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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 100 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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AMT Energist Trainer with Barbara Saph

Swindon, Wilts | 15-16 July 2016

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Welcome To The AMT Energist's Trainer's Training

The ONLY Energy Based Trainer's Training In The World.


Please note AMT Trainers will need to upgrade to this level by Nov 2016, so a substantial discount is offered to ease this process

This is the new 2 day  energist Trainer Training from the AMT
Change your future by evolving YOUR energy system to powerfully hold groups of any size, have the confidence to speak YOUR truth and help other people understand the extraordinary power and blessings of Modern Energy approaches to make their lives a better place.

 Adding the additional layer of energy information to group exchanges makes “teaching about energy” not just easy, but a powerfully uplifting experience that will help evolve the trainer to THEIR next level - just as the group members find their own evolution in the training.

 Understand how energy works in the group context, and take YOUR energy based trainings to the next level.

It will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed as an AMT Trainer and teach AMT courses to the next generation of energists.

This course assumes you’re already a proficient and experienced AMT energist practitioner looking to take your career to the next-level. In this intensive two-day training you’ll cover all aspects of event organising, business acumen, marketing and publicity, as well as using energy tools to release blockages and excite you about the adventure ahead. 

Note: This is a live training only so no SKYPE options are available. Due to the nature of the training, there is a minimum course size of 5 participants for it to run.


If you are interested in becoming an AMT Trainer ring Barbara to discuss your options and book your space now on 02380663658 or 07919162542

This is a brilliant course and I will enjoy the opportunity to introduce it to you and help you evolve your Inner Trainer to it's full potential.

 What makes this training very different


We are energists. We teach about energy and train people in modern energy modalities.

We draw attention to the 6th sense and re-establish connections between energy movements in the energy body, emotion, language and behaviour.

We are not anything like school teachers, sports coaches or university lecturers of old.

We are Energy Trainers.

What's the difference between a teacher, a trainer and an energy trainer?


A teacher imparts conscious information.

A trainer changes physical behaviour.

An energy trainer changes the energy system.


  • We learn by having experiences that significantly change the energy system.

  • We remember information which has changed the energy system enough to be a permanent change.

  • The more energy flows, the more information flows and the more is learned.


Energy Trainer & Group


Your training is a ball of light, and you're INSIDE of it!

Silvia Hartmann

You are not separate from your group.

You and your group are a single unit that exchanges energy.

A good group will lift you.

A disturbed group will drain you.

You are creating not just the group experience, but your own experience by your actions.



The Energy Stress Chart In Training

Audience Energy Body State


What is “learned”

High negatives

Openly angry, aggressive and uncontrollable audience which may attack the trainer.

Whatever the trainer wants to impart, the group will learn the exact opposite (full learning reversal).

Medium negatives

A passive aggressive or “hostile” audience.

Nothing is learned, learning is blocked.

Low negatives

Disjointed, reluctant, distracted audience.

Little is learned.

Zero (The No-Man's Land)

Audience seems bored, slow to respond, in a world of their own, half asleep.

Difficult to say what if anything is learned.

Low Positives

Slightly interested/co-operative audience, mildly attentive, easily distracted.

Something may be learned but not a lot.

Medium positives

Actively interested, engaged, responsive audience.

The audience is learning by having experiences with the material presented.

High positives

Fully co-operative, intelligent, exciting audience.

Maximum learning and energy flow for the entire training entity.


The state of the audience creates the trainer's experience.


But the trainer has it in their power to create the state of the audience.


Training is in 8 modules over two days,

(examples of module content below)

1/1 Training The Next Generation Of Energists

Energy Trainer & Group

The Stress Chart In Training

Your X-Factor

How To “Be Yourself” With Groups


1/2 - The Energy Of Leadership

Exercise: The Energy Of Leadership

Exercise: Power Of Voice

Instructing The Group Entity

Exercise: Group Energy Control

Exercise: Single Instruction Exercise

Exercise: Top Down Exercises for Class Control


1/3 - Changing People

The Training Wave

Finding YOUR People

Exercise: Your People Entity Exercise

The Trainer/Group Dance

Exercise: Feeling The Lifting Power Of The Group


1/4 - Role Modeling & Skills Acquisition

Exercise: The Other Trainer

Discussion: The Power Of The Training Hero

End of Day 1 Energy Meditation


2/1 - The Sixth Sense In The Training Context

Energy Magic

Exercise: The Group Entity

Exercise: Exercises In Positives

Exercise: The Gift

Exercise: A Project Sanctuary Exercise: The Classic Game


2/2 - Your Radiant Business Entity

Connecting Your Vision, Your Business & Your Customers

Exercise: Project Energy

Your Logo & Brand

Exercise: Group Power Logo Energising

You & Your Radiant Business Entity


2/3 - Doing Business In The Real World

Unlocking Your Real World Wisdom

Creating Powerful Support Structures

Exercise: People Power

Exercise: Power Over Money


2/4 - Creating Success From The NOW

Clarity & Purpose

Mind, Heart & Soul Alignment

Exercise: Are You Ready For Success?

Exercise: Trainer's Evolution

Energist's Trainer's Certification Ceremony

* Content may vary at trainer discretion.



The GoE MODERN Energy Trainer

The official trainers training program by The Guild of Energists

GoE President

Welcome to the NEW Official Guild of Energists MODERN Energy Trainers Program!

by Silvia Hartmann, President of The GoE

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

If you are, here is the perfect opportunity to ...

  • Start your own successful modern energy training business;
  • Learn wonderful things that will excite and inspire you;
  • Work with a world wide community of awesome people;
  • Change the world by giving your students the gift of life long emotional mastery.

There are many programs which promise such things - ours is different.

It is better, newer, and more profound.

We have information that literally has the power to give people a happier life.

New Trainer Video Presentation

The SUE Scale

Sue scale banner

Everyone else in the world is still behaving as though positive emotions didn’t even exist.

GoE is the only organisation who provides brand new, modern trainings that are all based on The SUE Scale.

People the world over are astonished, amazed and excited by this new information.

Moreover, by using The SUE Scale in practice, trainings become truly extraordinary - for the trainer, as well as for the students.

  • The SUE Scale underlies all GoE’s training programs.
  • This creates brilliant, structured and logical energy information.
  • It creates dynamic, exciting workshops where the participants have good experiences and learn more than they hoped for.
  • Most of all, it makes teaching groups easy and delightful for the trainer.

Brilliant Manuals

Brilliant GoE Manuals

GoE’s brand new, bright and brilliant training manuals are beloved by the participants.

With 25 years of practical experience and feedback from tens of thousands of students, and hundreds of trainers, the new generation GoE training manuals ...

  • Give your workshop a thoroughly professional foundation;
  • Add tremendous value for the participants;
  • Are a great resource for further reference at home;
  • Provide beautifully structured, step by step instructions;
  • Make it easy for the trainer to deliver a superb workshop that flowed in ease, elegance and delight.

Business Success

Business Success

GoE understands that it takes more than a heart of gold to run a truly successful training business.

We know from experience what trainers need to succeed and we provide practical, real world tools and advice to help new trainers on their way.

GoE provides trainers with ...

  • A professional web presence;
  • World wide events listings;
  • Local and regional events announcements;
  • News distribution through social media;
  • Ready made marketing materials;

Business & marketing coaching as an integral part of the new trainers training program.

Your success is our success.


Moral Support

Moral Support

As a GoE Trainer, you become part of a very special community, rich with practical experience, knowledge and a heartfelt desire to help you succeed.

Our existing wonderful internationally renowned trainers are there for you ...

  • To answer any questions about the reality of running a successful training business;
  • To answer any questions you might have about the information in the courses;
  • To find tips and practical help at any time.

As a GoE Trainer, you get to work with the best modern energists in the world.

Brilliant Courses

GoE has developed a range of outstanding courses for the modern audience which are entirely unique in method and content.

During the new modern energy trainers program, you will learn to deliver ...

  • Exciting new introduction trainings which are highly modular and range from a short introduction to modern energy to a full day course on Modern Stress Management;
  • The acclaimed NEW and exciting Modern Energy Tapping Foundation and follow on Professional trainings;
  • Follow on professional premium trainings from the Masters range;
  • An AMAZING range of additional brilliant trainings you only have to attend in order to add them to your trainings catalogue;
  • Custom training programs designed for your own specific audiences using GoE intellectual copyright materials.

Wow your audiences and your trainees with the very best experiences Modern Energy has to offer.

Change lives, save lives, and bring more joy into the world!

GoE Modern Energy Trainers Program Content

GoE Energy Trainers Program Content

 Click image to expand

How To Make The Most Of What GoE Has To Offer - Guest Workshop 3:

Global Member Support Manager Zoe Hobden is fantastic at admin, and now you can be too! Zoe will take you though everything from how to organise yourself and what to put in place, to how to order training manuals and submit new practitioners. In this vital and practical talk, Zoe will demonstrate all the services The GoE has to offer, and be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Zoe writes: "I'm really excited to have a chance to meet our newest trainers at the start of their journey and pass on the what I hope will be essential information to them."

Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession!

Passion To Profession

The GoE Trainer’s program is a perfect opportunity to use the amazing new tools and techniques of modern energy for your personal development.

As you practice and learn the exercises from the inside out, you can take advantage of many opportunities ....

  • To remove blocks, barriers and heal old injuries that stood in your way;
  • To discover your own true path and what your practical next steps will be;
  • To activate new inner resources you will need when you begin to lead groups;

To use the powerful support of your training group to lift you to the next level of personal achievements.

GoE has helped hundreds of individuals from all around the world turn their passion for energy into a lucrative, immensely rewarding profession.



Transmitting energy and information which create real experiences, events, for the participants is what being a modern energy trainer is all about.

To support you in your mission to bring the joy of modern energy to many more people, you will receive ...

  • The special trainer editions of all the course manuals;
  • Additional information from your GoE Master Trainer resulting from their years of experience;
  • Special workshops from industry experts;
  • A full set of “Required Reading” books and manuals for reference;
  • Direct access to the world wide trainers group and the immense wisdom born of experience that resides within.



The GoE Trainer’s program is a brilliantly designed order and sequence of information and practical exercises which will greatly enhance your skills as a modern energist. 

Beyond that, you will learn the practical skills you need to run successful group events of any size and “walk your talk” as a trainer of modern energy.

  • From unstoppable confidence to public speaking;
  • From vocal projection to finding your own unique style;
  • From positive networking to marketing from the heart;
  • From real mastery of the techniques and protocols to holding your audiences safe ...

... this training will provide you with real, measurable, practical skills you can use for the rest of your life.

Practice Makes Perfect!


 The seven days of the GoE Energy Trainer’s program offer the time and space to practice what is being learned.

In a happy, inspiring atmosphere of love and support, you will find ...

  • The space to perfect your mastery of the techniques, methods and approaches;
  • The opportunity to apply practice sessions to your own personal development;
  • The opportunity to work with others and gain their input;
  • The opportunity to help others reach their new personal bests;
  • Leading to a deep and profound understanding of the underlying principles of modern energy, which brings safety, security and confidence to your training experiences.

You will also have lots of fun, role playing and resolving potentially challenging situations to a high energized end state.



Modern energy is in essence, all about evolution.

Modern energy brings forward momentum, inspiration, hope, awakening, empowerment and simply, JOY into people’s lives.

As a trainer of modern energy, you ...

  • Have an extraordinary opportunity for personal evolution;
  • Gain a likewise amazing opportunity for your professional evolution;
  • Have the fantastic job of showing other people how they can be more happy, more often;
  • Contribute directly to the evolution of humanity at large.

Every single person who uses modern energy to de-stress, to find solace in their dark hours, to find inspiration to help them on their life’s path, is a wonderful gain for humanity at large.

Invest In Your Future


From a purely commercial perspective, investing in the GoE Trainers program is the best investment in your future you could make.

  • As a certified GoE Trainer of Modern Energy, you can teach one on one, over video, small groups and large - the choice is yours!
  • The majority of our trainers re-coup their original investment within the first year after certification; some in the first training they do.
  • From then on, you are in profit and will remain ever more in profit with every year that passes.
  • The gain in personal development is a return on your investment that is incalculable, and essentially beyond price.
  • Make your passion your profession - create multiple income streams whilst having the most wonderful experiences of helping others to grow.

The GoE Trainers program, in conjunction with the GoE’s immensely reasonable licensing fees, represents an outstanding investment in your future.

Now, Let's Talk MONEY...

GoE Trainer Course Money!

There is a ceiling what a practitioner can earn, there are only so many hours in your day.

For a successful trainer, there is no such ceiling and you can earn as much as you choose.

Let's just look at these simple examples.

(And by all means, if you find these figures disturbing or scary, tap!)

If you train 10 People Per YEAR @ £250.00 each, and that's one person per month with TWO months off,

Your income will be...

  • Year 1 ~ £2,500.00
  • Year 2 ~ £5,000.00
  • Year 3 ~ £7,500.00
  • Year 4 ~ £10,000.00
  • Year 5 ~ £12,500.00

If you train 10 People Per Month @ £250.00 each, and that is one group of ten per month,

Your income will be...

  • Year 1 ~ £30,000.00
  • Year 2 ~ £60,000.00
  • Year 3 ~ £90,000.00
  • Year 4 ~ £120,000.00
  • Year 5 ~ £150,000.00

If you train 25 People Per Month @ £250.00 each, and that is one group of 25, one weekend, with the other 28 days of the month free to do as you please,

Your income will be...

  • Year 1 ~ £75,000.00
  • Year 2 ~ £150,000.00
  • Year 3 ~ £225,000.00
  • Year 4 ~ £300,000.00
  • Year 5 ~ £375,000.00

You choose how many people you want to introduce to a new way of thinking, a better way of feeling, and a totally different way to understand other people. Think about it.

This is a job where you are in charge.

You choose how many people you want to train.

You can add individual clients, choose your own target audience and work only with the exact type of people you want to work with.

You can add more trainings, introduction evenings, longer trainings and develop your own speciality.

The GoE Modern Energy Trainers Course

GoE Trainers Course

Once you have completed the GoE Modern Energy Trainers Program, you can start to teach:

  • Modern Stress Management Foundation
  • Modern Stress Management Professional
  • Modern Stress Management Bespoke Training
  • Modern Energy Tapping Foundation
  • Modern Energy Tapping Professional
  • EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner (fully updated for 2018)
  • Modern Energy Coach
  • Modern Energy Dating Coach
  • SuperMind Master

You are also qualified to teach any other official GoE special interest course you have personally attended.

GoE’s courses are designed to exciting, energizing and fun to teach as well as to learn. For the trainer, working with the power of the group provides a new step in personal development that can’t be had in any other way.

To register your interest in becoming a GoE Modern Energy Trainer please Contact Us

Wendy Fry, GoE Modern Energy Trainer I have been a Modern Energy Trainer for one year now. I really do so love being part of Guild o Energists, right from the wonderful training's and life changing content through to being connected in the groups on Facebook and being part of a supportive community. Not only that I am appreciate of all GoE does for us behind the scenes to help us be successful trainers. Becoming a Guild of Energist trainer IS the best investment I’ve ever made and it’s always a joy to deliver training's and share these wonderful techniques

Wendy Fry, GoE Modern Energy Trainer

Wendry Fry, GoE Trainer A fabulous seven days of experiential learning and playing with energy.

Ever evolving as an energist this training will take you and your business to the next level. With the added advantage of Modern Stress Management Trainings, Energy Coaching and Energy Healing The Guild of Energists trainings are leading the way in creating energy solutions to combat stress and not only that taking you, your clients, your trainings, your relationships, your personal development and business through the roof.

Your future aspect is ready to take this training, don't keep them waiting.

Wendry Fry, GoE Trainer

Kelly Mayne
GoE Trainer Thank you Silvia Hartmann for all you and THE GoE/GoE are doing to support us all. Since taking my Energist Trainer's training I have found my self doing things I felt were impossible just a few weeks before ...energy magic.

Kelly Mayne GoE Trainer

Nigel Colmer. GoE Trainer Having completed the 3 Energy EFT Master Practitioner course, I was keen to learn how best to plan and deliver future certified courses to prospective Energy EFT Master Practitioner courses, I plan to run.

I had the good fortune to be trained by Sandra Hillawi and to say the training day was inspirational and truly character building, would be an understatement. My energy levels were through the roof by the end of the day, as time after time Sandra and I worked on areas and blockages I didn't even realise I had, meaning I could have total confidence in my abilities as a trainer, delivering EFT to a group of Energists. I had some pretty major energy shifts, as I highlighted some limiting beliefs, and once my energy levels grew, I could see how I was going to be able to pass on the wonderful techniques contained in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner teachings.

I would thoroughly recommend this training, and the self development I received from Sandra still make me so appreciative of knowing and being able to practice this evolution of EFT, and anyone considering becoming a trainer, ought to look nor further than this one day course. Thank you Silvia, thank you Sandra. Onwards and upwards!

Nigel Colmer. GoE Trainer

Vanessa Tallon I just wanted to share my experience at Aisling and Rays training weekend held in Dublin.

This is my first experience of training. I had no idea what to expect...

I learned so much about myself in a safe energetic environment . All my questions were addressed and answered and more. So much so that on arriving home I realised that many changes had taken place in my approach to ordinary every day things that used to be fearful.

Ray and Aisling have a wonderful way of opening themselves up many levels so you feel included...and supported not only individually but as a group dynamic.

We shared our feelings had tears and laughter using many ways to experience the process of experiencing the trainer within waiting to come out.

Great insight great weekend...thank you

Vanessa Tallon

Merve Tüfekçi They were very energizing and encouraging training courses for me.
I loved to be a part of them and experiencing them.

I liked Master's course crowded because we got the chance to know and work with different people and have different experiences.

For the both trainings Masters and Trainer's Training I liked the following exercises the most:
Event, entity, power over money, success, sue scale, I am an energist Merve wishing you well on your life path, connections, building the great energist trainer, group bubble, couple bubble, group hugging, crystals, putting crystals in order, looking at Silvia's paintings and inspiring from them, attracting art money, shields

I had many break throughs during the courses, thanks to the energists and of course Silvia :)

I feel like the group energy and our willingness to become a better version of ourselves and our desire to make the world a better place to live and love to be there to do the work and help each other were some of the main reasons that made the course powerful, fun, trans-formative and special for us.

I am a happy energy trainer in tune with her new energy body :)

EMO Energy-in-Motion works!

Merve Tüfekçi

Helen Ryle Attending this 2-day training in Dublin with Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning was a wonderful opportunity to focus on the energy of delivering a vibrant and successful training to a group.

This was a new approach for me, as my previous trainer’s training had concentrated on thoroughly knowing the material to be presented and working within the structure of the programme. This training was very different! It focused on how to lead group training from an energetic perspective, we learned how to be aware of and work with the energy of the group and the whole room as well as our own energy.

Aisling and Ray facilitated a very open, inclusive and positive space for us to safely share in – learning, sharing, laughing and even some swearing and tears as we worked through our energetic blocks. We focused on what we didn’t like about running trainings or running our own practices and used EFT Heart and Soul as well as other techniques to dissolve our energetic blocks and allow our energy to flow freely.

This workshop felt like group participation rather than just training and it had a very different and enjoyable energy from most workshops. As everyone in the group was either an advanced practitioner or existing trainer and had extensive experience with EFT already, we could focus on developing our vision of what our successful trainings and business looked and felt like, using the techniques of EFT and EMO Energy-in-Motion to dissolve blocks to allowing ourselves to achieve that vision.

We collaborated as a group, brainstorming on a flip chart, and frequently broke into groups of three for transformational energy work around the themes of delivering good trainings and our business in general. We worked with the energy around developing our own branding, logos and marketing materials and some innovative ideas were generated. We also developed ideas for holding a safe and inclusive space for our workshop participants to learn, share and grow. After this weekend I feel very confident about offering and delivering trainings with the emphasis on the energy of the group rather than just the formal structure.

The group came up with a mission statement for our trainings in Ireland:
"Our life-changing trainings are inspirational and energising, using ground-breaking self-help techniques."

I can highly recommend Aisling and Ray’s Energist Trainer’s Training to any experienced Advanced EFT MET Practitioner or Master Practitioner who has an interest in training others as Practitioners and Energists in this wonderful field. It will expand your horizons and enhance your energy. A big thank you to both Aisling and Ray!

Helen Ryle

Sandra Hillawi
GoE Trainer Trainer I have just completed giving the GoE Energist Trainer Training in Istanbul and I am moved to write about how absolutely wonderful the whole experience was.

The training is mostly about consciously managing the group energy to maximise participants personal experience and therefore learning, so as the trainer I am both teaching these concepts and implementing them with the group as we go along. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to see how this training creates such powerful emotional experiences for the new Trainers for their learning and to energize them with love and all things positive.

The new Trainees left so bright, so shining, so happy and so full of love with new knowledge and tools ready to go about their training business creating their own great events for their own participants.

For me as the trainer, being fully in the group energy, it was impossible not to be delighted and filled with joy and love myself for the whole group.

I have such gratitude to be doing this work and to have such a wonderful training to give, created by the great vision of Silvia Hartmann. Any new trainers and existing trainers will be taking themselves to new levels in their personal and professional evolution by taking the new GoE Energist Trainers Training.

I highly recommend it

Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer Trainer

Aisling & Ray The New Trainers Training for us was a great reminder:-

About keeping energy levels flowing, covering modules / units using the aid of ; demos, theory, pairs, groups of 3 and more… as well using Metaphors, stories and case studies

It’s about addressing the energy of the group, building rapport, supporting, evolving and learning from each other and as a trainer, BE YOURSELF! Yet take responsibility and control of the training.

It reminds you about the need to be flexible in all your trainings and that each training is different, just because you covered a particular learning “on a one to one demo” doesn’t mean that with a different group it has to be the same again. It could be covered as a group exercise.

It’s not about teaching modules, or subjects, it’s about making the subject’s fun, engaging with your group as a single entity. Being creative and incorporating all learning styles to make the learning's more interesting for all. I.e. 6th senses VAKOGS (Visual. Auditory, kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory, Auditory Digital ( self-Talk)

Aisling & Ray

Aisling & Ray

Barbara Saph As one of the first Trainers to experience Silvia Hartmann’s new Trainer Training last November I would like to say how much I enjoyed the two days. I found the new material fits so well with the new direction the GoE is taking towards Modern Energy Work.

The course worked on a different level to most trainings enabling students to learn in a deeply experiential way as a group to train a group.

Barbara Saph

Margarita Foley - GoE Energist Trainer I am so happy to have experienced this training. We had two days of the sheer joy and magic of what it means to be an Energy Trainer.

I feel it is so real and so full of the simplicity of true and healthy education that I came away wanting to share even more what a wonderful gift we are given in being Energists. Silvia Hartmann never fails to bring to us what I call treasures NEW AND OLD.
In our training with Sandra Hillawi she showed us through example what the Energist Trainer can contribute to creating a world of Energy Awareness in our daily living, how Energy Trainers are not separate from the group but are deep inside the energy of the group and can listen to the movement of the energy and respond to it.

There were many exercises over the two days which enabled us to experience this for ourselves. It increased our awareness of the joy of moving as a group and how the Trainer can hold the group and enable the group to find their own strengths.There was a powerful unity created in the group at the end .It was a truly memorable experience of training.
Thank you Silvia for your inspiration, and Sandra for being a gifted Trainer.

With Gratitude

Margarita Foley - GoE Energist Trainer

Barbara Saph
  •  Hampshire EFT Training
  •  Lyndhurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (Swindon, Wilts) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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