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Modern Energy Healer - Distance Learning with Sandra Hillawi

Zoom Online | 4 April - 23 May 2022

There’s always a bit of a heart tug when we break up the group bubble after a beautiful course together. Its only lessened by thanksgiving and blessings for the wonderful experiences and time we have enjoyed.

Last weekend was no different at the final meet up of the Modern Energy Healer course. I warmly congratulate the lovely people who started this journey 8 weeks ago to activate and empower their healing hands of love, to bring ease and flow, facilitate evolution and improve our lives.

Complete with new Energy Healing knowledge and super powers of The Gentle Touch, The Royal Touch, The Beautiful Touch and more I am delighted to present to you:

Peter Marsland, Robert McBeth, Cathy Cavanagh, Esther McGaw, Lorna Firth all from the UK, David Ingvoldstad from the USA, Christine Chari in Malaysia and Dieter Maas Germany taking the course again because he loves it! We have a few more international participants finishing soon but here are a few of the comments about this course:

I am so glad and eternally grateful that I joined the MEH course with Sandra.
As a Trainer I thought I had learned everything from the GOE courses.
I have found MEH with Sandra is beautiful and amazing, adding a new dimension to my skills as a professional practitioner and Trainer. The weekly format, videos and live meet ups was great.
I also had some realisations in the course of the heavy burden I have been carrying. My heart was broken 6 years ago and I ignored what was happening to my soul. I managed to lighten my load during the course of the journey. It’s never too late to heal the energy body. Thank you Sandra for your patience, love and professionalism. Lorna Firth Trainer

Well I thought this beautiful course couldn't get even better, but the energetic content within each module is absolutely brilliant with practical authentic feedback demonstrating the beauty and simplicity of working with energy. So many easy and enjoyable ways to implement healing and make improvement in all areas of your life. So simple a child could do this. I certainly will be utilising this energetic beautiful powerful techniques again. Many thanks for the wonderful course, I have really enjoyed it! Robert McBeth

Thank you so much for this course. It was amazing and even though I did not attend live I have watched every video and I shall watch them again to learn even more.
I found this an invaluable tool for modern living, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn. With a lot going on in my life at the moment this knowledge and skills will be invaluable to me and I look forward to even more opportunities to use my new healing skills.
It was wonderful to see you on the videos and to feel your soft and gentle energy.
With Love and Blessings, Saxon Knight

It’s been a lovely course Sandra, shame it has to end. And Module 8, The Soul, you saved the best til last!! It was so beautiful to touch my soul and feel it expand. This Soul connection feels like it solves all my problems. Its a short cut for Love of the Self. I’m feeling empowered, more complete, more whole. Every module was amazing, simple tools to use and so gentle, so lovely and insightful. Esther McGaw

As a Trainer I love teaching this course and am gathering the next group to start another 8 week journey in June. If you have any questions and are interested to join the next course please get in touch or simply register on the link.


Wishing all Modern Energy Healers a blessed and happy journey on from here and a warm welcome to the new ones beginning soon.

With love and thanks
Sandra Hillawi

Modern Energy Healer Course

Eight Week Journey of Love and Healing with Sandra Hillawi 

Starting April 2022 for 8 weeks

Help yourself, friends, family and clients if you already a professional. 

Learn and practice the beautiful art of healing with the energy of love

through different ways of touching and healing the energy body


1. Your Extraordinary Energy Body

2. The Energy Touch

3. Giving and Receiving The Gift of Heaaling

4. The Beautiful Touch

5. Touching The Matrix and The Royal Touch

6. Healing in The Energy Universe and The Laying on of Hands

7. Energy Constellations and Distant Healing

8. Soul Healing and Soul Connection

Addendum Healing with Love


This course has 8 weeks of Video Tutorial content with time to practice with family and friends.

You can go at your own pace, emailing your experience and receiving feedback or join a weekly live zoom with Sandra to keep up to speed over the 8 weeks.


"I’ve really been enjoying your videos - they really bring everything alive and I love the energy of them and as always enjoying the simplicity of Silvia’s manual. Even when I watch you on video I can feel your energy touch as if I were there, so I definitely know there is no distance for love to travel. Thank you Sandra for these precious gifts, look forward to the next chapter x  JW  UK"

"Wow what a course, I was at a bump in the road , and i heard about the energy healing course ,i was not disappointed it was a wake-up call, like an update healing software package lol with a few home truths and plenty of exercises. It left me feeling like I had been updated energetically ,I recommend this course with Sandra, who is very understanding and an excellent practitioner. Cheers again. Brilliant!"  P.Smith UK 

"It was a nice change of pace to not just follow the set hand positions taught in Reiki, and to just trust the process of following the client’s direction of where the hands need to go. The shift in energy was easier and more direct and the session was much quicker as a result. My partner noted and loved being more involved and having a say in the direction of the session. He noted that the healing felt more targeted and therefore more comforting and healing in a sense."   CJooste South Africa

 A beautiful andmost enjoyable rewarding course.... healing with love


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Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Chilcompton Radstock, Somerset, England
  •  Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
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