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Positive Energy Day with Sandra Hillawi

Zoom Online | 16 Aug 2023

I am delighted to congratulate my first attendee of the Positive Energy Course, Mike Grant from Liverpool.

I met Mike in 2005 when he came to a 1 day Emotrance course in Manchester (now EMO). When he booked the Positive Energy Course I wondered if it was the same Mike. He was astonished that I remembered him from all that time ago. Mike said he loved EMO and even remembered some of the stories I shared on the day! So, despite being only 1 participant I wanted to go ahead and it was really great to reconnect and then spend time raising energy with four powerful energy modalities.

Firstly this is what Mike said:

I recently attended the positive energy day course with Sandra and it was truly an amazingly nourishing and uplifting day, I felt like I was having a nourishing banquet of energy psychology delights skillfully facilitated by Sandra. It was a very powerful and moving experience and helped move my energy from my starting point (quite low and stressed) to much higher on the energy chart. I can still feel the effects today. This course is highly recommended, Thank you Sandra for this amazing positive energy experience. Mike Grant

Here’s our journey ....

The Sea of Yellow

We started with EMO and Heart Power to relax and to warm up our energy. Then we started to add positive energy. Mike evoked a sea of yellow, a field of rape seed in bloom and this energy came in and flowed through him raising him up from a -2 to a +3.

The Beach in Thailand

Then we did Modern Energy Tapping, and this time Mike was back on a beach in Thailand tapping to receive all the nourishing energies of that happy memory, flowing through his body bringing him up to a +7 and I got up to a +8.

The Magic Garden - SuperMind

Then we went to SuperMind. That was awesome. We went on a trip into the magic garden which is like having a lucid dream but its a live 6 sensory experience. In what seemed a normal park with a meadow of flowers there was a huge old tree. Mike was drawn to the tree and reached out to touch the trunk, feeling the texture of the bark and smelling the wood. He entered into the most profound connection with this ancient being and received much wisdom and insights and a deep feeling of belonging. It was wonderful star moment, surprising for Mike, and awesome for me to facilitate this from my side.

The Kindness of a child – Star Matrix

Then after a break the finale was Star Matrix and we explored natural talents and abilities which lead Mike to two star memories. One where he demonstrates his kindness and ability to see others and how they are feeling and then do something to connect and make them feel welcome.
This lead us back to a childhood star event where one day when he was low walking in the park, a youngster around 6 years old came over to say hi. This time it was the 6 yr old being able to see that he was low and acting out of the purity of love reached out to him to connect.

It was quite emotional to revisit this moment and really take in the power of this simple act of kindness which had demonstrated how much kindness can make a difference and helped set him on his own path of being the kind and caring person he is.

It was another wonderful session and at the end of this day we were both energised, happy, fulfilled and thankful for a wonderful day of positive energies.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs a boost and who wants to learn simple tools to help uplift themselves up. Life is a lot easier with more energy!

Mike, my first participant plans to go on to do EMO Master and Star Matrix and then Trainer Training in November. How awesome is that! He’s going to be an amazing practitioner and trainer!

If you would like to take this course or any of my other courses see my training diary at


Love and Thanks as always

Sandra Hillawi

Positive Wednesdays

16th August On Zoom UK 12 til 6 pm

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Positive Energy Day

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3.  Super Mind

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4. Star Matrix

Uncover the diamonds of your starry past,
the energy, the wisdom, the truth of who you are
and bring that light home to you now

Emerge from the day ...

Light in Heart, Free in Spirit,

Rejuvenated, Energised, Empowered and Happy

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The GoE Positive Energy Course is based on the latest work of Silvia Hartmann, the creator of Modern Energy and the founder of The Guild of Energists. In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Release emotional stress and blocks with EMO Energy in Motion, a gentle and natural way of working with energy and emotions.
  • Boost your energy and mood with Positive Energy Tapping, a simple and effective technique that combines tapping on energy points with positive affirmations.
  • Access your inner wisdom and creativity with SuperMind, a state of enhanced awareness and intuition that connects you to your energy mind.
  • Explore your personal history and future potential with Star Matrix, a revolutionary method that helps you heal your past and create your future.

By the end of the course, you will have a toolkit of skills that you can use anytime and anywhere to improve your energy, happiness and wellbeing. You will also receive a certificate of completion from The Guild of Energists.

The GoE Positive Energy Course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about energy and how it affects our lives. Whether you are new to energy work or already have some experience, this course will give you a fresh and exciting perspective on how to make the most of your energy.

The course is taught by a qualified GoE trainer who will guide you through the theory and practice of each skill in a friendly and supportive environment. You can choose to attend the course in person or online via Zoom, depending on your preference and availability.

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GoE Positive Energy Course I recently attended the positive energy course with Sandra and it was truly an amazingly nourishing and uplifting day, I felt like I was having a nourishing banquet of energy psychology delights, skilfully facilitated by Sandra.

It was a very powerful and moving experience and helped move my energy from my starting point (quite low and stressed) to much higher on the energy chart. I can still feel the effects today. This course is highly recommended, Thank you Sandra for this amazing positive energy experience.

Mike Grant

Susan Kennard , GoE Trainer I really enjoyed the day especially because it was fun. Silvia is able to not only teach the serious side of releasing energy that restricts us but to teach it with a light-hearted approach. I follow this approach too when I work.

I would definitely recommend a friend to this day.

Susan Kennard , GoE Trainer

Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer This was a great introduction and taster day for anyone looking into energy therapies or just wanting to feel better and take home some new tools for self help. As I mingled during the day it was interesting to see that it attracted about 50% new people, who hadn't experienced EFT and EMO Energy-in-Motion before but who then were interested to learn more.

Existing EFTers were inspired by the Creativity and Project Sanctuary topics and as usual everyone was blown away by EMO Energy-in-Motion and were delighted that it wasn’t all about EFT, that there were other ways to improve energy flow and feel more positive.

Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer

Alan Levi, Personal Training I loved the entire day.

I probably enjoyed the EFT/EMOTRANCE and Project Sanctuary the most in terms of their relevance to my practice, but on a personal level I found 'The Gift' to be the most profound and emotional part of the day.

Sorry - would have probably been easier to have simply said "the whole day was great, don't change anything, but maybe have a bit more positive EFT"?

I would sum it up as a beautiful day in the presence of like-minded people all with the same desire to help others and to evolve and develop themselves. The venue was fantastic!

Alan Levi, Personal Training

GoE Positive Energy Course Lots of new ideas and reminders with high quality attendees and very good facilitator in a lovely unusual setting.

New tapping skills and reminders and homing in to channel sources of energy. I was not at all keen on a giving a "gift" as I did not expect anything to happen. So was amazed to find that the first picture that came to mind was incredibly important for the person (a stranger) I was partnered with and she felt it was inspired message for her!

Positive and helpful for my own purposes and work.

Lynne Booth

GoE Positive Energy Course I loved the humour, the positive emphasise and the breadth of new learning.

I found the day gave me an insight into the possibilities of energy work and the energy world. It introduced me to a whole new realm of energy playfulness.

Positively enlightening, positively delightful and delightfully positive.

Michelle Maxwell, EmoTrance Practitioner

GoE Positive Energy Course Reconnecting with other energists in a way that’s not just about networking; course content, although by necessity brief was none the less inspiring and gave a really great taster of the various strands of energy work; Derek came along for the first time to an GoE event, he found the concept of Silvia’s work both interesting and different and wants to consider further training with Silvia later this year.

Learning more about Project Sanctuary, this absolutely stood out for me, really resonated with the ideas and hope to learn more about this at some stage.

Just loved the house; what an absolutely beautiful, atmospheric house and how generous of the owner to allow her own home to be used for the day. About the Positive Energy day itself - well what can we both say other than a resounding, totally resonating YES! And as added bonus, the pain in my knee subsided for several days afterwards although I didn’t actually think anything of it shifting at time, silly me, I should have known better with energy work and all those positive energy vibes in the room, how could it not improve!!

It was a really good kick-start to the new year.

Caroline Hedicker, GoE Trainer

GoE Positive Energy Course It was a fun day and we had plenty of time to practice everything and interact with every one and I loved the part about making symbols and turning it into art.

For me as I work with animals as well as people it was useful to learn I could use EFT with animals which could help with behavioural problems also making the Snow Globe.

It was a very positive fun and informative day and I came away having absorbed a lot of information which will help me in my life and also allow me to help others.

Corinne Brown

GoE Positive Energy Course Positive words tapping. I felt my energy has expanded. I would love to teach this to other people.

Purely focusing on energy and working with energy is sometimes enough to bring a change.

Very welcoming atmosphere. I liked Silvia's personality and I definitely use some exercises I learnt in my daily life and recommend them to my clients and students.

Ayuka Mizoguchi

GoE Positive Energy Course Meeting so many lovely people and meeting Silvia of course.

Reinforced as to how powerful these techniques are and very valuable working on myself and others. Firmly reinstated my staying power! Yes reinstated and reinforced.

Touching base with like minded people and restoring my optimism for 2014.

Wendy Shearman, EmoTrance Practitioner

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