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Positive EFT Practitioner Training with Sandra Hillawi

Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, West Sussex, England | 28 July 2013

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Positive EFT Practitioner Training


Beyond Energy EFT

If you thought the new concepts presented in Silvia Hartmann’s book “Energy EFT” were mind-blowing and a game-changer for Energists world-wide then you’ll certainly want to be a part of what comes next and its all about positive feelings and how to stay feeling positive.

Following the launch of Positive EFT Practitioner Training on Sunday 9th June 2013 near Gatwick London UK, with energy genius Silvia Hartmann, Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi  will be offering this most up-to-date qualification from The AMT at a number of locations in 2013-14.

Plus if you’re an AMT trainer you’ll be qualified to teach this course having attended this training with Sandra.

How Would You Like To Feel?


Introducing Positive EFT

Digging around endlessly in the traumas of your past is not the answer to a happy life NOW.

By bringing POSITIVE energies into your energy body, you ...

  • Completely transform the way you feel inside
  • Grow and strengthen positive feelings
  • Stay feeling positive for longer
  • Change your self concept from the ground up
  • Dissolve & wash away old energy blockages for good
  • Empower yourself ENORMOUSLY
  • Boost your immune system, health, vitality
  • Unlock your NATURAL intelligence, intuition & magic
  • Start to smile, come to life, feel good about yourself
  • Draw positive attention from others
  • Have so much more to give to those you love
  • Improve your X-Factor and start to SHINE.

"I was sceptical about Positive EFT being really able to lift me out of emotional exhaustion, without even having to heal or address the stress and events that had created that exhaustion. I truly was surprised and delighted that Positive EFT really did work for me, and the changes into strength power and feeling brighter in my life again have been lasting." SH Hampshire

Positive EFT is THE ANTIDOTE to depression, anxiety, stress, temper tantrums, low energy, misery, impatience, indecision, confusion and feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless and alone.

Quick and easy to use in self help, ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL as an addition to your healing practice, Positive EFT is what the world needs, right now.

Take part in a truly transformational one day workshop that is going to change your life for the better - and through you, all the lives you touch on your journey.

Read more from SB in Hampshire how Positive EFT helped her recover from emotional exhaustion here

Course Details

  • Price: £195 includes full-day training + AMT Positive EFT Practitioner certificate + 1 years AMT membership worth £35.00
  • Qualification: AMT Positive EFT Practitioner
  • Prerequisites: Please read “Energy EFT” by Silvia Hartmann before attending to get most out of training
  • Contact : Sandra Hillawi via The AMT website or via www.sandrahillawi.com or Telephone 02392 433928 to register

Positive EFT

Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Chilcompton Radstock, Somerset, England
  •  Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, West Sussex, England) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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