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Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training 2 day course with Penny Croal

London | 6-7 June 2015

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Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training 2 day course

You have the opportunity to train in Matrix Re imprinting with internationally renowned Master trainer Penny Croal.

Penny has undertaken her own personal healing journey with these techniques and works with client’s world-wide guiding them through the process of transforming their own life’s.

Her passion is serious disease. She has a dynamic, approachable and highly engaging training style.

We are living at an incredible time when we are discovering more and more about the limitlessness of the human body and mind.

Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful yet simple technique created by Hays house Author Karl Dawson that can get to the root of core-issues quickly.

It is easy to use, fun and creative and can result in some incredible shifts in belief systems.


Want Health, Wealth and Happiness?


How different would your life be if you could remove your blocks to success, self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions and fully reprogram your mind and body for a new way of thinking?


As an EFT practitioner:

- Do you find EFT limiting when dealing with the broad range of problems your clients bring?
- Do you find that EFT does not help with certain issues?
- Do you have some clients who remain stuck whatever you do – or they are dissociated and cannot tune in and give a SUDS level?
- Do you sometimes find that you are not sure how to work with them?
- Can the process at times feel repetitive or uncreative?
- Or perhaps you have trouble uncovering blocked or pre conscious memories with conventional EFT?


Are you ready for a Change?

Imagine having a tool that gets to the root of core-issues really quickly. One that is easy to use, and also fun and creative. A technique that allows you not only to take the negative emotions out of your past memories, but also to rewrite them.

Or what about a tool that enables you to incorporate all the latest developments from quantum physics and the New Biology into your EFT practice?

If you have watched films like The Secret, or have read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton about how our beliefs control our biology, then this training is an amazing opportunity for you to advance your practice by learning tools that enable you to apply the Law of Attraction or rewrite beliefs at a core level.

If you would like to accelerate your EFT practice, join us for our 2-day Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training with Master trainer Penny Croal and learn this exciting creative new technique that can gently and simply get to your core issues and assist on transforming YOUR and your Clients lives.


In this training, you will be learn:

• How to work creatively with addictions, relationships, birth issues, phobias and allergies
• A tool to help you clear and make lasting changes on the powerful impact trauma and memory has on your client’s energy field
• How to find the root cause of even preconscious memories of trauma – and then rewrite it
• An ability to help you and your clients become their true authentic selves, free from limiting self-perpetuating beliefs.
• An opportunity to work in greater depth on your personal peace procedure – greater than you ever could with EFT alone!
• A scientifically proven quantum tool that can start rewriting your past to transform your present.
• Work with past lives and future selves.
• Change your core belief systems in such fundamental ways that you actually change the subconscious message you are putting out into the world
• An invitation to become part of the exciting world-wide community of matrix Reimprinting practitioners.
• More “swap partners” to practice skills and help guide you in your own journey and work on yourself whenever you want – FOR FREE!
• The opportunity to train with a dynamic, warm and talented trainer who lives and breathes her techniques, and has transformed her own life and that of hundreds of others.
• World class post training support.
• The opportunity to be at the forefront of an exciting new energy healing movement…
• Learn an extraordinary yet simple transformative tool that you can integrate seamlessly and easily into your life and practice

Plus you will have the opportunity to clear some of your own emotional challenges in the process!





“Matrix Reimprinting and EFT seminar was held in Las Vegas by a wonderful trainer Penny Croal. I loved attending every minute of it. Penny was a great trainer and presented her material in an easy way to understand
As an EFT Practitioner I learned that Matrix Reimprinting is so much faster and gentler on the client. Using the Matrix Reimprinting technique on others and ourselves seems to be much more effective on getting all of the aspects on a particular event, and changing the memory to a positive one
Penny was very open and honest about her journey and I particularly appreciated that, her sense of humour really added to the presentation. This was a great 4 days! This seminar had a big effect on how I will work with clients in the future. Thank you so much Penny”

Laura Wosley

“I would like to express my warmest thanks to Penny Croal for her support, kindness and the hospitality received while attending her EFT/Matrix Reimprinting training. Five wonderful days of tears, joy and laughter shared with a lovely group of people and led by an amazing lady. Thank you penny, for your desire to help others to help themselves and for providing you wonderful training in EFT and Matrix, you are an inspiration to myself and so many others.”

Sharon Clark


Note! You can reserve for the workshop by paying a £ 50.00 deposit.

The rest of the amount is paid on the day of the workshop.

If you have participated in a matrix Reimprinting course with any one MR trainer you are more than welcome to join again for a nominal £75

You are more than welcome to resit an EFT course for a special reduced price. Please contact Penny for further details.


To complete Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners status, post course students need to register on www.matrixreimprinting.com and view a series of videos containing both theory and client sessions. Having viewed the required videos there is an online multiple choice exam. The investment of $30 for the exam. On successful completion of this exam, students will receive a full Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners Certificate. Practitioners are then able to add their details to appear live on the website as a Practitioner. There is a cost of £99 for the video contact and for the first years Practitioners listing.


Penny Croal
  •  Change Ahead
  •  Chiswick, London, England
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (London) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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