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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 99 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Modern Energy Coach Professional with Jorge Vence

Online | 6 June 2020

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Add more Energy to your Eneregist Business with the Energy Coach Professional Training

Zoom Training

Comfort of your own home

Date: 6th June 2020

Location: Zoom, International

Times: 12 PM - 7 PM, UK Time

Investment: £400 only

Pre-requisite: EEFTMP and MSMF/P

If you are wanting to improve areas of your lives that you have been working on for a while without getting the results you want or simply want to acquire a new set of skills you can use in your Energists Business, then Energy Coach Professional is the training for you.

Come and join me Jorge Vence, the co-creator of Energy Coach Professional.

Silvia Hartmann and I understood that there was room for something new and dynamic and energy fuel, it was then we had the realisation that we didn't have a practitioner-based coaching programme or technique to work with +5 and beyond clients, these are clients that already get Energy work and they also understand they can achieve and do more and in order to do so engaging with an Energy Coach is their next step.

The feedback from some of the graduate Energists from this training have been so positive and encouraging, it has surpassed their expectations and they can already see the immense value this training is adding to their existing tools.

In my personal case, I have learned to be more Energy-focused, rich and abundant AND that my "main" role in the coaching journey is to ensure that my client gets to their goal and their +10, by doing so and being extraordinary and outstanding I am giving myself the gift of success too, I get to be extraordinary and outstanding too, it is a real winner.

During the training with me, you get to learn the material as it is executed live with clients and I like to contribute to my students by coaching them out of behaviours and/or negative thoughts they have, my job is not only to train, it is to enhance you and you help you grow into the better version of yourself, the version you already know is there.

There are only 4 units in this training and each one of them takes you closer to your +10, where you go from one AHA moment to the next and evolve at the same time.

The units are:

1. The Champion

2. The Coaching Process

3. Achieving Success

4. The Modern Energy Coach

Also, as my gift you as a graduate of the ECP, you will get my ongoing support and mentoring, because I believe once you train with me you are my student for life!

For more information contact me now on 07914016397, visit my website www.lifecoachsouthampton.co.ukwww.eft-training-uk.co.uk or let’s have a brief chat on skype (jorgepan83).

Expand YOUR Client Range with Modern Energy Coaching!

Modern Energy Coach Course GoE

Working on the positive side of the Energy Chart is inspiring, enlightening and transformative - and not only for the client.

Modern Energy Coach - Two for Team!

Modern Energy Coach is an intensive one-day course, in four exciting course units, to expand the modern energist's reach beyond healing, therapy and counselling their clients, into the wonderful world of coaching successful individuals to become even more successful and make both their personal and business dreams come true.

GoE Modern Energy Coach Success Train

Take the next step on your journey to success - with Modern Energy Coaching!

Pre-Requisite Courses:

The required courses to being eligible to enrol on the GoE Modern Energy Coach course are follows:

For information on GoE courses, distance learning, trainers and live training dates see:

Kelly Mayne
GoE Energist Trainer Thank you to Silvia Hartmann and Jorge Vence as well as my Trainer Sandra Hillawi for a fantastic course. I'm so glad I did this training as after some deliberation (as I'm already a trained coach) I decided to go for it, knowing just how good all the G.O.E courses are. I'm very happy to say that yet again this is a +10 course and adds the missing part to coaching...Energy!

Highly recommend it to anyone.

Kelly Mayne GoE Energist Trainer

Paul Grant, Ireland. I want to say a massive thank you Sandra (Hillawi) for a truly incredible day of training for the Modern Energy Coach Professional. It was such an empowering day, with glorious energy expansions and evolution's. I have worked with energy most of my life, in one form or another. But the Energy Coaching took it to a whole new level, beyond anything I thought it could be. I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to experience this approach to using my energy. I nearly wept at how beautiful it is to be able to support people this much in achieving success in reaching their goals and dreams. Thank you Sandra, and thank you Silvia and Jorge for creating this magnificent Coaching course.

Paul Grant, Ireland.

Helen Ryle, Ireland I've been a member of the GoE since 2006 and a trainer since 2008. Learning and growing with the organisation as it has evolved has been such a pleasure. The Professional Energy Coach course completes the range of modern energy courses so that Professional Energists can help people who are on any level of the SUE scale. This course is aimed at working with people who are already on the high end of the scale (+7 and above) much of the time, but who find they can't see a project through to completion or even begin it when their energy drops and stress levels increase.

With modern stress management techniques and the championing of the client and their project, we can help them to plan and follow through on whatever they want to create in their life. On a personal level, I found this course to be mind-expanding and so energising, I was buzzing with positive energy and creative ideas at the end of the day. I also came away with a practical and achievable plan for a project which I'd been procrastinating about.

Sandra Hillawi is a gifted trainer; this is the second course I have taken with her online and the experience has been wonderful on both occasions. Sandra's kindness, compassion and support shine through everything she does. There was plenty of time for personal growth, experiential exercises and illustrative stories from her personal experience. I wholeheartedly recommend training with Sandra, who shines her heart of gold on everything she does. Excellent course, inspiring trainer - definitely a +10 experience!

Helen Ryle, Ireland

Jorge Vence
  •  Steps - EFT & Meridian Therapies Training UK
  •  Southampton, Hampshire, England
  •  Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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