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Positive EFT Live Course Event with Patricia DancingElk-Walls

Dallas, Texas, USA | 11 July 2015

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Positive EFT Course


Energy EFT is not only for the therapist.    This course can be a wonderful introduction to EFT for those who want to know more about it.  This course also gives the non-therapist an option and useful way to motivate others in business, education and/or health.   There are times when people just don't want to focus on what has happened to them that is bad.  That is when this course is most applicable.  You can change a behavior or energy flow just as easily by focusing on a positive attribute as a negative one.  Even easier, actually!


This course is open to all who are non-members of the AMT have a passion for EFT . Participants will be awarded with a positive EFT facilitator attendance certificate .  This course is also open to people who are already members of the AMT who want to expand their knowledge base and improve their own lives and will be awarded a practitioners certificate.


Content On this 1 day course you will learn:

  •  How much better you can feel and how quickly that can happen
  •  How to find energy forms that you have been hungering for all your life
  •  How to use positive EFT to change your mind and think new thoughts
  •  How you can convert problems into solutions and learn a whole new thinking  
  •  Extremely powerful, personalized emergency positives that can lift you quickly.
  •  How you can use Positive EFT for goal setting and future success
  •  How you can use your own energy levels easily and powerfully when you choose.

As a facilitator, you gain all of the above, PLUS.

  •  How to change your thinking from looking for problems and “roots” to finding solutions
  •  How to encourage people up the positive wing of the SUE scale and get faster, more powerful healing events in your sessions.
  •  How you can use the “power of positives” to prepare clients for working with trauma
  •  How you can use positives with past aspects and future aspects to heal the energy system
  •  How to use positives with children, groups, families and teams.
  •  How you can use positive EFT as a starting point and introduction to EFT


Working with Positive energy forms is truly amazing and tranceFormational.


Come along and find out for yourself what real, modern Positive EFT can do for you.


You will experience this course with Appointed Trainer of Trainers, Patricia Walls.  Register through http://its-about-energy.com

Patricia DancingElk-Walls
  •  Patricia Walls.Net
  •  Waxahachie, Texas, United States
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (Dallas, Texas, USA) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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