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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1,826 members active in 61 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Modernes Energietappen Grundlagenkurs Live with Dieter Maas

Schlosshotel Domäne Walberberg Rheindorfer-Burg-Weg 39, 53332 Bornheim / Rhein, Deutschland/Germany | 1 July 2018

Am Sonntag den 1. Juli findet in den Räumen des Schlosshotels Walberberg der Modernes Energietappen Grundkurs als live Training statt.

Dieser vermittelt - zusammen mit vielen wunderbaren Energieerlebnissen - die Grundlagen von Modernem Energietappen zur effektiven Anwendung als Selbsthilfe und mit Freunden, Partnern, Familie und Gruppen und unter Anwendung der Ideen der Modernen Energie nach Silvia Hartmann. 


Lerneinheit 1: Modernes Energietappen lernen
Die Geschichte von Modernes Energietappen
Modernes Energietappen
Die SUE Skala
Das Energietappen Herz & Seelen Protokoll
Die Herz Position
Tappen auf Energie Punkten I
Tappen auf Energie Punkten II
Oben auf dem Kopf
Drittes Auge
Unter dem Auge
Unter der Nase
Unter dem Mund
Die Fingerpunkte
Kleiner Finger
Tips für das Klopfen I
Tips für das Klopfen II
Das Energy EFT Set Up
Lasst uns die Energie erhöhen!
Lasst uns die ENERGIE NOCH MEHR erhöhen!
Alle Energie Der Welt!
Wähle Dir Deine Eigene Energie Aus
Modernes Energietappen Grundkurs - Lerneinheit 1

Lerneinheit 2: Der Energiemilliardär
Darf ich vorstellen: Dein Energiekörper!
Emotionen Sind Der 6te Sinn
Die Bedeutung des Energiekörpers
Das "Vom Stress zum Erfolg" Modell
Extrem Niedrige Energie
Hoch Emotionales Leiden
Emotionale Störung oder Stress
Der Nullpunkt des Nichts
Jenseits von Erfolg
Der Energiemilliardär
Der energetische Feiertag
Fühle Dich Besser Mit Naturenergie!
Fühle Dich Ermächtigt Mit Tierenergie!
Ozeane von Energie
Modernes Energietappen Grundkurs - Lerneinheit 2

Lerneinheit 3: Von Problemen zu Lösungen
Darf ich vorstellen: Die Aspekte!
Modernes Energietappen im wirklichen Leben anwenden
Probleme lösen
Stärker werden
Umgang mit Stress
Der Umgang mit spezifischem Stress
Die Bewegung In Richtung Erfolg
Vom Problem zum positiven Modernen Energietappen Set Up
Mit "Leutestress" umgehen
Vergangenheit, Gegenwart & Zukunft
Tappen für die Aspekte
Tappen für einen vergangenen Aspekt
Tappen für einen zukünftigen Aspekt
Tappen für einen Aspekt eines Anderen Menschen(Stellvertreter Tappen)
Modernes Energietappen Grundkurs - Lerneinheit 3

Lerneinheit 4: Modernes Energietappen zu Zweit - Und Mehr!
Energy EFT zu Zweit – Und Mehr!
Das Geschenk von Modernem Energietappen geben
Tappen mit einem Freund
Tappen mit einem Partner
Tappen mit einer Familie
Tappen mit einer Gruppe
Modernes Energietappen Diagramm Für Kinder
Modernes Energietappen mit kleinen Kindern
Modernes Energietappen Diagramm Für Ältere Kinder
Modernes Energietappen mit älteren Kindern
Es Geht Nur Um Energie!
Das Herz aus Gold
Über Die Guild of Energists
Nächste Schritte: GoE Modernes Energietappen Pro
Modernes Energietappen Grundkurs - Lerneinheit 4


Modern Stress Management Foundation - Information


This four-unit qualification may be taught by live training or Skype and features a full-colour manual. Participants will learn the fundamental Modern Stress Management techniques to help combat the stress epidemic.

On completion of this course you will be presented with your Modern Stress Management Foundation certificate and be awarded a years GoE Standard Membership, which gives you access to the members group, valuable learning resources and also receive the magazine The Energist.

Modern Stress Management Foundation - Course Units

Unit 1: Measuring Stress

  • Welcome to Modern Stress Management!
  • What Is Stress?
  • Emotional Stress
  • Where Do Emotions Come From?
  • It's All About Energy!
  • Measuring Stress
  • Very Low Energy
  • Emergency Energy
  • Stress
  • The Zero Point Of Nothing
  • Low Positive Energy
  • Positive Energy
  • High Energy - The Even Flow
  • Many Aspects
  • Energize Your Life!

Unit 2: Energize Your Life!

  • Recognizing Stress
  • What Raises Your Energy?
  • Start With The Heart!
  • Energy Breathing
  • The Here & Now Exercise
  • Energy EFT
  • The Perfect Place
  • Energy Is Free!
  • Positive Energy For You!

Unit 3: De-Stressing Other People

  • Good And Bad People
  • We Are Not Alone ...
  • Group Bubbles
  • The YES! Principle
  • Your Happiness Matters!
  • Modern Leadership
  • The Master Mind Group

Unit 4: A New Energized Future

  • YES! You Can!
  • Positive Futures
  • From Problems To Solutions
  • Energizing Aspects
  • Protecting The Future
  • Modern Stress Management In Conclusion

Find out more about the MODERN Stress Management Foundation distance learning course here:


Modern Stress Management Foundation My training with Wendy Fry was brilliant! She has such energy and inspiration on this topic and made the learning a lot of fun.

She was very thorough in going through the course and I love her +10 energy.

Suzie Flynn, Student of GoE Trainer Wendy Fry

Sue Bellworthy, Student of GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi Sandra is a wonderful tutor and much credit to her for my success. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is stressed by work, family or indeed by life. The interactive, zoom method of learning is excellent and removes the stressors associated with travel and in no way detracts from the quality of teaching. I've already marked the next stage of the training on my "list of things to do". Thank you Sandra and the GoE

Sue Bellworthy, Student of GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi

Jennine Allen, GoE Professional Member I had an amazing time on the Modern Stress Management Foundation course, this is the second course I had taken with Jaqueline Besseling, and as before was delighted with the depth of the course, and Jaqueline's ability to deliver it.
Difficult to say my favourite part, but the biggest understanding was of the importance of being more aware, more often of where I was on The SUE Scale, and realising just how much this affected the way I think and speak. Also taking just a couple of minutes to rise up the scale, even if it's only one number, will change the way I think and speak for a better outcome and perspective. At least once an hour, check your stress level, and then raise!
This course inspired to continue on the MSM journey in the near future!

Jennine Allen, GoE Professional Member

Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer, UK As a Trainer and MSM Professional I found this the simplest most beautiful flowing course to teach. Silvia's Trainers Videos set the scene perfectly and were very helpful as preparation.

The combination of gentle pace and a very satisfying range of energy raising exercises flowed so easily and at the end of the day, I felt relaxed happy satisfied and still energised myself. It was a joy to teach and it felt like participants received really good value.

From the content point of view, the book is beautiful and professional and any trainer would be proud to offer it to their attendees. The course is logical, appealing, accessible, and effective and really delivers on teaching the basics of modern energy principles.

The skills learned through the exercises are effective can be learned by literally everybody ... and are widely appealing. It felt good to do them at the same time.

I really hope that all our GoE Trainers take MSM and start to teach this course. It's important and missing education for all ages and all walks of life, that will make a tremendous difference helping people take control and move out of stress towards success in their life.

The MSM Foundation Day is a gem of a course and a real gift we can share with people.

I look forward to my next MSM Foundation Day tomorrow on skype. Though skype is great for smaller groups, this course is suitable for and deserving of much larger groups.

So Trainers..... get yourselves on board with MSM Modern Stress Management

Though attending MSM Foundation isn't mandatory for existing Trainers of MSM, you may choose to enjoy the day personally and experience its unfolding, as you prepare to teach it. Silvia's Trainers videos will support you well however if you don't get the chance to attend.

With this addition to your training portfolio any Trainer will be happy proud and very successful helping to lead the world from stress into success.

And to all GoE Members old and new, you will love this course and the skills it will bring you to manage your energy and your life expanding beyond EFT. It will be a real gift you give to yourself when you book your MSM-F Day with a Trainer near you.

I will be delighted to see some of you at my future events but wish you joy and success whichever you attend.

In love and thanks,

Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer, UK

Alex Kent
CEO, GoE Modern Stress Management Foundation is a one day course for MSM trainers looking to work with companies, schools and individuals. Stress is the epidemic that blights our society and MSM is very much the solution. This course is well structured and I can see it being very liberating and energising for both students and teacher.

Alex Kent CEO, GoE

Dieter Maas
  •  Maas Moderne Energie
  •  Erftstadt, NRW, Germany
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (Schlosshotel Domäne Walberberg Rheindorfer-Burg-Weg 39, 53332 Bornheim / Rhein, Deutschland/Germany) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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