Masterclass - The Magic Garden with Silvia Hartmann

Online | 6 Feb 2023 - 27 Feb 2023

Congratulations to Anne Beck, Kim Bradley, RobertaAnn Greene, David Ingvoldstad, Dr Darlene Two Trees Cannon & Ilka Wandel!

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2023 Modern Energy MasterClassesย 

with Silvia Hartmann

The second of the 2023 MasterClasses starts Monday, Feb 6th, 8pm UK - and it's about theย The Magic Garden: The Life Giving Pharmacy For Our Living Energy Bodies.

The Magic Garden, the Garden of Eden from SuperMind, is the most extraordinary and perfectly personalised source of energy nutrition and cures for our energy bodies. In this SuperMind MasterClass, we will be discovering the perfect remedies for our spirit, past, present and future.

Take part in a unique energy experience in 2023 โ€“ Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy MasterClass.

  • Each MasterClass has a maximum of 8 participants for individual time and attention.ย 
  • The MasterClasses are for GoE Members and holders of a GoE Masters Certificate, which is specified for each individual MasterClass experience. This creates a cohesive group of energists who are experienced in the modality, as well as personally engaged in discovering more.
  • The MasterClass meets once a week, on Monday, 8pm UK, for one hour. Each session will include personal exercises and homework exercises for that week.
  • To gain the relevant MasterClass certificate, participants must attend at least 3 of the 4 sessions.
  • The MasterClass sessions are recorded, and the recordings are available to review for the participants only.

Expect NEW insights, NEW experiences, NEW Star Events for your Book of Stars and your own personal Miracle Expansions!

Silvia Hartmann writes:

2023 is the 30th anniversary of my own moment of enlightenment, when I first saw the reality of energy.ย 

2023 is also the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Guild of Energists.ย 

All the essential building blocks for Modern Energy have been put into place, and our wonderful practitioners, trainers and members are sharing the joy of Modern Energy now all around the world.ย 

Now's the time to lay the foundations for the next 25 years and go beyond the basics - there is so much more to learn, to discover, in the WonderWorlds of Energy which can help us, heal us, support us, lift us, and bring for each one of us our own personal MIRACLE EXPANSIONS.ย 

In my very soul, I am an explorer and when the idea of the MASTERCLASSES came to me, to do 12 in total in 2021, working together with a small group of fellow energists who are as fascinated and inspired as I am, I was simply delighted.ย 

I LOVE working in small, intimate, focused groups. A group bubble arises and we become "more than the sum of our parts" - this is where I have my most amazing experiences, insights, personal breakthroughs and NEW ideas!ย 

For the MasterClasses, I am calling for fellow energists who are likewise, extremely excited by the topic; who have a full on sixth sense reaction they can feel in their body, "THIS is for me!"ย 

When we get together in that spirit, the sky need not be the limit!

I am super grateful to my dear Energy Mind for giving me this idea; it has lit up my future timeline for 2023 into bright sparkles all the way, and I can't wait to "give the gift that only I would have to give" in these MasterClasses.ย 

The topics for the first 6 MasterClasses came to me right away; the final six will be announced later, because there will be evolutions throughout the first 6, and as of now, this aspect doesn't know what the final six will be!

I am so looking forward to "working" (haha!) with fellow explorers and these sparkling topics in the Oceans of Energy!

With lots of love, and a plus ten smile,


Silvia Hartmann
Creator, Modern Energy

Pre-requisites for participating in Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy MasterClasses:

  • Active GoE Membership
  • A stable and reliable internet connection for the live video sessions
  • Being able to understand and speak English fluently
  • Holding a GoE Masters Qualification relevant to the particular MasterClass, for this classย SuperMind Masters + Project Sanctuary Legacy Masters.
  • Being personally interested in the topics of the particular MasterClass to contribute actively to the group bubble.


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