happened during the brief time that I held the Pipe which has had the most profound and significant meaning. The views expressed beyond this statement are my own, based on the direct experiences I have had with this modality and certain awarenesses that have come directly from Spirit.

When I experienced the cranial work begin taught by this osteopath, during the training session, I knew something incredible had occurred. I experienced profound paradigm shifts. The cranial work began the process that eventually broke apart some rigid mindsets and belief structures (requiring a surrender to change that was not always pleasant for me but was always good) and helped to create a deep sense of "aliveness" within my body system.

I did not yet know that a major part of this amazing experience was due to the artifacts associated with it, the very ones this osteopath had found in his travels or that what I had experienced to that point was only the beginning of a fascinating healing journey. Within the training period, and in conjunction with one of the artifacts, there occurred a sudden, unexpected and unbelievably powerful Sacred Initiation, after which I came to know there was much more to this concept the physical facts of the work.

The osteopathic explanation, regarding the phases of the cranial rhythmic impulses whe the parietal bones move outward and back from the sides of the cranium, only touched the surface of what really happens when this work is energized by Spirit. It was the blessing of the Initiation that awakened a knowing that the work involved two rhythmic impulses, and not just one. There was the physical rhythm of the cranial fluids, and there was the auric or etheric rhythm. The rhythm of the auric field determined the mindset and thinking of the individual, as well as setting the actual physical cranial rhythm. It was from the auric field that change had to be initiated for healing to encompass all that a person was -- Spirit/Mind/Body.

By focusing in a way that I have been given to know, it was possible to sense the auric rhythm and the physical rhythm simultaneously. In the energy reality of those two rhythms, a healing could occur that would surpass the balancing of the physical rhythm alone. Although the work is powerful on the physical level alone--that is, just by balancing the physical cranial fluids--it becomes exponentially more powerful!

As a healer, I have been utilizing this new auric rhythm work, by way of the Spirit teachings I received, for a few months now and can report that the amount of energy people feel from these sessions is quite extraordinary. Even though the actual percentage of a healing session devoted to working with this modalitiy (which we are calling E.P.T., or Etheric Pulse Therapy) might be minimal, it immensely intensifies all other work (reiki, reflexology, counseling, music therapy, journeying, etc.) and helps to keep me centered during the session, as well.

So, what is this work? I can only speak from my experience of it. For me, it is a deeply spiritual experience. For each person who has participated in a session, it has a personal and deep effect that differs, according to individual need.

When facilitating a session, I facilitate a synchronization with the existing cranial rhythms (both auric and physical)of the person I am working with--as the rhythms are, not as I (or they) might wish them to be. (This is an aspect of this particular process that I resonated with very strongly, whereas some of the other craniosacral therapies worked from the basis of physically manipulating the cranial fluids, in essence, forcing a shift.) Rather than any sort of physical manipulation of the physical cranial fluids, I lend light, gentle support to the cranial rhythm already present, to allow it full expression. After a time, a shift naturally occurs and balance is achieved.

The inner child healing I've done for years is based on a similar structure: support what needs to have expression. Imbalance, in the cranial rhythms or any other way the body might manifest it, is a sign of something unresolved, unexpressed, not allowed. By allowing, the shift occurs.

After the physical shift has been achieved, the Etheric Pulse Therapy begins and a much greater, more holistic shift is often realized, even with the first full-length session!

Through the Sacred Initiations which spontaneously occurred during my training period, I know this physical/etheric connection to be an ancient and most holy way of healing. Speaking as a spiritual visionary, I know that this sacred way of healing is being revived at this point in history because of expanded crown chakra openings that have come to pass for a mass of people, in 1999. I am aware this may sound very esoteric and non-technical, particularly to a student of any other craniosacral therapy. This is not craniosacral work, though aspects of it are present and valuable. It is as it is. I am who I am and must speak with the vocabulary I find meaningful. It is part of my work to offer this modality to my spiritual Relatives and so, I am offering.

I feel quite honored and, at the same time, humbled, to be facilitating the re-emergence of this powerful and profound spiritual tool, in my own healing work and as a research project. I plan to conduct extended research study in the near future, as does Loretta who since had her own experience with the same artifact. I know that many technical and scientific terms to support certain aspects of this important work will result and that one day soon, we will be able to pass on the teaching to other Lightworkers. I've been shown there will be an energy transfer process and training classes, in the future. If you would be interested in notification for the first of these classes, please EMAIL ME HERE

Author: Neva Howell - Reiki Master/Teacher, reflexologist, wellness counselor, author of Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook Website: The Healthy New Age Success and Creativity Center

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