Crystal Energy Healing Certificate & Experience (Star Lab) with Silvia Hartmann

Online | 4 Mar 2024

Congratulations to Linda Handley, Zoe Hobden, David Ingvoldstad, Alex Kent & Donna Wirth!

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Silvia Hartmann StarLabs 2024

2024 Modern Energy StarLabsย 

with Silvia Hartmann

Crystal Energy Healing

Stressed? Exhausted? Confused? Challenged?

Activate the brilliantly clear, brilliantly pure power of CRYSTAL ENERGY to...

  • Calm you
  • Re-charge you from the ground up
  • Re-connect you with the most perfect vibrations
  • Remind you of your true path and purpose
  • Bring life and love of life to your dear energy body
  • Make your soul happy!

In this dual self help/professional Crystal Energy Certification workshop you will learn how to activate CRYSTAL ENERGY to raise your/your client's energy average by plugging into the endless, glorious power of the Crystal Kingdom.

And the best news?

You don't have to buy any expensive, mystical crystals - YOU ALREADY OWN THEM!

Your past aspects were directly attracted to certain messengers from the CRYSTAL KINGDOM and they took them home.

The time has come to unlock the power of YOUR CRYSTALS - and experience a journey of self discovery, self healing and self uplifting that is unique and absolutely PERFECT for you!

Built on Modern Energy & Star Matrix, this unique and beautiful CRYSTAL ENERGY course is light-filled, delightful and fun just as it is powerful, healing and uplifting.

Activate YOUR Crystal Friends NOW and let them help you be lighter, be brighter, be stronger - BE HIGHER!

This Star Lab Includes:

  • 4 weekly full length group video sessions
  • Replay recordings
  • Lab notes transcripts
  • Private forum for ongoing monitoring & support after the Star Lab completes.

SPECIAL BONUS: Each participant will receive an additional bonus personal 1-1 private session with Silvia Hartmann for focused, individual attention.

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Silvia Hartmann StarLabs 2024

Silvia Hartmann
  •  The Guild of Energists
  •  East Sussex, England
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