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EMO Practitioner Live Course Training with Patricia DancingElk-Walls

Dallas, Texas, USA | 7 June 2015

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EMO Practitioner Training

Have you ever wondered what emotions are?

Where feelings come from?


Learn the miracle that is EMO from a highly qualified appointed Trainer of Trainers, Patricia Walls.

This highly practical course will enable you to assist your clients to resolve a host of problems more quickly and easily, whilst working at a very deep level.


The EMO Practitioner certification gives you everything you need as a professional healer, therapist or holistic health practitioner to be able to combine EMO with your existing modalities, as well as offering EMO sessions as a standalone.


Development of EMO

EMO™ is the latest of the new range of meridian energy therapies seeking to restore balance in the mind/body energy system for greater wellbeing and health. It was developed by Silvia Hartmann, a highly original thinker and healing pioneer who has been researching and using Meridian Energy Therapies since the 1990’s.


What is it?

EmoTional TranceFormation is a simple and yet very powerful healing modality for the twenty first century. Intuitive in approach, this method relies upon our inherent human systems for its effectiveness. Using the power of our conscious mind/intention and emotional feedback systems, blockages are identified and cleared quickly and easily from both the physical and energy bodies. EMO is amazingly easy to learn and to do. Put simply, it works to re-establish flow where energy has been blocked.


Benefits of EMO

Through releasing trapped energy and creating an even flow, emotional and other related problems/symptoms are released from the system.

After this powerful training, practitioners report much higher levels of awareness to what is happening in their bodies and how their emotional states are actually expressed in their body. Due to its inherent nature, Practitioner Licensing is only available to existing therapists. However, non-therapists are welcome to attend for personal development purposes only.


Course Content:

In the practitioner training, the true depth of EMO and its many patterns and techniques really becomes revealed.


You will learn about shields, about your own healing powers, about repairing damage to the Energy Body and about the many different manifestations of energetic injuries, blockages and misalignments.


The practitioner trainings also pick up on the underpinning theories of EMO; but as with all EMO training, they represent a particular opportunity to both experience ET healing and release as well as to be able to help facilitate it for others.  The EMO


Practitioner certification gives you everything you need as a professional healer, therapist or holistic health practitioner to be able to combine EMO with your existing modalities, as well as offering EMO sessions as a standalone and to offer EMO Healing Circles.   Pre-requisite is Self-Help Workshop.  


During the Practitioner Training you will take the exciting EMO concept to a new level of clinical practice.


  • You will learn and experience the greater power of the co-joint healing process that takes place with the practitioner and the client’s intention focused on softening and flowing energy.
  • You will experience how to do EMO by telephone, expanding your practice.
  • You will understand and learn how to safely dismantle shields and barriers that we consciously and unconsciously have around ourselves for protection, but which stop all nourishing energies from being received.
  • You will understand more of the theory of EMO, the different manifestations of energy disturbance in the energy system.
  • You will learn how to soften and release hard, old, and resistant energies.
  • Using these extra powerful techniques, you will release deep old energetic wounds in your own system.
  • You will understand how aspects manifest in the Energy Body and how to deal with multiple aspects.
  • You will understand the importance of thorough testing and helping your client to reach the energized end state available with any energy that might previously have been stuck.
  • You will experience how to use EMO with affirmations, dramatically increasing the power and speed of their effectiveness.
  • You will have learning and become experienced in how to apply your intention to influence any energy system.

Registration is through http://its-about-energy.com

Patricia DancingElk-Walls
  •  Patricia Walls.Net
  •  Waxahachie, Texas, United States
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (Dallas, Texas, USA) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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