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Star Matrix Master - Turkish Launch with Sandra Hillawi

Zoom Online (Turkey) | 15 January 2022

I am delighted to announce and welcome 4 new Star Matrix Masters !
Congratulations to Bilge in the UK and Elif, Ozlem and Nimet in Turkey.

This was the first offering of Star Matrix Master course in the Turkish language taking place online on Zoom 15-16th January. I had planned to teach the course with translation from Cumsiye Ozgur but having come down with covid flu Cumasiye stepped up to take the lead on my behalf and did a great job.

Here is the feedback from Cumasiye and the group who are all trainers now qualified to teach this course in their own right.

Cumasiye Ozgur:
During the whole course, I felt very high energy in the group. It was exciting to see the students to reach their high energy memories and share these memories with others in the group. One of the student said like Money Course this course has a very high energy.
The most important thing for me as a trainer was to see the students understanding the difference between connecting to an aspect with low energy and high energy and its effect to our energy bodies.
I feel at least they understood the importance to reach to our positive memories.
Also I felt the transformation was much more deeper during the exercises, future focused exercises made us really very aligned during the whole course.

I also notice that in the last year that SuperMind and Star Matrix are becoming my only applied healing techniques.

Elif Arikan Don:
Dear Sandra, Thank you very much for helping us get a nice education like Star Matrix. It was a great education. we had wonderful hours by integrating with our star memories and future star versions. If we didn't have star matrix education, maybe we would never have thought about these stars. Besides, each of our friends who participated in the training was very special. And I can't wait to tell other beautiful people about this fun and training we felt like a star. To dear Silvia Hartmann, dear Sandra Hillawi and my dear Cumasiye Özgür Thank you for this valuable education with lots of love.. I'm glad I attended.

Ozlem Kolcu:
Since my childhood, I love to watch the star-filled sky and dream. Star matrix was like a stargate to me. I feel that I have found a magnificent treasure full of stars. Everything I need can be so accessible and so fun to reach. Thank you very much.

Nimet Ozkan:
It was very impressive to reunite with our star memories of a beautiful course and to bring them back to life. If you want to feel like a star and bring out the star in you thanks to StarMatrix, you should definitely take this course. We forget so many beautiful memories that they are actually our source of healing.
Special thanks to Silvia Hartmann and dear Sandra Hillawi and Cumasiye and the whole GOE team who contributed to the course. Endless thanks to my other friends who participated in the course, we became a very nice team.

Bilge Yalcin
Star Matrix is full energized eft course. It gives me positive energy and I've realized my past is not so bad ! It gives me hope and motivation to create a +10 future easily. Thank you Silvia for creating this course. Thank you Sandra and Cumasiye for giving this course. I had an amazing time and my energy body filled with all star dust ! I really feel good after the course. It gives me more positive thoughts. This course happened exactly at the right time for me. Thank you so much again.


Star Matrix Master Training

with Sandra Hillawi for Turkey



What is the Star Matrix?

The Star Matrix is your self concept, created entirely out of Star Events of your life.


What is a Star Event?

A Star Event is a High Positive Memory of a positive experience that caused you to learn, to grow, and to evolve.

Star Events contain essential information about reality which you experienced first hand (you didn't read about it in a book, it really happened to you!).


Why are Star Events more important than trauma?

Star Events contain the information “how to do it” rather than “how not to do it.”

Star Events teach us what we want to move towards, rather than away from.

Star Events have the powerful positive energy that literally takes us out of stress, pain and confusion, and into beautiful clarity.


Why do we need to access Star Events?

Accessing Star Events (remembering high positive experiences) raises energy super fast and is the key to not just reaching higher energy states more often, but also to learn how to have MORE Star Events in the future.



What happens when we connect the real Star Events of our own lives?

Information and energy starts to flow between them, and they become more than the sum of their parts – the Star Matrix is born.

Star Matrix Logo

 Why do we need the Star Matrix?

The Star Matrix completely revolutionises the way we think about ourselves. The Star Matrix changes our self concept. The Star Matrix gives us grounded, reality based self belief.

We finally find out who we really are.


What are the benefits of Star Matrix?

Star Matrix has the power to raise our energy average (the holy grail of Modern Energy!).


 Star Matrix builds new pathways in the physical brain, too - illustration by Silvia Hartmann


Star Matrix also improves memory, intelligence, wisdom, and creates new pathways in the brain.

Discovering Star Events and connecting Star Events literally lights up our lives.


Star Matrix is REAL.

  • These Star Events that make up YOUR own, personal Star Matrix really happened.
  • You were there, you experienced this yourself.
  • Your Star Matrix is build exclusively on THE TRUTH about you, and THE TRUTH about your life.


Giving conscious attention to your own Star Events unlocks your personal “Treasures & Riches” you have spent a lifetime accumulating – and now it's time to gather in YOUR harvest.


But what about all the trauma?

Working with powerful, crystal clear, beautiful, high energy Star Events teaches us “how to do memories right.”

Here, we learn how to access memories; how to gain information from memories; how to work with the energy of memories correctly and how to process memories correctly.

After Star Matrix, and with the POWER of our own Star Matrix alive within us, we can deal with trauma memories in a completely different way, with power, with confidence, and with LOVE.


  • Star Matrix doesn't just teach us how to handle our high positive memories; it also teaches us how to deal with ALL MEMORIES – beautifully.


How does the Star Matrix program work?

We begin by accessing Star Memories that are being presented to us by the Energy Mind.

We connect with the energy and the information of the Star Memory.

We pay conscious attention to the Star Memory, and we make a note of each Star Memory that presents itself.

Over the entire course, this will give us the structure of our Star Matrix as we add topic specific Star Events from our lifetime.

We will be using the latest Modern Energy exercises to “master our memories” - accessing memories, working inside of memories, locating core components and messages, and working with the energy of memories correctly.

We will be learning and practising how to use Star Memories for problem solving, as a source of inspiration, for healing and to reveal our own special “Superpowers” that are ONLY to be found in our own, personal Star Memories.

With every exercise, your Star Matrix becomes more stable, more energy and more astonishing.

We really did not know who we were – and we are nothing as we thought we were.

None of this is delusion, fantasy, or a hallucination.


  • Star Matrix is build on the REALITY of YOUR experiences of this lifetime.


Your Star Matrix is real.


Your Star Matrix is awaiting your conscious mind to discover it, to understand it and to start USING IT to make YOUR life more light filled, more exciting, more like HOME than it could ever be before.


The Future and The Missing Events

Star Matrix gives us guidance about “our path” - why we are here, what we are doing, and what we need to have happen in the future to “complete ourselves.”

 In this course, we will be giving particular attention to future Star Events, including the most urgently needed Missing Events, as well as gaining a sense of what future Star Events are the most desired or important to take our Star Matrix to the next level.


  • Star Matrix is personal development based not on trauma, but on the Star Events of our lives.

 Star Matrix is an absolute revolution in personal development – instead of darkness, trauma and suffering, we are turning directly towards the light, high energy experiences and our own personal Star Events to find the solutions to our problems.


Meet YOUR TRUE Self – Meet YOUR Star Matrix!

Created by Silvia Hartmann

Based on over 10 years of research, trialling and testing.

The results are in – and they are extraordinary.

Human beings need their Star Events to be healed and healing, happy and healthy.

The Star Events exist, the Star Matrix is REAL.

Now all we have to do is to PAY ATTENTION in a new way.

We have to create brand new pathways in the living brain.

This is a process of personal discovery and delight we never even knew was possible.


  • There will be joy.
  • There will be love.
  • There will be information.
  • There will be energy.
  • There will be transformation.


Your treasures and riches await.

It's time to gather in YOUR harvest.



The Star Matrix Masters Course

  • Created by Silvia Hartmann
  • Taught by Silvia Hartmann herself for the first time
  • Multi-Level Course for 1: Personal Development, 2: Pro Energists working with others; 3: Modern Energy Trainers
  • Regular course start dates 
  • 10 + 1 Learning Units, one per week. (PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AVAILABE AT A SET TIME EACH WEEK)
  • Time Investment: Min. 2 hours per week, at at anytime to suit you.
  • Star Matrix is an Interactive Online Course featuring Silvia Hartmann's instructional videos, live streams, group chats and student interaction.
  • Includes the Star Matrix On-line Manual and Star Matrix Masters Certification.

* Star Matrix Masters Course Prerequisite – Successful completion of The Energy Course (Modern Energy Foundation).


Meet your Star Matrix!

Meet your true self

and be prepared to be ASTONISHED.

You have no idea just yet

how AWESOME you actually really are.


In Summary:


Star Matrix – working with the Star Events of YOUR Life! - will …

  • Make you wiser
  • Make you stronger
  • Make you FAR more powerful
  • Give you a reality based high self esteem like you've never had before
  • Engage and awaken your physical brain
  • Give you a treasure trove of new techniques for problem solving, healing and generally dealing with every day
  • Give you brand new approaches for working with clients and students
  • Unlock your personal Superpowers, your real natural talents and abilities
  • Give you an endless source of strength and power through your best aspects (your assets!)
  • Reveal your life's meaning, path and mission
  • Gather in your harvest of YOUR Treasures & Riches of this lifetime
  • Take you on the most awesome journey of discovery there is – finally coming home to YOU.

Star Matrix created by Silvia Hartmann


Star Matrix

Modern Energy Technology For the 21st Century

Created by Silvia Hartmann

Built on Truth, Logic - AND on LOVE.



The Turkish Launch of Star Matrix will be on 8-9-10 October online with Sandra Hillawi 

The normal price is £547.00 GBP or 6000 TL

For this special launch event for Turkey for a ONCE ONLY special launch offer you can take this course for only £240 - less than half price !!!

Hurry and book as the Turkish exchange rate is falling.... as you wait the price goes up!

Payment by card (ask Sandra for a payment link), or bank transfer (Contact Cumasiye Ozgur)



Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Chilcompton Radstock, Somerset, England
  •  Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
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