Biofield Viewer Workshop with Thornton Streeter

The View Hotel, Eastbourne, UK | 14 Nov 2016

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Dr Thornton StreeterIt is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us in Eastbourne, UK on November 14th, 2016 for a journey into the leading edge of holistic screening research. This is a unique one-day training course conducted by myself, Dr. Thornton Streeter.

Training course and certification includes:

  • How to take Biofield Viewer images

  • How to interpret Biofield Viewer images

The Biofield Viewer is a real-time imaging system that is able to detect and visualize the subtle layers of electromagnetic (EM) activity around living systems. The technology is a research tool which allows this EM activity to be monitored and studied for optimizing energy treatment protocols and investigating the human biofield. The images below represent a person at resting state (left) and after preparing his body to begin reiki (right). Subtle changes in the colors and patterns of the biofield can now be evaluated.ย 

In Biofield Viewer mode, the software focuses on the energy interference patterns at the bodyโ€™s surface and in the atmosphere around the body. The Chakra Viewer mode focuses attention at the areas associated with the chakras by diffusing the fine detail. 3D Biofield mode produces images of the etheric field in three dimensions and complements Kirlian photography. This software, however, surpasses the electrographic process by removing the need for a charged plate which liberates the view of the etheric layer and users can watch changes in real-time.

Chakra Viewer mode is a significant scientific discovery as energy centers known as the human chakras have been referenced to for thousands of years. The image on the left shows the brow and throat chakras and the image to the right shows the heart and solar plexus chakras as well. The Chakra Viewer displays the chakras live and both images and video clips can be stored.

Thornton Streeter Biofield Viewer Workshop - Eastbourne UK November 2016Taking a set of images is a fast, easy, and non-invasive process. The software and the screening environment are designed to facilitate the alignment and comparability of images taken after different interventions. The software allows a centerline to be used to help analyze symmetry. The camera has remote capabilities to allow the operator to be in a separate room during imaging to increase privacy and to fine tune camera adjustments.ย 

Delegates are โ€˜Research Fellowsโ€™ and entitled access to information and facilities at the Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) for the year and a research guide is available to facilitate continuing education.

After 25 years of working with technology that reveals the human bio๏ฌeld the Centre for Bio๏ฌeld Sciences, has taken the possibilities for a quantum leap. In fact the ๏ฌrst electrographic images were taken 50 years before Semyon Kirlian popularized his way to image the ethic layer of the human bio๏ฌeld. 3D Biofield liberates imaging of the etheric body from the 2D Kirlian plate so that it can be imaged in full body detail as below.

Do be in touch if you want to attend as places are limited. We very much look forward to seeing you there, please do share this message to others you think may be interested.

All the best,

Thornton Streeter

Dr. Thornton Streeter is also a keynote speaker at the GoE Energy Conference 2016 on the two days prior to the Biofield Viewer Workshop. Click the button below for more information and to register for the workshop:

...or phone us (Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm UK)ย +44 01323 700800.ย 

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