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We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation with Sandra Hillawi

Zoom Online International | 9-14 November 2020

This was an amazing experience for me, as well as the participants. Though I have given online trainings before, I never had 50 people online to conduct a training with. So it was a new frontier for me as a trainer... and it was awesome.

I offered this as a 'doing my bit' for the stressful Coronavirus season and to Beta Test out how a large group would work on Zoom for an interactive course.

100+ people registered and joined my Love Training with Sandra Hillawi facebook group, 48 joined online on Zoom, and some watching the Replays in the group.

I learned so much and am delighted that it helped so many people at this time of worry and fear to shift up into higher energy states with great tools.

There was no overall favourite module, as Energy Tapping, EMO, SuperMind and Relationship Bubbles all had rave reviews.

**** EMO
"I love this one, Now knowing that is possible to do that and tapping is not necessary.... well is a new world! at work i don't have to "run" to the bathroom to tap."

**** MET Modern Energy Tapping
"As a former EFT user,this was an eye opener. Instead of focussing on the problem, focus on what you need to climb the energy ladder. A game changer for me, will use this consistently. So powerful. Felt amazing after this on Tuesday a +7"

**** SuperMind
"Mind habitats to solve problems was new to me and adding magic really opened possibilities! Really enjoyed this."

MSM Foundation is an excellent course for self help and getting started on the Modern Energy path.

This feedback kind of summed up the feedback from everyone:

"In this time of worry and stress, having such incredible tools is a gift I cannot truly express in words. I've followed Sandra for a while and I knew instinctively she was someone I needed to work with. You can feel the love radiating from the screen. Everything was explained easily and clearly, a fantastic teacher. Loved the community aspect of seeing people from all over the world,makes you feel part of a group / tribe, rather than a lecture. Thank you." Tim M.

Looking forward to the next one ... planned for end of April

In thanks and love to The GoE for amazing courses for us to teach and share.

Sandra Hillawi
International Master Trainer, Coach and Author

Skills for Challenging Times

MSM Modern Stress Management Self Help Training

Monday to Friday 9th - 14th November 2020  TBC

Five Sessions 11 am - 1.00 pm

 with Sandra Hillawi

Understand and Take Control of Your Stress and Move Towards More Success Happiness and Love

This workshop is open to absolutely everyone who is looking for ways to reduce their stress and to feel happier and more successful in their life. Starting with a modern understanding of stress, emotions and human energy levels, witha  detailed personal and accurate stress assessment. It then proceeds to explore many ways to reduce stress and improve energy and state. Attendees will experience a rich and comprehensive set of effective techniques, feel energised and transformed by the day, and take home tools that they can manage their stress on an ongoing basis.  

Zoom video link will be sent by email before the trainig and you will have a chance to become familiar with it before the training starts if you are not already.

Module 1 Stress Awareness and Measurement

Module 2 Techniques for Reducing Stress and Energising Your Life

Module 3 Helping Others Feel Better, Empowerment and Leadership

Module 4  EMO Energy In Motion

Module 5 Practice Heal Transform Empower the Past Present and Future 


The live online training sessions with Sandra

A Private discussion group on facebook

Replays of the course available in the facebook group


Beautiful full colour training manual,  a certificate from The Guild of Energists UK on completion, membership of The GoE, certification processing and admin.

Certification Package is Optional and Available

Registration Enrollment Here 


Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Chilcompton Radstock, Somerset, England
  •  Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
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